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7 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Money in Time for Christmas

7 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Money in Time for Christmas

If you’re wondering how can I make extra money for Christmas, I’ve got you covered! Finding interesting side hustles is my specialty and I found 7 easy ways to earn extra money, just in time for Christmas! You can have a debt-free Christmas and stick to your Christmas budget, with these side gigs that will help you make money fast.

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7 Simple Ways to Earn Extra Money

This is the most unusual Christmas in our lifetimes, that’s for sure (here are 10 fun social distancing Christmas ideas to keep the Christmas spirit this year).

People might be spending more money this year, partly because of missing family, and possibly sending more parcels to loved ones we can’t visit right now. To balance out the spending, and keep our finances in check, here are 7 super easy ways to earn extra money from home.

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1. Use Rakuten

If you’re not using Rakuten, you’re spending more than you need to be.

Rakuten plain and simple is a cash back site. You first go to their site which is linked to over 2,500 popular stores like Gap, Sephora, Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. You click on the link to the website you were going to shop at anyways, and as a thank you for going through their site first, Rakuten gives you a percentage of cash back from your purchase. With holiday shopping online, this cash back can really add up!

Rakuten is free to sign up and free to use and even better they give you a bonus to sign up! Right now the bonus is $25 just for signing up.

Get $25 back just by signing up here

2. Pet Sit or Dog Walk with Rover

This is definitely the cutest and cuddliest way to earn extra money! Get paid to pet sit or walk dogs. As the weather gets colder, some people might not be able to (or want to!) walk their dogs as often. You can earn extra money with Rover, while you are getting exercise too!

There are also opportunities with Rover to take in a cat or dog for a few days or a couple weeks, if their owner needs to be away for whatever reason. This is SUCH an easy way to make extra money from home. If you love pets and can temporarily take one into your house, this is an awesome side gig!

Check out Rover here

3. Do Easy Tasks with Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a really easy way to earn extra money from home.

Swagbucks is free to join and you can get free gift cards to Amazon, PayPal, Starbucks, iTunes, and lots more. You also get a $5 sign-up bonus.

This is how you can earn extra money with Swagbucks:

  • take surveys
  • watch videos
  • shop online
  • search the web
  • play games

Join Swagbucks here to start earning extra money in your spare time.

4. Sell Your Unwanted Things

This easy way to earn extra money is doubly awesome because it has the added benefit of getting rid of unnecessary clutter! Your unwanted goods are another person’s treasure, so sell your things and make extra money.

Create a listing on Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon, or Facebook Marketplace.

Poshmark is also great site to sell your in-good-condition clothing online.

5. Earn extra money on Fiverr

Do online gigs on Fiverr. There is such a huge variety of tasks that are available, that you’ll be able to find something that fits your skills.

Graphics design, writing emails, administrative tasks, writing articles, editing, social media, bookkeeping…there are lots of ways to earn extra money by picking up side gigs on Fiverr.

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6. BroadPath Work From Home

BroadPath is a company based in Arizona that has full-time, part-time, and seasonal work-from-home positions. A lot of their positions are for remote call centers, and many are hiring immediately.

BroadPath positions last anywhere between 6 weeks to years. The average BroadPath term lasts about 6-9 months. Training for these projects is typically 2 weeks and is paid. These positions are W-2 (temporary status) employees, not 1099.

If you have worked for a call center before, this could be an easy way to earn extra money quickly!

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7. Amazon Trade-In Program

Did you know you can trade in your old cell phones, games, tablets, and more to Amazon in exchange for Amazon gift cards?

I just learned about the Amazon trade-in program recently and it’s awesome!

Here are some things you can trade in:

  • Streaming media players
  • Kindle e-readers
  • Tablets
  • Cell phones
  • Gaming
  • Speakers
  • Headphones
  • More!

I know most of us probably have this old stuff kicking around. Why not earn extra money off of it?

All you have to do is print a free pre-paid shipping label for sending in your items. You don’t have to pay anything. If a trade-in item is not accepted and is returned, there is no cost for return shipping. So there’s no risk at all, sweet!

I haven’t tried Amazon trade in myself yet but plan on it. I have 3 or 4 (!) old cell phones lying around!? I would rather earn extra money instead and use the Amazon gift cards to buy Christmas gifts.

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Earn extra money for Christmas - 7 easy ways (Christmas decorations)

What are some ways you earn extra money?

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Monday 7th of December 2020

Always great to be able to pick-up a little extra. Thanks for sharing these ideas. Have a great week Suchot!


Monday 7th of December 2020

Yes, nobody complains about extra money! lol Have a great week too Marielle! xx

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