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Instacart Shopper Review: Is It Worth It to Work for Instacart?

Instacart Shopper Review: Is It Worth It to Work for Instacart?

Curious about working for Instacart? Check out this Instacart shopper review to find out if Instacart pays well, the pros and cons of working for Instacart, is it worth it working for Instacart, and more.

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Instacart Shopper Review

Do people go to grocery stores anymore?

The pandemic shifted many people to buying groceries online and using delivery services like Instacart.

Instacart is available in over 5,500 cities across the U.S. and Canada, and there are over half a million Instacart personal shoppers.

Instacart can be a flexible and easy side hustle. If you have thought about working for Instacart, you are probably looking for the details before signing up.

This post will give you the full Instacart shopper review, and tell you everything you need to know from does Instacart pay well, to why do people like (or hate) working for Instacart.

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There are two main types of shoppers for Instacart: full-service shopper, and in-store shopper.

In-store shoppers earn an hourly wage, and work scheduled shifts, up to 29 hours/week. No car is required for Instacart in-store shoppers. If you don’t have a car and want to work for Instacart, this is the position you want to apply for.

Full-service shoppers are independent contractors. They set their own hours, and can make less or much more than Instacart in-store shoppers that are on a set hourly wage. Full-service shoppers need to have a vehicle, or regular access to one. They handpick grocery orders for clients, and deliver them.

In-store shoppers work in one store at a time, while full-service shoppers can shop and drive to different stores and locations.

The rest of this Instacart shopper review will focus on the full-service shopper job.

You sign up for Instacart here, pass a background check, and then choose the grocery shops you want to do through the Instacart app.

The background check takes about 10 business days, and then you can start working for Instacart. It’s really fast if you’re looking for an easy job you can start asap.

In the Instacart app, you can see the estimated earnings, the items you have to get, and the distance you have to travel, before you accept a shop.

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Instacart Shopper Review: Requirements

To become an Instacart personal shopper, you need:

  • To be at least 18 years old
  • Be eligible to work in the U.S. (or Canada)
  • Have the ability to lift up to 50 pounds
  • Have a smartphone
  • A valid U.S. (or Canada) driver’s license
  • A registered and insured vehicle

If this sounds good, you can start the process here to apply to Instacart.

Does Instacart Pay Well?

I will give an unsatisfying answer in this Instacart shopper review and then I’ll give a better answer.

Unsatisfying answer: it depends.

Longer answer:

First of all “well” is subjective.

We are all going to have different ideas and requirements for how much money is enough.

A blogger friend of mine considers it a bad year for her blog if she makes “only” 100K. She doesn’t live extravagantly, but lives in an expensive part of New York. “Pay well” to her would mean something different than someone with lower expenses.

If you want a regular, moderate- to high-paying paycheck that you can count on, then no, Instacart does not pay well.

If you don’t mind some variability in your weekly pay, and you are able to be efficient and work fast (this is key!), then yes Instacart can pay well.

We will go into all the details below on what the base rate for an Instacart personal shopper is, the bonuses, and how much money you can make at the higher end, working for Instacart.

Instacart Shopper Salary

According to, the average hourly rate of an Instacart personal shopper is $14, with the range being $11-$18/hour, depending on many factors.

Instacart hourly rate can vary depending on your location, where you shop, your ratings, the season, busier shopping hours, etc.

This is just the base Instacart shopper salary. There are a few ways to increase your hourly rate.

One way is through tips. Instacart shoppers keep 100% of their tips. If you make three $5 tips in an hour, you just added an extra $15/hour to your base salary.

The other way is to get promotions, which are essentially bonuses.

There are a few different types of Instacart bonuses, and you’ll want to check the app after you’ve signed up because the bonuses can change weekly. Sometimes you will be offered a money bonus for getting a 5-star review. There are also bonuses for completing a certain number of shops in a week; you can make an extra $100 or $200 each week this way.  

If you’re fast and efficient, you can earn up to $45+/hour for an Instacart shopper salary.

Is it Worth It Working for Instacart?

Let’s break this down with some pros and cons of being an Instacart personal shopper.

Instacart Shopper Review: Pros of Working for Instacart

  • Flexible
  • Low entry requirements (no degree or experience needed)
  • You can start making money quickly
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Pays weekly (a rare unicorn for any job)

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Instacart Shopper Review: Cons of Working for Instacart

  • Your Instacart shopper salary can go down based on a couple of less-than-stellar reviews
  • You aren’t guaranteed to make more than the base salary. You can’t count on how much you will make in tips.

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Final Thoughts on Working for Instacart

If you’re looking for an easy, flexible, independent, casual job, (and you have a car), Instacart might be a great fit for you. You can apply here to get started.

If you want a steady paycheck that is the same every week, or you’d rather work from home, you’ll probably want to keep looking.

Here are some other flexible job ideas:

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Instacart Shopper Review: Is It Worth It to Work for Instacart? (vegetables, fruit, nuts, fish, and other groceries on a table)

I hope you enjoyed this Instacart shopper review

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