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Healthy Meal Planning Tips To Save You Money and Reduce Food Waste

Healthy Meal Planning Tips To Save You Money and Reduce Food Waste

If you want to eat better, save money on food, and feel more organized, then learning about healthy meal planning will change your life.  I will share all about the best resource I’ve found for healthy meal planning.

Healthy Meal Planning for the Week

What it looks like if I don’t make a healthy meal plan

This past summer I didn’t meal plan very much.  We were out a lot on the weekends, usually day trips in our van, with the occasional camping trip.  We got home late in the day and then I ended up winging dinner.

Last minute dinners can look like spaghetti with a jar of tomato sauce and any throw-ins I can find in the fridge or pantry, or it can look like cereal and carrot sticks (gotta have those veggies).  Or we order a pizza.  Not exactly inspiring but it’s temporary and sometimes we prioritize going out a lot and doing fun things over being organized.

I wish I had known about these meal kits back then – I would have totally used them.

What it looks like if I meal plan

The rest of the year, I become more of a homebody (especially over the winter when it can get ridiculously cold here!) and I meal plan a lot more.  I work on healthy meal plans for the week, and I love spending part of Sundays in the kitchen, meal prepping for the week ahead.

It helps start off the week right when I have a full fridge stocked with healthy food and things to assemble to make healthy quick meals.  (So it devolves a bit by Thursday or Friday, but the week always starts off great-ha!)

It would drive me absolutely nuts if we always ate like scenario 1 above, without any thought to healthy meal planning or well-rounded interesting meals.  Plus we spend much more money when we buy things last minute, grab food on the go, or order take-out.

We would burn through our money faster.

And then I would have to work more outside of the home, which I do NOT want to do.

I want more time at home with my daughter, especially while she’s not in school yet.

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Healthy meal planning and saving money on food

A HUGE expense for households is food.

If you are a family living on one income, a single parent, a family with debt or trying to watch your money so you can save for a bigger purchase or something fun like a trip, your food budget is one big area to look at.

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If you really want to save more money or pay down your debt, you’ll need to look at all the areas of your budget and expenses.  Housing and transportation are big areas to improve too, but they are MUCH more drastic to change.  If you want to simplify by having a house with a lower mortgage payment, or sell your big truck for a smaller hatchback, these are all possible areas to change but they will take one thing most moms do not have a lot of:


On the other hand, you can start saving money on food this week, today.

Meal planning is such a great way to save money because you will see the effect right away.

That stokes the motivation to continue with meal planning as you watch the savings in your bank account increase (or your amount of debt go down!)

With meal planning, you will save money on foodsaving up to hundreds of dollars a month.

For lots of tips on how to save money on groceries, check out this post!


Healthy Meal Recipes

I want to share with you my favorite resource for cheap healthy meal planning – called Budgetize!

Budgetize is a complete program to teach you how to meal plan, grocery shop, and trim down your food expenses.

It is packed full of healthy meal recipes.

It’s SUPER useful!

This is what is included in the meal planning program:

  • Program Guide – includes everything you need to take control of your food budget: from setting up a food budget, meal planning, where to shop, and how to meal prep
  • Shopping Lists & Meal Prep Sheets – save you hours of recipe planning, 4 weeks of prep done for you: dinners, shopping lists, and meal prep plus all recipes!
  • Bonus Budget Printables – breakfast, lunches, snacks, grocery budget planner, meal planner templates + more!

Budgetize is a great deal to make your life easier by helping you meal plan to save money and waste less food.


Meal Prep Grocery List For Beginners

This meal planning bundle program makes your life even easier by including a meal prep grocery list for beginners.

Having the meal prep grocery lists provided for you takes that step away for you to have to do, and will make the meal plans that much easier to follow.

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Sample Family Meal Plan

MOMables was started by Laura Fuentes out of necessity for her family.

She had three young kids and was trying to grow a business, so she didn’t have time to clip coupons or shop around for the best deals.

​She launched MOMables to create hundreds of weekly meal plans for thousands of members that add variety to their family’s meals with affordable, fresh, and easy to find ingredients. 

The MOMables Meal Plans have cracked the code on keeping food costs down for families while incorporating fresh foods into a weekly plan.

This process is simple, easy to implement, doesn’t rely on clipping coupons or eating rice and beans to keep costs down. I’m excited to introduce her healthy meal planning kit with you today.

Yes I want this!

Here are some other questions you might have about this budget healthy meal planning kit:

Q: Will the Budgetize meal plan help me save money?

A: When you apply the strategies each week; you’ll reduce food waste, eliminate buying ingredients you don’t need, and impulse buys. These account for 40% of most American’s food expenses, so you’ll definitely see the savings.

Q: How much money will I save with the Budgetize healthy meal plan?

A: This will vary by family. Test families saw a 20% reduction on food expenses after the first week when they followed Budgetize. Having an organized plan was the key to their success and Budgetize helps you do that.

In my opinion, there really is no downside.  It just might be the thing that helps make your meal planning and healthy eating goals stick this year. But I’ll leave that up to you.


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If you want to eat better, save money on food, and feel more organized, then learning about healthy meal planning could change your life. I will share all about the best resource I’ve found for healthy meal planning.

What are your challenges with healthy meal planning? 

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