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How to Save Money Every Day So You Can Fatten Up Your Bank Account

How to Save Money Every Day So You Can Fatten Up Your Bank Account

Looking for realistic ways to save money every day? Think of how good it would feel a year from now when your bank account and wallet are stacked instead of skinny. Here is your guide for how to save money every day, even if you have struggled with saving money before.

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Save Money Every Day

With the recession, downsizing, layoffs, cutbacks, and slowdowns, this is not an easy time for many people to save money.

Experts disagree about when the country’s economic situation will turn around for the better. But there are things we can do to improve our financial situations right now.

Read on to discover how to save money every day and make the most of your money.

Watch this quick video for one of my favorite ways to save money:

Is It Really Possible to Save Money Daily

There are ways to save money daily or stretch every dollar.

This post will show you how to reduce spending while still loving your life. When you are spending less, you can save the extra money you’re not spending.

Whether you are going through a tough financial time, or you just want to build up more savings, there are strategies here that will work for you.

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Ways to Save Money Every Day

The following are some expenses that can be cut from a monthly budget to help you save money every day. We give suggestions so you can swap out less expensive alternatives.

Pick a couple ways to save money every day, or do the whole bingo card of daily saving tips. There is no bingo card, but feel free to yell bingo out loud at the end of the month when you do all of these, it will boost your morale.

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How to Save Money Every Day by Spending Money Creatively

Buying booksUse the public library, exchange books with friends, rummage for books at yard sales
Buying a pet from a pet storeAdopt from and volunteer at the local animal shelter; raise money for spay/neuter programs, save on the cost of a cat
Cable televisionView shows online
Boutique hair salon/barberGo to a franchise salon
Franchise or discount hair salonDo it yourself
Eating at a restaurantCook at home and eat leftovers
InternetUse public library access
Land-line telephoneUse cell phones only
All the streaming subscriptionsPick one streaming service
HousecleaningDo it yourself (+ homemade cleaners)
Lawn, pool, auto wash servicesDIY
Pedicure, manicureDIY
Dinner partyMake it a potluck
Entertaining the kidsRediscover the outdoors: parks, trails, softball, basketball, or soccer games, free summer activities
GroceriesGenerics/store brands are often as good as the leading brands, tips for eating healthy on a budget
Movie dateLunch and an afternoon matinee is often less expensive than dinner and a prime-time showing
Birthday presents for children’s friendsDecide on a budget per gift and stick to it, give homemade gifts, talk about gifting used/loved toys among close friends, dollar store gifts, clearance items at Walmart and Target, $10 and under gifts
Holiday gift exchangeDecide among friends and family rules and limits for gift giving, give homemade Christmas gifts, choose names so you’re only giving one gift, shop frugal Christmas gifts
Lavish weddingHave a simple civil or small religious ceremony, invite friends and family to share cake and light hors d’oeuvres in the early afternoon

How to Save Money Every Day When You Have Debt

Sell Extras to Free up Money to Save Money Daily

If there is not enough cash to cover expenses after removing the extras from your lifestyle, it may be time to reconsider lifestyle choices.

Downsizing your home or choosing a more economical car may help bridge the gap between expenses and income. This will free up money so you will have more money to save every day or week.

Unload personal property that may be a financial burden. Boats, recreational vehicles, and vacation properties may require more upkeep than they are worth right now.

Use the money you get to pay down debts, and with the extra you can save money daily.

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Start a Side Hustle to Help You Save Money Every Day

If you don’t have enough money to save money every day, you can look into making more money. There are flexible ways to increase your income that you can do on your own time.

Here are some suggestions:

Get Help with Your Debt

When the above measures are still not enough to make ends meet, call all creditors to make financial arrangements. Past-due accounts compromise negotiation power. Debt management companies and programs may also help.

Some of these companies are free and others charge fees. Some provide education and others are advocates who deal with creditors. Debt management programs can provide specific strategies needed to survive on one’s existing income.

Beware of bogus debt management programs that charge high fees or do not really help solve debt dilemmas. Consider using a non-profit debt management company that will likely charge less for their services.

This is a reputable online credit management company with a lower fee and you can pay as you go.

Try a 30-Day Savings Challenge to Save Money Every Day

If you’re looking for extra motivation for how to save money, something that works for many people is a savings challenge.

A 30-day savings challenge is included in this Minimalist Budget Binder. There is also a 52-week savings challenge if you want to keep going with saving money regularly.

Having the “container” of a savings challenge guiding you on what to do can help you save money because you just have to follow along.

Next steps:

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How to save money every day so you can fatten up your bank account

What is your favorite tip for how to save money every day?

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