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10 Fun and Free Summer Activities to Stop Your Kids Saying “I’m Bored!”

10 Fun and Free Summer Activities to Stop Your Kids Saying “I’m Bored!”

Summer vacation for kids is very exciting. A break from school and creating summertime memories. Though it can be exciting, you end up hearing a familiar phrase, “Mom, I’m bored.” With money being tight, you wonder how I can give my children some fun without it costing too much? Here are ten ideas of free summer activities that your kids (and your wallet) will love!

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Free Summer Activities For Kids

What are your favorite summer memories? I bet they don’t involve your parents spending a lot of money.

Some of my best childhood summer memories involve playing outside in our neighborhood. That’s it! No crazy toys, just usual kid summer toys, and exploring the backyard, digging for worms in the garden, riding our bikes, and playing with neighborhood kids.

Other favorite summer memories include family road trips. Though it wasn’t always a smooth drive getting to our destination (my sister and I were backseat fighters lol) I have so many good memories of our trips.

(By the way, if you have a summer road trip coming up with little kids, you need to read this post on long road trip hacks – it has SO many good ideas!)

You don’t need to spend a lot to have an amazing and memorable summer with your kids. Check out these 10 free summer activities for all the great ideas!

Also head over to 10 Cheap Summer Activities When Your Kids Get Bored of the Sprinkler – #8 is a SUPER fun idea your kids will love!!!

1. Beach Day

I always think of beaches as free and many are, but in lots of states there are fees to go to the beach.

At the beginning of summer, most beaches offer a “Free Beach Day.” Take advantage of it and pack a picnic lunch. Some beaches have grills so you can have a barbecue.

2. Fishing

Bring your children fishing! Your family can enjoy free fishing without a license. Even if they have never done this before, it can be very fun and exciting!

Most states offer a “Free Fishing Day” in June.

3. Catch Fireflies

Have your child catch some fireflies. This can be fun and educational! Go to to learn how to catch a firefly.

When done, be sure to let them go, as fireflies don’t seem to be as populated as they use to be.

4. Free Summer Activities at Night: Stargaze

Lay outside and stargaze. Has your child ever seen a falling star?

Even though it’s more of relaxing activity, bring a blanket outside and have your children look at the stars. How many constellations and falling stars can they see.

5. Find New Playgrounds

Go to a neighborhood or school playground. Here is a great way to spend one day a week with your children, by bringing them to the playground.

This free summer activity is great fun, it’s physical (wearing out my high-energy kid is a daily goal over here!), and a chance to play with other children.

6. Summer Movies

How about a movie? Not at a theater but at your local park. A lot of towns have a weekly free movie in the dark night.

Bring your lounge chairs or a blanket. You can even bring your own snacks, so you don’t have to buy any there.

For movie nights at home check out these 50 family movies that both adults and kids will love!

7. Kids Eat Free

Eat out! Now, this isn’t completely free, but it’s free for your child.

There are many restaurants that offer “Children Eat Free with a Paid Adult Meal.” Take advantage of this.

8. Free Ice Cream Day!

Free Ice Cream Day! Every summer, Friendly’s Restaurant offers free ice cream scoop day! Friendly’s is not located all through the states, but check out other local ice cream parlors that may offer the same deal!

9. Free Summer Activities in Nature: Take a Hike

Take a hike, and I don’t mean what we tell our children when they seem to be underfoot. How about spend a day and take a small nature hike.

Whether it’s just across a trail or a small mountain, this is one of my favorite free summer activities. It’s one of my favorite free activities year-round actually, and kids really thrive being outside.

10. Go Camping

Go camping. If you have a tent already, set it up in the back yard, and you and the kids can spend the night outside.

Put together a small campfire where everyone can roast marshmallows or make s’mores.

Better yet, go actual camping. Here are the best Dollar Store camping hacks, kid-friendly camping recipes that are so easy they practically make themselves, and budget-friendly camping ideas.

Also check out these 25 fun camping quotes – they will get you so excited to go camping asap!!!

Other Cheap and Free Summer Activities

Make sure you snag my Summer Bucket List printable here! It has a fun watermelon print and you can check out the fun summer activities with your kids as you do them!

If you’re stuck inside on a super hot summer day or a stormy summer day, you need these 25 activities at home for kids – they are really fun!! I’ve been going through the list with my daughter and she loves them!

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10 Fun and free summer activities to stop your kids saying “I’m bored” (kids holding popsicles with the blue sky in the background)

What are your favorite free summer activities?

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