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18 Best Work from Home Jobs that Pay Well in 2022

18 Best Work from Home Jobs that Pay Well in 2022

Find out the best work from home jobs that pay well when you want to work at home AND earn a high income. 

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Best Working from Home Jobs That Pay Well

Are you interested in a work-from-home job but you don’t want to sacrifice a high income? 

What is a job that pays well can mean different things to different people. The same income if you live in Ohio would not stretch as far in California or New York. 

For this article, I took high-paying jobs from home to mean a business or employment that can make 6 figures or more a year. 

I include both work-from-home small businesses, as well as jobs working from home as an employee. Also see these 10 best work-from-home companies hiring now. 

Some of these wfh jobs you can start with no experience, and others you will need specialized skills or education. 

There is a big variety of work from home jobs that pay well on this list. You will be able to find something if it’s important to you to both work at home AND earn a high income. 

First of all, nobody is going to hand you $100,000 just for looking cute. 

Well maybe that happens to models. 

But they work super hard too. 

If you want to make 6-figures from home (or from anywhere), you can’t be afraid of hard work. 

Hard work has started to get a bad reputation, but you can have a soul-aligned business AND work hard at it.  

18 Work-from-Home Jobs That Pay Well

1. Best Work-from-Home Jobs that Pay Well: Blogger

Blogging is an excellent work from home job that pays well, and happens to be my favorite on this list.  

You can make well into 6 figures as a blogger, and even 7 figures. 

But this is where people fail. 

Blogging is not a get-rich-quick business. 

(What is? Drug dealing?) 

If people don’t see money coming in one or two months after starting a blog, they give up.  

And this is too early. 

Most people won’t make any money from a blog until 6 months in or even more. 

I am not saying this to dash hopes but to help you be realistic if you have been interested in blogging for money. 

I really believe that almost anyone can make money blogging, but you need to know what you’re doing, and you need persistence.  

Here is my quick and easy tutorial for how to start a blog.

The days of diary-style blogging are over.  

I started my first blog in tandem with working part-time and for most people, it’s what I recommend. 

If you have a chunk of savings you want to use, or someone is supporting you financially, then you could start a blog without having income on the side. But for most people, keep your side job/your day job/whatever, while you are building your blog. 

You can join my next round of Blogging Camp – get on the waitlist here. In 12 weeks it will teach you everything you need to know to set up a blog to make money.  

There are some days I wake up and have made $200 from blogging before I have even started working. When you set your blog up well, it’s really awesome and you can make great passive income from home. 

Join my Blogging Camp waitlist or start Laser Coaching with me now.

2. Online Coach 

When people want to make a transformation in their lives, or get support, more and more are investing in a mentor/coach.

There are lots of different types of coaches:

  • Health Coach 
  • Mindset Coach 
  • Business Coach 
  • Weight Loss Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Financial Coach
  • Many more

Coaching used to be predominantly in-person.

There have been some online coaches for years now, but there was a big boom in coaching when the pandemic started.

People took their coaching businesses online and stayed there.

Some people offer a combination of coaching and are generalists, and then there are coaches who are really niched down.

An example of a broader coach is a general Health Coach; a specialist Health Coach could be one who focuses in helping women with weight loss after they have gone through menopause.

I am a Business Coach and I help moms start and grow online businesses that don’t consume their whole lives. I specialize in Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and growing Facebook Groups for community and sales.

You can either take a coaching certification or you can get real-world experience and package it into coaching programs. The focus should ALWAYS be on offering tons of value, and helping people.

If you want to learn more about starting your own coaching business, sign up for a free 15-minute Mentorship Call with me here.

3. Affiliate Marketing Is One of the Best Work-from-Home Jobs that Pay Well

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways you can make money with a blog, but you don’t need a blog to make money with affiliate marketing.   

How it works is you sign up for affiliate networks (this is a popular one), or directly to companies to be an affiliate of their products.

You get a special tracking link to share with your readers or followers. If you make a sale, you get a percentage of that sale (or sometimes a set dollar amount).

You can promote affiliate products of different social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook pages and groups, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. You can also promote some affiliate links in emails (but not all – this is why you gotta learn it the right way).

Use this marketing hack to grow your Facebook group and email list at the same time:

Affiliate marketing can be one of the fastest ways to start making money online.

This is because you don’t need to spend time making a product or creating a service to sell. And you don’t even need to spend the time creating a blog first.

I teach affiliate marketing in my Blogging Camp, and I will also be offering a stand-alone in-depth Masterclass all on affiliate marketing. It will be a video training of everything you need to know to be successful as an affiliate marketer.

There will be super juicy bonuses, including my Master List of Affiliate Programs to Join (you want this list!).

And what do I know about affiliate marketing?


Not only have I been using it on my site for over two years, it’s one of my superpowers:

I was awarded VIP status for one affiliate marketing company for being one of their top affiliates.

This means I get accepted into programs instantly. Instead of having to wait a week and have my application reviewed and accepted or rejected, I get accepted without a review.

This means I can start sharing the affiliate links right away and start making income!

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, you need my Masterclass.

I was also one of the top converting affiliates for Amazon. That meant I got exclusive access to Amazon affiliate trainings, and they also increased the amount I earned per sale which was really sweet.

Same amount of effort but more income is more than alright with me!

Join my private Facebook group to find out when the Affiliate Marketing Success Masterclass is released.

4. Online Course Creator

You can make boatloads of money from selling online courses.

There are several things you need for your course to be successful:

  • Your course needs to solve a need
  • You need to have an engaged audience
  • Build up your know/like/trust factor
  • Marketing strategy to get your course seen
  • Your course needs to be damn good

Note that I didn’t say you need a huge audience to be a successful online course creator. I know several online course creators who have small Facebook groups, and make 5-figures a month selling courses.

Online course creator is one of the best work-from-home jobs that pay well, as it can make you excellent passive income.

There is a good amount of work upfront to create a stellar course. Once it is marketed, and you have a system in place to have continuous new leads, you can build more and more passive income while you do very little work.

If you’re interested in creating your own online course, I recommend this in-depth training: Build a Six-Figure Online Business Selling Online Courses. It is a top-rated course that’s trusted by huge companies like Nasdaq, Volkswagen, and eventbrite.

See if it’s right for you here.

5. Working from Home Jobs that Pay Well: Selling on Amazon

Selling books on Amazon was the first online business I had.

It was really interesting being on the other side as a seller to peek behind the curtains to see how Amazon works.

Ultimately it wasn’t for me, mainly due to personality differences 🙂 (read my Amazon FBA review here).

But, you can make lots of money selling on Amazon.

Like this 6-figure Amazon seller.

Having an Amazon business is one of the best work from home jobs that pay well.

You don’t need a degree or experience to make a lot of money on Amazon. You do need to know what you’re doing however, to turn a profit, and make a good income.

Sign up for this free mini-course on how to make money selling on Amazon.

More Amazon business resources:

6. Graphics Designer

The average annual salary for a graphic designer in the United States is 6-figures, making this one of the best work-from-home jobs that pays well.

Many professional graphic designers will have a degree, but not all.

To increase your graphic design skills without having to go back to school for a 2-3 year degree, run don’t walk, to this course

This Graphic Design Masterclass has had over 160,000 students (!) and teaches Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Design Theory, Branding and Logo Design – everything you need to know.

It gets amazing reviews and is updated frequently so you are always learning the newest design tips and technology.

7. Real Work from Home Jobs that Pay Well: Computer Programmer

Do you have a knack with computers?

A degree in computer programming or computer science?

While computer programmer is a work-from-home job that pays well that you can do without a degree, you will likely have higher income and your pick of jobs if you have a degree.

If you are a student and are considering what field to go into, this is a steady field with lots of jobs and high pay. The average annual salary is just under $100,000/year.

There will obviously be an investment in education (money and time), but if this is a passion, you could have a great career ahead of you that is very portable.

I have a friend with an online computer job (not self-employed – working for an employer), and he is able to travel around the world in his VW camper van with his wife (you can check them out here). 

8. Social Media Manager

Want to get paid to play on Facebook and Instagram?

Okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration but if you love being on social media, why not turn that into a home business or side hustle?

That’s what two guys did (Bobby and Mike if you want to be on a first-name basis), and made a kick-ass course to teach others how to do this.

How does this sound:

You can learn how to earn an extra $1000-$2000 per month running Facebook ads for businesses, working only 2-3 hours a WEEK.

If you want to scale this to a bigger income, simply take on more social media management clients and work a few more hours a week.

This can be one of the most fun work-from-home jobs that pay well.

Bobby and Mike offer a free training that will show you how to start running expert ad campaigns and how to find businesses that want to pay you, even without experience (this is key!).

Sign up for the free training to see if a Facebook side hustle is a good fit for you.

Did you know that last year business owners spent over $88,000,000 PER DAY on Facebook ads? That’s an insane number, and something that you can get in on.

The Facebook Side Hustle Course has a waitlist.

If you’d like to join it (and find out more about the course), go here.

9. Work from Home Jobs that Pay Well and are Legit: Proofreader 

Lots of people’s grammar are atrocious.

If that sentence made you cringe (please say it did, it was painful writing it), congrats! You might make an excellent proofreader!

Freelance proofreading is one of the best work-from-home jobs that pay well without a degree.

If you do have an English degree, you can likely command higher prices.

Without a degree, you can increase your chances of landing high-paying gigs by taking a proofreading course. This is the best one out there; it has already taught over 15,000 people how to become freelance proofreaders.

There are so many online opportunities for proofreaders, from editing resumes, blog posts, articles, social media posts, marketing, books, so much more.

If you love reading, it’s a fantastic way to get paid to read, and one of the most fun work-from-home jobs that pay well.

Here is a free training to teach you how to get started as a freelance proofreader.

10. Online Lawyer

We all know that lawyers make the big bucks. But most people think of lawyers working in a law office or in the courtroom.

More and more lawyers are turning to working online, which makes law one of the best work-from-home jobs that pay well.

Since the pandemic created a boom in businesses going online, it makes sense that more lawyers are specializing in working with online businesses.

I follow a couple of these lawyers on social media and subscribe to their newsletters.

(I never thought I would follow lawyers on SM except if they were friends of mine who happened to go into law!)

If you have a website/blog or you make digital products to sell online (courses, ebooks, planners, etc.), I strongly encourage you to zip here real quick. It is an invaluable bundle of legal templates and contracts that you can use in your business. They were created by Mariam Tsaturyan, a lawyer who has been working in the online space for years. If you ever get confused about keeping your business up-to-date with all the legal stuff, you need this pack.

This is just one of the ways you can make money as an online lawyer. You can practice law, you can create legal products and sell them, you can offer video sessions online, etc.

A job as a lawyer is one of the top work-from-home jobs that pay well.

11. Easy Work from Home Jobs that Pay Well: Sell Printables Online

Did you know you can make a good living creating printables and selling them online?

A few years ago I had no clue what printables even were.

Now I sell them in an Etsy shop, and use them with my coaching clients to help them plan and organize their businesses.

So what are printables?

They are digital files that the buyer downloads and prints off to use. There is no physical product that is shipped; the buyer is purchasing a digital file.

There are ALL kinds of printables:

  • Planners
  • Coloring pages
  • Coloring books
  • Journals
  • Ebooks
  • Worksheets/workbooks
  • Logs
  • Trackers
  • Lots more

And there is a BIG market for printables. Some Etsy sellers make 5-figures a month selling printables.

Selling printables can be one of the best work-from-home jobs that pay well with no experience needed. It’s also an amazing business model if you are low on space as there are no physical products to store.

You can learn how to make printables using a completely free program; I recommend and use Canva. Canva is super user friendly, doesn’t have a big learning curve (compared to Photoshop – ugh!), and includes tons of gorgeous free fonts, graphics, and photos.

There is even a cool shortcut if you don’t want to make the digital products yourself. Maybe that’s not your jam, it takes you too long, or honestly you’re just not the best at it.

This doesn’t have to stop you on the idea of a printables business as your work-from-home job that pays well.

You can buy completely done-for-you printable packs that give you the commercial license to sell as your own!

You can easily change just the colors or the fonts, or you can sell the templates completely as they are in your own shop, on Etsy, on Facebook, to your email list, etc. It’s brilliant!

Get in on the Printable Shop Vault here.

12. Freelance Writer

Want to get paid to write?

Freelance writing can be a work-from-home job that pays well (and is legit).

While you are not going to make 6-figures from the start, that is a possible goal as a freelance writer.

Let’s be honest, you do need some base talent as a writer for this to be a work-from-home job that pays well for you. You can definitely hone your craft (and you should keep learning), but people want good writers. If writing doesn’t come naturally to you, you might want to take a pass on this one.

The way to make more money freelance writing is to start with a lower rate, and over-deliver. Provide excellent work, build your reputation, and referrals will come.

When you are starting out as a paid writer, don’t lower your work standards to match the pay you will be getting. If you provide high quality work, you will soon stand out, and will be able to raise your rates much faster.

As you get more work, don’t be afraid to regularly raise your rates.

This is a mindset block I see ALL the time with my coaching clients. They are afraid to ask what they are worth and are often undercharging in their businesses.

If this is a struggle of yours and you know you should be charging more in your biz, book a free Strategy Call with me here to see how I can help you.

 Here is an article I wrote on how to become a freelance writer. I interviewed a mom of 9 (!) who is a professional writer; it’s a great read and very inspiring if you want to be a paid writer too.

This online course teaches you how to charge a high hourly rate ($50-$100+/hour) as a freelance writer.

13. Work-from-Home Accountant

I’ve always been interested in finances and the comings and goings of money in my life (hopefully less goings than comings).

Because of this I liked to DIY my finances as much as possible. I did my own taxes, bookkeeping for my business, you name it.

Until my business grew and got too complicated for me to keep track of properly, with international sales and clients.

I wanted to make sure I was keeping track of everything properly, and taking advantage of all the tax breaks and incentives I was allowed.

I hired an accountant who specializes in online business owners.

Accountants already earn a good salary, and an accountant who works from home will have much less overhead than a self-employed accountant who pays rent in an office building.

This makes a CPA one of the best work-from-home jobs that pay well, as there will always be a demand for accountants.

14. Work-from-Home Pharmacist

Did you know that you can work from home as a Pharmacist?

The average Pharmacist salary in the United States is $144,327, so already nicely into the 6-figures.

CVS hires for lots of different health care positions, some in-person and many remote too.

Most Pharmacist positions around the country with still work in Pharmacies, but the CVS work from home site has fully remote Pharmacist positions too.

These jobs will be work-from-home jobs that pay well with excellent benefits. When I did a quick search, one of the work-from-home Pharmacist positions paid almost $200,000 annually.

Sure, most people are not going to hop over and career switch to Pharmacist.

But if you are in earlier stages of your career life, you might want to consider going into Pharmacy. Yes it’s a lot of schooling. But then you have a highly sought-after, highly paid career that you can work from home.

You can check all the remote job openings including part time work from home jobs that pay well through CVS here.

15. Low Content Book Author

Did you know that you can make money as a book author who barely writes anything at all? 

I know this sounds super weird and I didn’t get it the first time I heard about it. 

There are tons of books sold on Amazon every day that barely have any writing in them.  

Let’s go over some examples. 

What are low-content books? 

  • Journals 
  • Planners
  • Notebooks
  • Logs
  • Trackers

These low-content books are a breeze to put together (once you know what to do). 

 I came across this one-of-a-kind course that teaches you how to make and sell low-content books on Amazon.

You can find out more and sign up here.

Once you have the method down, you rinse and repeat to make more passive income from book sales!

16. YouTube Influencer

Even though the word influencer is kinda ick, you immediately know what I’m talking about when I use it so that’s what I’m going to use. 

Influencer is a work from home job that has only existed for the past 10 years or so.

There is a lot of money to be had by being a video content creator.

Platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and now Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest, are awarding video content creators money.

Like blogging, many creators will make either no money or not very much. Also like blogging, this is often because people give up too soon. With online content creation, you need to be dedicated, love what you do, and not be afraid to work hard.

Think about any of your favorite influencers. If they have a big following, they are making 6 or 7 figures.

But to make this income, they are committed. One of my favorites is The Holderness Family. They have a particular style, their niche is dialed in. They make high quality unique content on the regular. And they get paid very well for it.

Online influencers are one of the top work from home jobs that pay well.

If this is your jam, check out The Complete YouTube Course by YouTubers with 100 Million+ Views.

17. Fun Work from Home Jobs that Pay Well: Start a Dog Treat Bakery from Home

 Years ago I started and owned an organic bakery and catering business. For people. 

If I had to do it all over again (or if I started a new food business), I would make food for the dogs. 

Or the dogs and cats. 

There is a huge advantage to owning a pet bakery over a people bakery and I’ll tell you what it is: 

Rules are less strict for food that is meant for animals compared with food for humans.

What this means is most states don’t require that you bake from a commercial kitchen outside your home. You can bake cute dog treats from home and sell and ship them around the U.S. (or locally!)

Some states you don’t even need a license to sell dog treats.

You’ll want to make sure you check the current regulations in your own state for selling homemade dog treats.

My biggest expense was rent when I owned my bakery. Because of the regulations in my city I wasn’t allowed to bake from a home kitchen. Many cities have this same regulation.

But starting a dog treat bakery from home saves you SO much money, which means more income in your bank account. Profit margins from a dog treat bakery can be higher than from a people bakery so you can get to 6-figures faster.

If you’re interested in working from home with a dog treat bakery, this course will teach you step-by-step everything you need to know. It gives you all the packing details, recipes, the whole thing. So you can bake cute doggie treats, make money, and have more time to play with your dog (and kids lol). 

Check out Diva Dog Bakery and sign up for the course here.

18. Romance Novel Writer

Writing short romance novels happens to be one of the most lucrative ways to make money as a writer. 

Once you have the formula down, you can keep adding more novels to your series, and sell them on Amazon. 

Romance novel fans are some of the most loyal, die-hard fans out there. If they like your style and your books, you will have repeat customers. 

You can’t just write a couple of good sex scenes and expect the cash to flow in though. 

There is a method to the writing and also the business side of selling your books on Amazon. 

I recommend learning from Yuwanda Black, who is an expert in making money selling romance novels. Read my interview with her here to get her tips.

If you’re serious about it, I recommend taking her bestselling course on how to make money writing romance – get the details here.

You can also sign up for her free mini course here.

Final Word on Work from Home Jobs that Pay Well

There are lots of interesting ways to make money from home.

If you want a work-from-home job that pays well too, use these ideas as a starting point.

You don’t have to sacrifice a high income when you work from home. Be intentional about the job or business you pursue, and don’t be afraid to work hard. 

Next steps: 

Pin this post on work-from home jobs that pay well:

18 Best Work from Home Jobs that Pay Well

What are your ideas for work from home jobs that pay well?

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