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Saving Money on Gas: 7 Tips You Need If You Don’t Drive a Tesla

Saving Money on Gas: 7 Tips You Need If You Don’t Drive a Tesla

Woof.  Gas prices seem to go up faster than billionaires to space.

And until the day when we’re all driving electric cars, budgeting for increasing fuel prices is a good idea.

An even better idea is using these smart money tips for saving money on gas. There are ideas to use before you’ve even purchased your car and tips for saving on gas if you already own a giant gas guzzler.

Start your engines, let’s get to it! (I’ll see myself out)

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How to Save Money on Gas

Gas is a major component of monthly household expense. With conscious gas usage and innovative thinking it is possible to make big savings on gas.

Gas costs have risen considerably over the years, and it is now among the key monthly expenses for most families. There are real ways to save money on gas without having to scale down the basic necessity to drive.

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Here are seven helpful ideas for saving money on gas:

7 Tips for Saving Money on Gas

1. Choose a Fuel Efficient Car

This is one of the most important ways to save money on gas and it is often overlooked.

Just like most people don’t need to live in a McMansion, most people don’t need to drive a McTruck – contractors and people hauling things excepted.

When driving to work and other places is a necessity, it can become a big burden if the vehicle is large or old, producing poor gas mileage. It can be very expensive to maintain and use such a car in times when gas costs are already so high. A smaller, fuel efficient vehicle will pay for itself with its low running costs.

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2. Saving Money on Gas By Driving Efficiently

An equally important factor in gas consumption is how skillfully and cautiously the car is driven.

When a consistent speed is maintained between 40 and 50 mph, most vehicles produce their best mileage because of minimum use of clutch and brakes and changing gears.

Rapid acceleration, and frequent and sudden stops and starts also lead to wasting fuel.

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3. Maintain the Car

Regular servicing, oiling and tuning of the engine ensure that the car continues to produce its best fuel efficiency.

Radial tires produce less friction and save on fuel. Proper alignment and maintaining the proper air pressure in the tires also helps to achieve top fuel efficiency.

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4. Avoid Compulsive Driving to Save Money On Gas

Do not engage in rough driving as if the car belongs not to you but to someone else. Avoid compulsive and needless driving because it not only wastes the fuel, but also wears out the car’s life and reduces its efficiency.

When driving on the freeways, it is useful to keep the windows closed so that the wind force does not put extra pressure on the engine.

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5. Saving Money On Gas By Using Carpools

A major saving on the monthly fuel costs is possible if a carpool to work and back can be organized.

It may take a little extra time and cause some inconvenience compared to the freedom of solo driving, but the savings it can deliver may make it worth the effort.

If public transport is an option, it may be even cheaper than a carpool. Explore these options seriously, and chances of success are high because other people may also be looking for similar carpools in the wake of high fuel costs.

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6. How to Save Money on Gas For Your Car: Combine Errands

Another practical way to save money on gas is to consolidate the errands that fall within the same area or route.

All it requires is some advance planning, and it can result in a substantial saving of fuel costs as well as time that would otherwise have been wasted in repeated driving to the same area.

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7. Save On Gas Prices by Shopping Judiciously for Gas

Fuel prices can fluctuate quite frequently, therefore it makes sense to keep a track of the fuel price updates. In many towns and cities regular fuel updates are provided by local radio stations. The Internet is also a good source for checking local fuel updates that provide information on the cheapest fuel at nearby gas stations.

Gas prices can differ considerably from one gas station to another at times due to high competition. It can be a good idea to look for the cheapest priced fuel within a few miles from home or workplace. This may appear to be a small money saver, but if there is major fuel consumption every month, it can add up to a substantial saving at the end of the year.

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Save Money on Gas: Apps To Use

These are some of the most popular apps for saving money on gas by finding the lowest gas price near you:

  • GasBuddy
  • Fuelio
  • Gas Guru
  • Waze
  • Drivvo

Turn your car from an expense into a money-making machine by doing deliveries for Doordash or Instacart.

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Saving money on gas: 7 tips you need if you don't drive a Tesla (gas station)

What are your favorite ideas for saving money on gas?

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SRP Auto

Wednesday 8th of June 2022

Totally agree with all the tips that everyone can follow through it.

Karen Kasberg

Friday 8th of October 2021

My hubby uses an app to find where gas is cheapest at the stations he likes to frequent. I don’t remember which app though ??‍♀️

Gas in My area right now is around $3.10. I do get fuel perks when buying groceries which is very helpful in lowering what I actually pay.

Thanks for the tips!


Friday 8th of October 2021

Hi Karen! Getting a discount on gas when you buy groceries is a great perk! I wonder if your husband uses GasBuddy...?

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