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How to Sell Feet Pics – An Easy and Unusual Way to Make Money in 2022

How to Sell Feet Pics – An Easy and Unusual Way to Make Money in 2022

Got feet? Then you could be making money from home with them. Here is your guide on how to sell feet pics and make extra money from home in 2022. This article will answer questions like how to sell feet pics without getting scammed, is selling feet pics dangerous, and offer pros and cons of selling feet pics online. You’ll also learn how much to charge for feet pictures. Read this before you put your feet to work!

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How to Sell Feet Pics Online

There are so many different ways to make money online.

Blogging is still my favorite way to make money from home.

Other favorites are freelance proofreading and selling on Amazon FBA.

Some ways to make extra money are more unusual.

You can get paid to search the web.

You can make money selling your hair (see this post for other weird ways to make money).

And now there is a market for selling feet pics online. And yes this is exactly what it sounds like.

You take a pic of your lovely feet, upload it to a site, and get paid. Some people like cats; some people like feet. Tomato/tomahto.

There are bloggers and influencers who search for foot pictures for their sites and brand. And spa businesses and manicure/pedicure businesses would need feet pics as well. Stock photo image sites like Shutterfly and Upsplash would be places you could offer feet pics.

The business of selling and purchasing feet pics has boomed in the last three years.

I have been asked how to make money selling feet pics on Instagram, how to sell feet pics on Craigslist, as well as how to sell feet pics on the Whisper app and Instafeet.

We will go over all this so you will be able to make an informed choice of whether or not selling feet pics online is something you want to try.

Grab your pumice stone and toenail polish, and let’s go!

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How to Sell Feet Pics without Getting Scammed

We still always have to be careful when making money online. This is all still relatively new, and there are scams out there.

Want to know how to sell feet pics on Craigslist? I have one word for that – don’t.

I am not a fan of Craigslist because of the amount of scams on there so I personally wouldn’t recommend selling feet pics on Craigslist.

The number one way I would suggest to sell feet pics without getting scammed is to use an established app dedicated to the feet pics market.

I would also use a payment app like PayPal for getting paid for your feet pics. I wouldn’t do email money transfers because then the purchaser is seeing your email address.

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Is Selling Feet Pics Dangerous?

That depends.

Are you sharing feet pics with all your personal information included? Your name, address, face, and other personal details? Then yes possibly selling feet pics could be dangerous. There are all kinds of people out there and you always want to be careful.

Or are you posting and selling feet pics anonymously?

Just like anything, figure out your own comfort level with selling feet pics to see if this is something you want to do to make extra money.

Never meet anyone in person who you have sold a feet pic to, and don’t give them your email or phone number.

The safest way to sell feet pics is likely through one of the apps designed for exactly that.

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Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics

Selling feet pics is a simple side hustle. There is really not much to it; it could be a fun way to make money from home.

If feet are something you shy away from, obviously this side hustle will not be for you. But if you’re curious about how to sell feet pics, here are some pros and cons to help you decide.

Pros of selling feet pics:

  • It’s easy
  • No experience needed
  • You can make money from home
  • No special equipment needed, just a camera
  • An interesting way to make extra money

Cons of selling feet pics:

  • You don’t have control over where the purchaser uses your feet pics
  • You likely won’t get rich selling feet pics (though some people do)

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Sell Feet Pics on Fun with Feet

Fun with Feet is a new and fast-growing sexy feet pics site.

It’s easy to sign up and become a seller:

  • create a profile
  • share your profile so you’re visible to the buyers
  • earn money by selling feet pics (and videos!)

Fun with Feet gives hints to maximize sales, such as create different themed collections (ex. a stiletto collection, pedicure collection, etc.) and offering multiple collections (the more the better!).

Sign up here to make money with Fun with Feet.

How to Sell Feet Pics on Whisper App

The Whisper app has been around for a long time, even though you might not have heard of it.

Whisper is an anonymous social media network that encourages its users to share secrets, confessions, and more.

There is a market on Whisper for feet pics. The people buying feet pics on Whisper likely have a foot fetish, and are not beauty bloggers or influencers looking for stock photos for their next blog post.

Users are encouraged to feel that their secrets are safe because it is all under the promise of anonymity.


The Washington Post found that the private messages of Whisper app users could be traced to user locations.

This was supposedly fixed after it was exposed in 2020, but was such a huge data breach that you should think twice about selling feet pics on Whisper. Or using Whisper altogether.

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How to Sell Feet Pics on Instafeet

There is a low barrier to entry to sell feet pics on Instafeet.

You need:

  • Feet
  • To be at least 18 years old
  • That’s it

First you create a profile on Instafeet. Once you’re approved, you can upload pics or videos of your feet. It can take between one and three weeks after making your profile to be approved as a Creator and to start making money selling feet pics.

You don’t have to show your face on Instafeet so this should be anonymous and just about your feet.

How does Instafeet work?

Instafeet is a monthly subscription service that charges its members up to $20/month. The more subscribers you get to your Instafeet profile, the more money you can make selling feet pics on Instafeet.

Payments from Instafeet are sent out twice a month.

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How Much to Charge for Feet Pictures

And now for the big question: how much should you charge for feet pictures?

If you’re charging $0.25 per feet picture, selling feet pics would be a waste of your time.

People charge a big range of prices for feet pics, anywhere from $5/photo up to $100/photo and more.

To charge higher amounts, your photos will have to be higher quality. That means great lighting, appealing poses/props, and clear well-composed photos.

This doesn’t mean you need an expensive camera to charge higher prices for feet pics. Most iPhones and Androids have high-quality cameras built right into them.

If you want to do some editing on your feet photos to adjust lighting, shadows, etc, there are two photo editing apps I recommend: Lightroom and Snapseed. They are both simple to use. Snapseed is super easy to use right on your phone.

When you’re starting out selling feet pictures, charge the lower end to build up experience and get your initial customers. Five dollars or ten dollars a picture would be good to start.

As you build up your experience and improve your feet photos, you could charge $50 to $100 or more per feet pic.

This casual way to earn extra money could turn into a part-time or even full-time business selling feet pics – who knew?

Good luck selling feet pics!

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