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Get Paid to Lose Weight – How to Make Your Wallet Grow As You Shrink

Get Paid to Lose Weight – How to Make Your Wallet Grow As You Shrink

There are legitimate ways to get paid to lose weight – here are 8 of them! Why pay to lose weight when you can actually make money losing weight?  

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Can you seriously get paid for losing weight? Turns out yes.

People have all different reasons for wanting to lose weight. Maybe you want to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight, or be able to run around after your toddler a bit easier. Or maybe your doctor suggested you lose some weight for blood pressure or other health reasons.

Whatever your reasons are, there are legitimate ways to get paid to lose weight. Why pay to lose weight when you can actually earn extra money instead? Here is a review of 8 different ways to win money and lose weight.

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1. Get Paid to Lose Weight with HealthyWage

How does HealthyWage work?

HealthyWage uses the power of financial incentives to help motivate people to stick to their weight loss goals. You make a bet on your weight loss, do the work to lose the weight, and if you reach your goal by the time you pledged, you get the prize money.

The first step is using the HealthyWage prize calculator to find out how much money you could win for your weight loss and timeframe. Try out the HealthyWage calculator here.

You can increase the amount of money you win by adjusting your goal weight, how much you contribute, and the time you expect it to take. Find a prize amount you like and lock in your bet!

Work on losing the weight and get support from the HealthyWage community and through weekly weigh-ins. If you meet your goal by the timeframe you set, you win the money.

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Does HealthyWage really pay out?

Yes they do. HealthyWage pays winners through PayPal or via a check. There are lots of HealthyWage reviews where weight loss success stories show a photo or video of their PayPal deposit or check they received for getting paid to lose weight.

There are a lot of satisfied HealthyWage app users as well – you can check this out on the Apple App store or Google Play store. The HealthyWage Facebook page has lots of positive reviews as well.

What’s the catch with HealthyWage?

There isn’t a catch. You bet on your weight loss, and either win money or lose the initial money you put in for the bet.

How long does it take to get paid from HealthyWage?

Weight verification referees usually need less than a day to certify a winner.

In rare cases further investigation is needed and then it can take from a few days up to a week to get paid.

PayPal is a faster method of payment than getting paid with a check. With PayPal, it’s possible to get paid from HealthyWage within 12 hours of winning.

How much money can you get paid to lose weight with HealthyWage?

You can get paid up to $10,000 to lose weight. Check out HealthyWage here for yourself.

I also have an in-depth HealthyWage review that will tell you everything you need to know to get started with HealthyWage.

2. DietBet App

DietBet, like HealthyWage, works on the scientific principles of behavioral change, and was developed by a team including research from the Mayo Clinic, among others. You are in a weight loss competition against yourself, not against others like in Biggest Loser.

There are two types of weight loss challenges you can join through DietBet, depending on if you have a little weight you’d like to lose, or a lot.

The 4-week weight loss challenge has a goal of losing 4% of your body weight. Winners lose 9.4 lbs on average, and the bet amount is $35 on average.

If you want to lose more weight, the second type of challenge is for people who want to lose 10% of your body weight. This challenge lasts for 6 months. Winners lose an average of 26 lbs and pay $35 a month.

According to their stats, 96% of people who participate in a DietBet challenge lose weight. There are DietBet Referees who help verify weight loss. You can participate in DietBet challenges from around the world, not just from the U.S. You have to be at least 18 years old.

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How much money can you get paid to lose weight with DietBet?

How much you could win depends on the size of the pot and how many other winners there are (you split the pot). Games with large pots and fewer people who won can have very high payouts per person, and payouts will be less with more winners in a smaller pot.

Over $62,263,235 has been paid to winners of the DietBet app.

3. Stickk

The Stickk app helps you achieve your goals like losing weight by using a money incentive to boost motivation. You pick your goal and the timeframe you say you’ll reach your goal, bet money, and then have to say what will happen with the money if you don’t reach your goal. For example, you could choose to have the money go to a friend or to a charity you don’t like.

Stickk was created by behavioral economists at Yale University and works on the idea of loss aversion. People don’t want to lose the money they bet to lose weight, so it helps them stick(k) with their weight loss program.

There are different types of goals you can work towards in addition to losing weight with Stickk. The categories are:

  • Career  
  • Diet & Healthy Eating     
  • Education & Knowledge
  • Exercise & Fitness            
  • Family & Relationships   
  • Green Initiatives
  • Health & Lifestyle            
  • Money & Finance            
  • Sports, Hobbies & Recreation
  • Weight Loss

Goals in other categories could be things like clean out the porch, start a flexible side hustle, quit smoking, or pay down credit card debt.

How much money can you get paid to lose weight with Stickk?

There is no minimum amount of money you have to put down. You can even use their tracking tools without betting money on you reaching your goal, but that isn’t recommended.

Stickk app users have pledged over $5 million towards to accomplish their goals.

4. Beeminder

With the Beeminder App, you pledge money to help you stick to your goals. Goals could be things like losing weight, number of pushups, pages of a book read, time on Facebook (I think the goal with that one is less time, not more lol), etc.

The most popular goal with the Beeminder app is losing weight. If you’re looking to get fit or lose weight this year, check out these affordable indoor exercise bikes to get in a great workout in your home.

You need to set a goal of a quantifiable number with Beeminder – your goal might be to lose 10 pounds in the next 10 weeks.

You can either self-report or connect to a goal tracking app to auto-report. Some of the apps and tracking devices that Beeminder can connect to are:

  • Garmin
  • Twitter
  • Trello
  • Fitbit
  • Apple Health
  • Habitica
  • Toggl
  • Slack
  • Duolingo
  • And lots more

Like other apps where you can get paid to lose weight, Beeminder uses monetary incentives and self-tracking to help you stick to your goals.

Unlike some other apps that pay you to lose weight, Beeminder checks in with your progress daily, instead of weekly.

How much money can you get paid to lose weight using Beeminder?

Beeminder again is different from other apps where you can get paid to lose weight. With Beeminder, you are actually just getting paid your own money that you pledged, and nothing more. Meaning if you reach your goal, you keep your money. If you fail to reach your goal, Beeminder keeps your money.

This could make Beeminder either highly motivating to help you stick to your goals, or it might be more stressful than some of the other apps. It really depends on your own personality. Beeminder could be more attractive to data geeks who appreciate its exponential pledge schedule (see next point).

For how much you can pledge for your weight loss goal, Beeminder gives you a specific exponential pledge schedule and you have to pick one of their set amounts: $5, $10, $30, $90, $270, $810, $2430, etc.

5. Achievement App

The Achievement app has over 3 million members getting paid for health actions. With this accountability app, you earn points for activities like walking, meditating, logging meals, and answering questions about yourself.

Ways to earn money with the Achievement app

  • earn up to 80 points a day for each type of tracked activity you do (biking, walking, running, swimming, etc).
  • earn up to 6 points a day for activities you do, such as logging food, sleep tracking, weighing yourself, meditating, even tweeting
  • you can also earn bonus points by participating in offers, surveys, health programs, and research studies

There is no limit to the number of points that you can earn, and points don’t expire. You can bank your points if you want to redeem a bigger Achievement Reward.

How much could you get paid to lose weight using the Achievement app?

Achievement app has already paid out more than $7 million dollars to its users. You earn $10 for every 10,000 points.

The restrictions on redeeming Achievement Rewards are that you have to be at least 18 years old and a U.S. resident.

You can either redeem your money with PayPal, direct deposit to your bank account, or by donating your points directly to charity. Achievement Rewards are paid within 7 business days.

6. Diet Bets with Friends

If weight loss challenge apps are not your thing, you could keep it within your friend circle and organize diet bets with friends. This takes a bit more organization time on your part but could be fun and motivating to bet money to lose weight with people you’re already close with.

You could model the weight loss challenge after one of the weight loss apps, or you could create a weight loss game or contest entirely your own.

To keep it simple, everyone could put the same amount of money in the pot, and the person who loses the most amount of weight (by percentage weight loss) wins the weight loss bet.

How much money could you get paid to lose weight betting with friends?

That depends. How deep are your friends’ pockets?

What amount of money would motivate you to reach your weight loss goal?

Twenty five dollars per person might not do it; maybe $100 per person, or $500 per person. The diet bet amount is entirely up to you.

7. Insurance Reimbursements

Some health insurance plans will reimburse you for taking measures to improve your health. You’ll have to check with your own insurance provider, but some offer free or deeply discounted gym memberships. Others pay for the cost of a Weight Watchers membership.

How much could you get paid to lose weight with health insurance reimbursements?

This depends on your health insurance plan and will vary from zero to several hundred dollars or more.

And if you’re thinking about insurance, you can check out this affordable, 100% online life insurance review

8. Office Challenges

Similar to weight loss bets with friends, you could organize a weight loss office challenge. Whether your office is virtual or in-person, you could send out an email to see if there was any interest in people joining you in losing weight. You could even organize team challenges to lose weight.

A work colleague or friend who is not taking part in the weight loss challenge for money could be the official diet bet referee. You could have weekly weigh-ins where everyone weighs themselves at home and takes a photo of the scale to send to the referee. The weigh-in checks could also be done just at the halfway mark and then at the end of the weight loss challenge.

How much money could you get paid to lose weight with an office challenge?

You might not want to bet an entire paycheck, though that could be a very motivating pot. Decide what dollar amount is affordable for everyone in the weight loss challenge, but would be motivating enough so people would want to get paid to lose weight.

Get Paid to Lose Weight Apps – Who Will They Work For?

Well you can’t be below a certain weight to use these apps. Weight loss apps have protections in place against unhealthy dieting. If you are already very thin, and are trying to get paid to lose more weight, you won’t be doing it through these apps.

You have to have a BMI of at least 18.5 to participate in most of these weight loss challenges. And if your weight loss during the challenge makes your BMI drop below 18.5, you’re out.

Having structured goals from using an app that pays you to lose weight helps you know exactly what you’re working toward. Instead of the general “I want to lose weight”, these weight loss apps make you set a specific goal: “I want to lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks”. Being accountable to the app and the community of support that is part of the app can be a huge motivator to lose weight.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, these apps help with breaking down your goal into smaller, more attainable goals along the way, increasing your chance of success. For other ideas on improving your health and your finances, this post has 100 simple ideas.

And if you’re looking for extra income in the summer, here are 18 fun summer side hustles to make extra cash! (My favorites are #2 and #10!)

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