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20 Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs (Plus One Ridiculous Bonus Gift They Need)

20 Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs (Plus One Ridiculous Bonus Gift They Need)

Looking for fun ideas of gifts for entrepreneurs on your list? Here are 20 of the best gifts for female entrepreneurs, for your entrepreneur husband, personalized gifts for entrepreneurs, and many Amazon gifts for entrepreneurs to make it super easy to shop!

If you’re looking for gifts for your entrepreneur husband, best friend, or yourself, I’m sure you’ll find something on this list. Plus, don’t miss the bonus gift idea for entrepreneurs – it’s slightly ridiculous, but will be loved!

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1. Gifts for Entrepreneurs to Help Back Pain: Chair Back Massager

Hands-down, butt-down my favorite entrepreneur gift I ever received. Think of the amount of time you or your loved one spends sitting at the computer.

Having an office chair that massages and gives heat to sore muscles is work-from-home bliss.

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2. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

This is something I keep meaning to pick up for myself.

(If any of my loved ones are reading, this is one of the gifts for entrepreneurs that is on my personal list!)

With the amount of time most entrepreneurs (or any of us, really) spend in front of a screen, it’s a good idea to protect our eyes from so many hours of unnatural blue light.

Blue light over time can damage retinal cells and cause vision problems like macular degeneration. Ain’t nobody got time for macular degeneration, yo!

These blue light glasses come in a two pack, so your entrepreneur friend can have a spare.

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3. Gifts for Entrepreneurs to Combat Sitting Disease: A Standing Desk

Sometimes when I bring my laptop to write at Starbucks, I’ll pick one of those higher up bar tables, and I’ll stand for a while instead of using a chair.

It helps keep me more alert (the coffee only plays a slight part in that because I drink decaf!) and helps my posture and keeps me from slouching.

This desk is adjustable and can be used for either sitting or standing, depending on your mood or energy during the day.

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4. Fun Mug for All the Coffee/Tea They Will Drink

Coffee: powering entrepreneurs since the 15th century.

This post has 25 really unique mugs, from a Lego mug to stoneware, Disney to Friends. There is even a mug with a little basketball hoop on the side where you can make baskets with mini marshmallows.

Check out all the mugs here (they are $25 and under).

5. Best Mindset Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Gift them a business success or motivational book to help get through blocks in their business.

This book – The 4-Hour Work Week – changed my mindset and changed my life. I stopped thinking of trading time for dollars with this book.

6. Foot Massager

Along with my chair massager, my foot massager makes my work-from-home days even better.

I have had manual foot massagers before, but it’s just not the same as an automatic one that hugs your feet and warms them up too.

This is a self-care gift for entrepreneurs that they will totally appreciate.

You want to get the enclosed kind like this.

7. A Nice Notebook

I hate the name – Moleskine – is it just me?

But love the notebooks.

They come in a rainbow of colors.

8. Gifts for Entrepreneurs Who Work at Night

Not all entrepreneurs are early birds.

There are a lot that work best at night.

Gift them a low-profile desk lamp like this one that won’t distract them from the task at hand. It has touch control and color temperature options.

9. Personalized Gifts for Entrepreneurs

I have what has been described as “doctor’s handwriting”, without being a doctor (#sorrynotsorrylovemybusiness Mom and Pa).

For some mysterious reason, my handwriting improves dramatically with a nice pen. Make this a personalized gift for the entrepreneur in your life and get it monogrammed.

10. Gifts for Entrepreneurs to Celebrate Wins

These champagne glasses are a fun gift to celebrate their business wins.

And just because you don’t work from an office with lots of other people doesn’t mean you can’t have Friday happy hour at home.

11. Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs to Wake Up On Time: Unique Alarm Clock

Help your favorite entrepreneur wake up on time to start their busy day.

This alarm clock lets you wake up with either a traditional sound alarm or with light if your entrepreneur friend likes to wake up more gently.

12. Smart Water Bottle

It’s so easy to forget to drink water during the day (guilty!).

Most people don’t have a water cooler at home to make them get up and stretch their legs, grab a drink of water, and partake in some water cooler gossip with coworkers. (It’s not the same trying to banter with a 6-year-old or a cat, she says with experience).

When I bought myself this water bottle with time markings, it actually helped me drink more of my daily quote of water.

Now they even have smart water bottles that glow to remind you to drink more water.

13. A Roomba

I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want a robot vacuum, but this is an especially thoughtful gift for entrepreneurs.

Your room gets cleaned while you are working in it!

Grab a cup of tea, put up your feet and work on your business while the Roomba works its dust bunny magic.  

14. Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs to Save Time in the Kitchen

A thoughtful food gift for small business owners is a subscription to HelloFresh so they don’t have to think about what to make for dinner.

That creative energy could be better used to grow their business.

HelloFresh takes away the thinking part of meal planning, and also preps a lot for you.

Your entrepreneur friend or family member can choose the 20-minute meals and have dinner ready in a snap.

15. Gifts for Entrepreneurs Who Sell Products or Services

This digital book on setting up an email list is a unique gift for entrepreneurs who don’t have an email list yet. It’s also helpful for people who want to learn how to get more readers to stay on their list!

Every business needs an email list. Whether you sell products or services, the money is in the list. Making offers through emails has been shown to be over 300% better converting than through social media.

Help your small business owner friend or family member out with this ebook.

16. Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs to Get a Good Sleep

Sleep is important to all of us, but when you’re an entrepreneur you often have lots of ideas floating around your brain at all times. A good pillow is essential for good sleep.

Help your entrepreneur friend or family member get a good night sleep, and wake up without back pain, with a good supportive pillow.

I tried my first wool pillow several years ago and I won’t go back. They are so comfortable, better for you than synthetic foam pillows, and more supportive than down/feather pillows. Highly recommended!

17. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Help your friend or family member who works from home focus by blocking out the outside world (aaaah!)

These headphones have comfy cushioning, and lots of reviews saying they are the most comfortable over the ear headphones.

18. Gifts for Entrepreneurs Who Have Zoom or Teams Meetings

Stop the pixelated madness of Zoom meetings and client sessions.

Get your entrepreneur loved one a good webcam, like this one.

19. Gift for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Make More Sales

Get your entrepreneur friend or family member the gift of passive income.

This mini course on setting up your first sales funnel to make passive income will help your entrepreneur make sales with more ease.

20. Gifts for Entrepreneurs Who Don’t Have Time to Read

Gift them an Audible subscription so they can listen to books while they work.

Bonus #21 Cozy Gifts for Entrepreneurs:

And for a ridiculous gift for entrepreneurs, but one they’ll love – a snuggie.

Laugh all you want, they’re ugly AF but they are so cozy and amazing to work in.

If your entrepreneur friend or family member is always cold at home, they will LOVE this gift.

Also check out these fun gifts for the home office – entrepreneurs who work-from-home will love these!

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What other ideas do you have for gifts for entrepreneurs?

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