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6 Easy Ways to Save Money Every Month Without Feeling Deprived

6 Easy Ways to Save Money Every Month Without Feeling Deprived

Sure you want to save money. But you don’t want to penny pinch so much you feel completely deprived. That’s a recipe for a late-night Amazon binge if I ever heard of one. Instead, here are 6 easy ways to save money without having to sacrifice everything in life.

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Easy Ways to Save Money Each Week

Saving money doesn’t have to be difficult or extreme. Using 6 simple tips, you too can save money — without having to sacrifice everything in life.

In tough economic times, it can be hard to make that penny stretch a little bit further. Using a few tips you too can stash away more money in the bank – instead of into someone else’s pocket.

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6 Easy Ways to Save Money You Can Do Each Day

1. Budget

If you don’t know how much money you take home every week, don’t know what your expenses are or simply haven’t had the time to do it – you can’t save money.

You need to know what your monthly expenses (right down to that latte in my your hand) and account for them.

Figure out what your take home pay is, not the hourly – to get an accurate representation of where you stand.

If you have budgeted $50.00 into your plan, stick to it – or you won’t save money at all.

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2. Set Up Savings

Many employers offer a direct savings plan. A portion of your paycheck can go directly into your savings account, without ever reaching your hands.

This can be a simple way to set aside even 5% of your take home pay, without even missing it.

If your employer doesn’t offer an automatic deposit, consider setting up a direct withdrawal when your pay comes in. Having it done automatically makes it less painful to see disappear.

Start with a small amount each pay, building up to ideally 15% of your income.

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3. Get Rid of the Pedestal

Countless people have the mentality “I work hard – I deserve this.”

The trouble is, this mentality might have contributed to where you are in the first place.

While you may be worth quite a bit, that money can be used towards more important items; rent, television, car repairs, retirement or college funds.

You are worth keeping your money, not spending it on items that will ultimately be placed on the curb one day.

4. Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries: Meal Plan

The hardest thing for many people is coming home from work and scrambling to figure out what to make for dinner for the kids that are getting hangry, often in between jolting back out the door for a busy evening at soccer.

Spend 20 minutes each week to figure out what you would like to make for supper, and definitely include items like take-out or fast-food if your budget allows it.

Consider doing this during supper time on a Sunday evening, with the whole family.

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5. Write a List For The Week

Instead of hitting up the store empty handed, write out a list of anything you need for the week.

Grocery chains take prey to those that don’t plan, offering most expensive items at eye level, and on the end shelves.

Once your list has been made, make yourself stick to it- no exceptions.

If you shop with children, bring along a juice box and snack for them to munch on and avoid the “I’m starving! I want… I need… Mommy PLEASE!” comments.

6. Fill Your Car

Studies have shown a fuel tank running on half a tank of gas or less, ultimately burns more gas.

Keep your tank full and your mind sound when travelling by filling up.

You can also place $20.00 in your glove box for an emergency fill-up (fast-food doesn’t count as an emergency.)

Gas prices keep on rising. Don’t miss these 7 tips for saving money on gas.

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6 easy ways to save money each week without feeling deprived or giving up donuts (woman holding donuts)

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