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50 Gifts For Kids Under $10 (that kids will love!)

50 Gifts For Kids Under $10 (that kids will love!)

If you want to pick up a little something for a little one in your life check out these 50 awesome gifts for kids under $10.  There is something for everyone on your list!

50 Awesome Gifts For Kids (all $10 or less!)


Gifts for kids under $10

If you are looking for gifts under $10, Amazon is the place to go.  I’m pretty sure they sell absolutely everything there is to buy.  And since they are just slightly kind of huge and have massive buying power, their prices are the best.

Whether you are searching for kid birthday gifts under 10, stocking stuffers from Santa, or an un-birthday present for your little one, this list will cover all of that and more in a budget-friendly way.

I am not so into separating the gift ideas into “little boy gifts under $10” and “$10 gifts for little girls” because what would I put under each category?  My daughter’s favorite color is pink and she loves dolls.  But she also loves cars and airplanes and construction sites.  If I had a son, I don’t see why I wouldn’t have a pretend tea party with him (men drink tea too don’t they?) so I couldn’t put a tea party set under the “gifts for little girls” heading.  So there will be just one list of the best gifts for kids under $10.

If you can’t celebrate a birthday in person right now because of covid-19, please check out 10 Awesome Virtual Birthday Party Ideas That Kids Will Love, to bring some magic to the birthday kid’s day.

Before we get into the good stuff, a small disclaimer:

At the time that I wrote this post, all the gifts were under $10.  Because prices on Amazon fluctuate even daily, I can’t guarantee that all the items on this list of gifts for kids under $10 will be under $10 at the time you are reading this.  If they do go over at some point in time, they should all still be very close to the $10 mark.

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1. Pretend Play Dress Up Rings

This kids’ ring set comes with 24 adjustable rings and they are all unique and adorable.  I know my daughter would flip over this set.  Some of the ring designs include sunflower, butterfly, starfish, moon, heart, and they come in a nice gift box.  The rings are all nickel-free and skin-friendly.

2. Melissa & Doug Created by Me Butterfly Magnets

I love anything Melissa & Doug and that includes this craft set.  They make high quality toys and they know what kids will love (maybe that’s because they are parents to six kids!)  This is a magnet set that kids can decorate and includes wooden magnets, paints, stickers, plastic gems, glitter glue, and a brush.

3. Water Wow Reusable Watercolor Books

These watercolor books are essential for travel!  If you haven’t used them before, get some now!  They come in all sorts of themes, and can be used over and over again.  They are mess-free coloring in the car or on the plane and kids love them.

4. Magnetic Tiles STEM Gift Set

These magnetic blocks have rounded edges so they’re safe for little hands.  This set also comes with a storage bag, to help keep the pieces together instead of all over the house.

5. Play-Doh Party Bag (15 Cans)

These small tubs of play-doh make great stocking stuffers, small gifts for kids, or birthday party favors.  One friend even gives these out for Halloween instead of candy!

6. Small Light Up & Glow Terrarium Kit

It’s so fun for kids to learn about how the world works, and this terrarium kit would be a fun and unique gift for kids under $10.  Kids can grow and mini garden in a jar!  And because it’s a fast growing plant your kids will be able to see growth within a few days.

7. Paint Your Own Stepping Stone

There are 6 different animals to choose from as they channel their inner artist.  I remember painting rocks as a kid (and selling them – my first business!).  This kit takes it one step further by providing everything needed to paint an animal stepping stone for the garden.

8. Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Book & Markers

Mess-free are always nice words to hear for a parent when it comes to arts and crafts gifts for kids.  Don’t get me wrong, I am all for kids getting messy, and our 3 year old does daily – from markers to dirt outside.  But sometimes at the end of the day you need a quiet activity for your child while you’re cleaning up the kitchen, and you don’t want to clean up a marker mess after – well this mess free coloring book and markers set is for that!  There are several designs to choose from.

9. Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Color & Wash Pet Toys

From that previous gift idea, we will smoothly move to this next gift which is not necessarily mess free but is adorable!  Kids can color animal figurines with the provided markers, wash the animal and re-color!  And after the decorated pet has dried, your child can play with the pet without the marker coming off on their hands.

10. Sleeveless Space Print Dress

Hands raised if you want an adult version of this super unique space print dress!  (Okay maybe I don’t have the boldness to actually wear one in public as an adult, but I think it’s really fun)

There are lots of other prints from dinosaurs to unicorns if space isn’t your child’s thing.

11. Set Of 32 Animal Erasers

This animal erasers set comes with a ton of them – 32 different animals in the pack.  This makes a great gift for kids as a stocking stuffer, for back-to-school, for birthday parties and more!

12. Bubble Inside Bubble Wand

I don’t even totally understand how this bubble maker works (how does it do that??) – but it doesn’t really matter.  It makes bubbles within bubbles and would be a super fun toy for any summer birthday or summer party or backyard barbecue.

13. Wooden Tetris Puzzle

I LOVE this one!!!  Does anyone else have the Tetris theme music going through their head?  This wooden Tetris puzzle would be a fun challenge for kids (or their nostalgic parents – ahem).  This STEM toy helps develop color and shape recognition, fine motor skills, counting and analysis skills, hand-eye coordination, and logical thinking.  I will definitely be buying this puzzle for our daughter – she will love it.

14. Wooden Lacing Watermelon Threading Toy

This fun lacing toy is a great way for toddlers and preschoolers to practice threading, a precursor to being able to tie shoelaces!  The wooden watermelon and caterpillar (worm??) are brightly colored and so cute and summery!

15. Baby High Top Sneakers

Cuteness overload!  There are lots of different colors available of these soft-soled baby shoes.

16. Mermaid Bath Bomb With Surprise Necklace

This pink and turquoise bath bomb dissolves in the bath and reveals a surprise jewel necklace inside – fun!

17. Kids Binoculars

I bought a pair of kid’s binoculars when my husband and I and Miss O took a long road trip last year.  I thought it would be a fun nature-type gift for her since we were going to the mountains, staying in a hut, and going hiking.  She loved them (though she’s still learning which side to look through!).  These binoculars above come in many different colors.

18. Water Drawing Mat

I bought my daughter a water drawing mat this past winter because we needed a few more inside fun things to do on super cold days.

I like that it’s reusable.  You fill the pen with water and draw on the magic drawing mat. After 3-10 minutes, it disappears so kids can paint on the mat again and again.

19. Sea Turtle Plush

These adorable stuffed animals come in many options of underwater creatures: sea turtle, clown fish, orca, puffin, and many more.

20. Fishing Rod And Fish Bath Toys

Our daughter loves her fishing bath setalthough she prefers to play with it in the shower (no it doesn’t float as well) and even brings the fish into bed at night to cuddle.  To each their own.

21. Melissa & Doug Friendship Stamp Set

I love that this is a wooden stamp set.  It includes 9 stamps, a pink and purple ink pad, and 5 colored pencils and comes with a wooden box which makes it a nice gift.

22. National Geographic Dino Fossil Dig Kit

Hooray for science gifts for kids!  I just love stuff like this dinosaur fossil dig kit, and it’s made by National Geographic which gives it total clout.  This fossil dig set contains 3 dinosaur fossils for kids to dig up, and it gets rave reviews.  Here is one from Amazon:

— “This has been my go-to gift for every 5 year olds’ birthday I’ve been invited to this year – and there’s been a lot! I have gotten nothing but rave reviews from the parents about how great this kit is. Highly recommend for both boys and girls.”

23. Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

This cube fidget toy is small and lightweight and can be played with one hand.  It is very well made and perfect for kids who need a tactile toy to help them settle or focus.

24. 12 Piece Mini Truck Toy Kit Set

This pack comes with 12 different mini trucks, great for stocking stuffers, small gifts, party favors, etc.

25. Alex Toys Craft Simply Needlepoint – Butterfly

If you have kids that are into crafts, they will love this needlepoint kit.  I’ve shown the butterfly kit but there are other options too.  From the reviews it looks like this needlepoint set would be best for kids ages 6+; too much younger and it might be a bit beyond them.  It’s rewarding because they get to create something and can display it on a wall, and it helps with hand-eye coordination.

26. Children’s Rain Jacket

This super affordable rain jacket comes two to a pack and is also an Amazon bestseller.  It has a hood with a drawstring and is lightweight enough to keep tucked into a backpack for rainy days.

27. Build Your Own 3D Wooden Puzzle

This wood craft kit comes in lots of different animal options: from the lion shown above to owl, parrot, seahorse, and more. No glue required, the pieces fit neatly into place with the notches in the wood.  This is a fun DIY toy for kids aged 8 and up.

28. Wooden Pegboard STEM Toy

This wooden STEM toy helps with counting, shapes, and colors, and encourages hand-eye coordination and imaginative play, as well as develops fine motor skills.  Phew!  That’s a lot for a toy under $10!

29. Bentgo Kids Bento Box

This bento box for kids has 5 compartments for snacks or lunches on the go, is BPA-free, and it’s even freezer safe for meal prep!  It is not leak-proof so save this set for dry snacks/fruit/etc.

30. Kids Cooking and Baking Set

This pretend play chef set includes a chef’s hat, apron, oven mitt, hot pad, spoon, rolling pin, whisk, and 4 cookie cutters.  This is a generous sized set for the price and even includes two pieces made of wood (the mixing spoon and rolling pin).  All are usable in a real kitchen!

31. Dora The Explorer Kids’ Watch

This affordable kid’s watch is great for learning how to tell the time.  It has an easy-to-read dial with labeled hands (minute/hour).  The watch comes in a tin, so it presents well as a gift too!

32. Crayola Washable Window Markers

Kids get to feel like little rebels when they get to write on windows with these window markers while parents know they are washable!  They can be used on mirrors too.

33. Kinetic Sand

My daughter went to the birthday party of one of her 3 year old friends and the kids were given a tub each of kinetic sand as a party favor.  All the kids loved it and it’s actually not as messy as I thought it might be!  I set my daughter up with the sand and some toys on a big baking tray and it helps contain the mess a lot!  It makes a great sensory play activity for kids.

34. Melissa & Doug Scratch and Sniff Sticker Pad

I am super nostalgic about the circular scratch and sniff stickers from my childhood (do you remember those too?)  We would fill photo albums full of stickers and trade them at recess.  I thought for sure they would still be around (or something like it) but after hunting for some for my daughter (and asking way too many people about stickers), I can’t recreate my childhood on this one.  This scratch and sniff sticker set is really cute and I like it and would buy it for my daughter, but I’ll admit it’s second place to the stickers of my youth.

35. Kids’ Cleaning Set

Most pretend play cleaning sets cost much more than $10, but I found this cute set for under $10.  All the components of this set work.  The whisk broom clicks into the dustpan, the sprayer can be filled up with water and used with the cloth to clean real (or pretend!) windows, and the sponge has a strap that keeps it on a child’s hand.  Kids will love helping out around the house with this cute cleaning set (really, what is it with kids and cleaning, and when does this desire disappear??)

36. Magna Doodle Drawing Toy

This classic toy comes with us on all road trips.  It’s safe for the car, not messy, and keeps our daughter occupied for surprisingly long amounts of time.  I even pop it in my bag for quick trips around town; if she’s getting restless in the car, this magna doodle board helps prevent car meltdowns.

37. Cat Purse

This cute crossbody kid’s purse comes in other colors too and I’m trying to hold myself back from making cat puns.

38. Kids’ Aviator Sunglasses

These stylin’ kid sunglasses block over 99% of UVA and UVB rays to protect your child’s eyes.  They come with a pouch and fit ages 2-9 so lots of years of use = a really good value!

39. Melissa & Doug On the Go Color by Numbers Set

This color by numbers set promotes color recognition, fine motor skills, and matching, and is great for travel.  Plus kids just like it!

40. Bath Water Flutes Toy

I’m always looking for new fun bath toys for my daughter who is currently on a bath strike.  (Don’t worry, we still clean her, she just gets showers).  She has always been really into music so I think she would love these!

41. Kids’ Garden Tools

This kid’s gardening set is a total steal. The tools are bright and colorful which will appeal to kids.  The tools themselves are made out of metal with handles made out of hardwood, all for under $10.

42. Rain Boots

These adorable little yellow rain boots also come in a couple of other colors/designs.  They have a soft-soled variety for babies/new walkers and a thicker sole for older (little) kids.

43. Kid’s Water Bottle

While my beloved insulated straw thermos is sadly $4 over the $10 limit, this kid’s water bottle is a great option!  It’s BPA-free, it has a spout cover to keep out dirt and general ick, and has a spill-proof valve that works even when the lid is open.

44. Alphabet Magnets

I like this fridge magnet set because it includes both the upper and lower case letters, as well as numbers and symbols.  Also the entire back is a magnet, instead of just a tiny magnet stuck on the back of the letters.

45. Elephant and Piggie Books

Elephant & Piggie books are so fun to read for kids and adults.  They are one of the few books that I don’t mind reading over and over and over (and over and over) again!

46. Kid’s Sun hat

Most kids sun hats are more than $10, so this one is a total find.  It is reversible, has a chin strap with velcro to keep it secure on windy days, and has a sun protection factor of 50+.   Also, whales.  ♥

47. Bath Crayons

Do you remember as a kid that sometimes it was fun doing things we weren’t supposed to do?  Since usually crayons and markers are for paper, kids will have fun getting to paint the bathtub and the walls with these bath crayons.

48. A Harmonica

Miss O was given a harmonica this past Christmas from an uncle and she LOVES it!  For little kids who are into music (or just like making noise) a harmonica is a great choice because they can play it right away.  It’s also gentle on parents’ ears too  🙂   (My other option for this point was going to be a kazoo – but a harmonica would be easier on the ears, don’t you think?  Although these kazoos are adorable.)

49. SmartGames IQ Puzzler Pro

This brain teaser game is great for ages 6 and up, all the way to adults!  I loved nerdy, puzzley types of toys when I was a kid so I would have been ALL over this one.  (When I was about 7, my favorite Christmas gift was my own dictionary – like I was over-the-moon excited).

This brain game is very travel friendly and comes in a handy case so it’s easy to pack.  There are 120 different puzzles/challenges you can do with this set.  There are other similar sets for younger kids too!

50. Wacky Tracks Snap and Click Fidget Toy

This fidget toy comes in a pack of 4 snap and click toys and is great for anyone (kids or adults) who might need a little help from a tactile toy to calm down or focus.  They come in bright colors and help build fine motor skills too.  They are great to bring along on travel, to keep in your bag or while waiting in lines!

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50 Awesome Gifts For Kids - all $10 or less!

Do you have any other ideas of gifts for kids under $10? 

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