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Best kids lunch boxes (you will want to use #4 yourself!)

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Ditch the boring brown paper bags and send your kids to school with one of the best kids lunch boxes, bags, and snack packs. Reusables make a happy wallet and a happy environment!

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It’s that time of year when parents start thinking about back-to-school and the gear that your kids will need to start off the new school year.  One thing that all kids will need for school is a great lunch box or bag.  Forget the brown paper bags and plastic sandwich bags.  This list of best kids lunch boxes, lunch bags, and snack packs is better for the environment since they are sturdy and reusable, and great for your wallet too!

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My daughter is two and a half, so she’s a few years away from school (I’m going to miss her so much!!), but we go out all the time, and I always bring food with us.

She seems to have inherited her mama’s way of eating, which is eating seemingly all the time, and being sloth-like in the pace that she eats.  Taking forty minutes to eat an apple is not unheard of over here.

Adorable sloth photo in a post about lunch boxes. Because sloths.

Lunch box for kids (ideas parents will want to use too!)

I always have a ton of food on me for us.

Last weekend when we were out I was the one getting hangry.  I will admit to popping open her lunch box and eating some of the food I packed for her.  In my defense we were on our way home and she was done with snacking.  A hangry mama is the next worse thing after a hangry toddler.

We have the first lunch box set below.  It was originally my lunch kit as I bought it before she was born, but it became hers in the last year.  I realized that I’m probably not packing myself enough snacks if I am snarfing down the food I brought for my toddler.  I’m going to buy another set so we each have our own.  I have my eyes on #4 below!

Best kids lunch boxes, bags, and snack packs

These are all top rated lunch boxes so check out what you like the best and what fits with the ages of your children.

Light My Fire 6-piece lunch kit

I originally bought myself this one for camping, but liked it so much I started using it every day for snacks and lunch.  Then slowly it ended up being my daughter’s set.  It has a larger container for your kid’s sandwich/main course and there are two smaller containers for snacks.  The two smaller containers click shut very tightly.  I’ve never been worried to throw them in my bag upside down.  The big container has a rubber strap to keep it together.  It also comes with a spork.  This one utensil works on yogurt to pasta, so it simplifies things (and there’s only one utensil for your kids to keep track of and bring home again).

Bentgo kids lunch box (easy open lunch containers for toddlers)

With five different compartments, this cute bento box comes in all different colors.  It’s perfect for kids aged 3-7.  It’s drop-proof and leak-proof and has two kid-friendly latches that are easy for small hands to open and close.

Wildkin insulated lunch box

There are a lot of fun designs to choose from with these Wildkin insulated lunch boxes.  They are lightweight and easy to clean, great for younger or older kids.  They have a main compartment, and a zippered front pocket for hiding a surprise treat or fun note.  There is an inner elastic tab with Velcro to help secure a water bottle or juice box, and a mesh pocket for storing napkins, utensils or an ice pack.

GreenLunch stainless steel bento box

This gorgeous stainless steel set is the one I’m planning on buying as our second set.  This non-plastic lunch box has a lifetime warranty – amazing for little hands that are prone to dropping things.  This is a larger set, so it’s great if you want to carry more food (that is definitely us!)

Yumbox leakproof bento box

This adorable set is recommended for young kids (toddler to age 8). It is leak-proof and you can pack wet foods like applesauce and yogurt in this one.

PackIt freezable lunch bag

This lunch bag has a really cool feature – you freeze the whole bag overnight so you don’t need any separate freezer packs in your child’s lunch to keep things fresh. The bag folds flat and you store it in the freezer overnight for about 12 hours. Pack your child’s lunch the next morning and it will keep it fresh and cool without separate freezer packs. It comes in a ton of different colors and patterns and a few different sizes.

Thermos insulated stainless steel cup with straw

This is the cup I bring everywhere for my daughter.  Whenever we go out, this is in my bag.  It keeps her milk cold and fresh for up to 10 hours so I don’t have to worry about it spoiling while we are out doing fun things.   This cup is great for toddlers.  It doesn’t leak in my bag, it’s a great size (10 oz), it has a straw not a sippy spout, and she can open it easily herself.  If you have a child in daycare or preschool, this insulated cup would be perfect since you can fill it at the beginning of the day and it’s fresh and drinkable the whole day!

Bumkins reusable snack bags

We also own these reusable snack bags and I love them!!  If you want to bring a dry snack like puffs or crackers or dry cereal, these are perfect.  They take up less space than the Tupperware-like containers, so if space is an issue in your diaper bag or your child’s backpack, these are a great addition.  There are different sizes and they are very washable so the larger sizes work well as a reusable sandwich bag.

Whether you are looking forward to some kid-free time or you are going to miss the little ones like crazy (or probably a combination of both), there’s no denying that back to school time is upon us.  This is the perfect time to figure out which of the best kids lunch boxes fit well for your kids and family.  Forget about the brown paper bags and plastic sandwich bags.  Using reusables puts less waste in the landfill and saves money for your family too.

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Best kids lunch boxes | best kids lunch bags | best kids snack packs | reusable lunch bags | reusable sandwich bags

Which of these best kids lunch boxes is your favorite?

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  1. Great suggestions! I like that there are more eco friendly & reusable options than before!

  2. Many of my kindergarten students have the Bentgo container that slides right into their lunchbox. The little plastic bags drive me nuts, because they’re not good for the environment and my kids drop them all over the floor! Lol. These are good picks.

  3. I love this! I wish more people utilized reusable bags. They’re so helpful and cost-effective.

    1. They really are! They have come a long way and there are so many fun kids lunch boxes. I try to use them too – it’s really not a big deal to wash an extra dish or two (when there are already so many – haha).

  4. I didn’t realize how many great options there are! I love the blue one with all the separate compartments! How perfect!

  5. I have got five kids and can use ever one of these ideas! I love the Bento boxes that I keep seeing everywhere – I think those are great ideas 🙂

    1. Glad these are helpful Katie! I love the bento boxes too – they are all so cute. My daughter loves little compartments for eating – somehow it helps her eat more? 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Bev! We already have a few of these kids lunch boxes and snack packs and love them! (mostly for my daughter, a couple for me!) Hugs!

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