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What to Sell on Amazon FBA to Help You Reach Your Profit Goals

What to Sell on Amazon FBA to Help You Reach Your Profit Goals

So you’re an Amazon FBA seller and you want to know what to sell on Amazon FBA to ensure you have a profitable business, and not an expensive hobby. Look no further! Here are the details on what products to sell on Amazon FBA, the best items to sell on Amazon FBA for beginners, as well as what NOT to sell on Amazon.

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If you’re new to Amazon FBA, you might want to start here: How Does Amazon FBA Work: Everything You Need to Know to Run Your Business.

What to Sell on Amazon FBA 2022

There are a lot of considerations you need to make when you start a business selling on Amazon FBA. One of these important decisions is what products to sell on Amazon FBA.

Since Amazon offers practically everything anyone would want to buy (you can even buy a house on Amazon), how do you pick what items to sell on Amazon?

There are three main considerations when deciding what to sell on Amazon FBA:

  1. What are the easiest categories to sell on Amazon
  2. Which categories have the biggest profit margins
  3. What are you interested in selling on Amazon

1. The Easiest Categories to Sell on Amazon

When deciding what to sell on Amazon FBA, you might want to pick from the easiest categories to sell.

How do we decide which categories are “easy to sell”?

One way is to only look at categories that are ungated.

Ungated categories mean you can start selling products from those categories right away, today even. There is no special approval process needed, and no permissions or forms to fill out.

Gated categories require approval from Amazon before you can sell products from those categories. Jewelry and watches are two examples of gated categories on Amazon.

You will have to do extra work to sell these and other gated products. It might still be worth it to you (it is to many sellers on Amazon!), but it is something to consider.

If paperwork and fine print get you down, you might want to skip selling from gated categories. Same with restricted categories – there is a lot of extra work to sell from restricted categories.

If you do want to sell from gated categories, I wouldn’t learn on my own. This Amazon Ungating course will walk you through the exact steps to unlock Topicals, Toys, and Groceries, as well as over 20 other sub-categories. Gated categories and products can be highly lucrative, but do yourself a favor and get help from the experts. Otherwise you could be fumbling around for months and months wasting time and money.

Ungated Amazon Categories that Don’t Require Approval to Sell:

  • Amazon Device Accessories
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Baby products (but some sub-categories do require approval)
  • Beauty
  • Books
  • Camera and Photo
  • Cell Phones & Accessories
  • Consumer Electronics (some sub-categories do require approval)
  • Grocery & Gourmet Food (some sub-categories require approval)
  • Health & Personal Care (some sub-categories require approval)
  • Home & Garden
  • Industrial & Scientific
  • Kindle Accessories and Amazon Fire TV Accessories
  • Major Appliances
  • Musical Instruments
  • Office Products (some sub-categories require approval)
  • Outdoors (some sub-categories require approval)
  • Personal Computers (some sub-categories require approval)
  • Pet Supplies (some sub-categories require approval)
  • Software (some products require approval)
  • Sports
  • Tools & Home Improvement
  • Toys & Games ((some sub-categories require approval; approval might be needed for Q4)
  • Video Games (some products require approval)

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How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon:

A super helpful tool you can use is called Opportunity Finder from Jungle Scout. It helps you find successful products to sell by finding products with high demand and low competition. This tool saves you many, many (many!) hours of time manually trying to figure this out yourself.

Opportunity Finder even lets you spy on check out the competition, and will show you the top 25 products in each niche. This will absolutely help you with deciding what to sell on Amazon FBA. It gives you actual data to work with, instead of just going on a feeling.

Check out Opportunity Finder here to give your Amazon FBA business a competitive edge.

2. Categories on Amazon with the Biggest Profit Margins

According to Jungle Scout, the top 5 most profitable categories to sell on Amazon are:

  • Handmade          32% profit margin
  • CD & Vinyl           27% profit margin
  • Apps & Games    25% profit margin
  • Industrial & Scientific       25% profit margin
  • Luggage & Travel Gear    25% profit margin

Most Amazon sellers have a profit margin between 16-27%.

There are profits to be had in every category. Some Amazon FBA sellers stick with more popular categories and products.

There are also very profitable niches that are untapped because people don’t know how to find them.

If you are interested in learning about how (and what) to sell in untapped niche markets in books specifically (there is serious money to be had there), I recommend Niche Book Profits ebook. It’s jam-packed with 70 pages of content that will show you exactly how to find profitable niche books.

Check out Niche Book Profits here.

3. Your Interests/Areas of Expertise

While you shouldn’t pick a category to sell on Amazon solely because you like the product, this can be part of your decision.

Your decision should be data-driven (use this tool), but you can factor in your interests and especially your areas of expertise.

This matters and can make things easier for you to be successful selling on Amazon FBA.

Let’s take the example of video games.

If you already have an interest in video games, know the ones that are worth more money, have an idea of what would be great finds when you are sourcing product to sell, you are already ahead.

If you simply factored in the fact that video games might be an easier category to sell on Amazon, with decent profit margins, and low storage space needs, but you hate video games with a passion and know nothing about them, well your learning curve will be greater than the first Amazon seller.

The video-game-loving seller will be faster at sourcing desirable games to resell, and will likely already have an idea of what the games go for.

This is all learnable and you don’t need to be a superfan to sell in a particular category, but it does give you an advantage if you have some knowledge in that category.

When you are scanning item after item after item on the Amazon seller app to try to find some that are worth it for you to buy, speed can help. And if you have to scan fewer items because you already know which ones are gold and which ones are duds, well that gives you an advantage as an Amazon FBA seller.

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How to Know What to Sell on Amazon FBA

Once you have factored in the three main considerations above (easiest categories to sell on Amazon, categories with the biggest profit margins, and your own interest), how do you know what to sell on Amazon FBA?

Let’s think of practicalities.

Durability and Size of the Products

How easy would it be to sell large, heavy items like appliances, breakable glass items, or musical instruments?

Think about what you would practically want to be handling, packaging up, and shipping. Because you will be doing a lot of handling, packing up, and shipping. (At least you hope you will.)

Don’t miss this Amazon shipping guide: How to Ship Products to Amazon FBA: Ultimate Guide to Save Money and Time

Consider Storage Space

Another factor in determining what items to sell on Amazon after you have picked the main categories you will be selling is inventory storage.

A huge advantage with Amazon FBA is you won’t need to store so many individual items at your home until people make a purchase and then you ship them out. This could be a slow process with a lot of inventory storage at your place.

With Amazon FBA, you can send boxes of products out to Amazon warehouses frequently, so you don’t have the same storage needs as Amazon FBM sellers.

You will still have to have some storage space, and space to pack up the boxes to ship. This should be a consideration when determining how to know what to sell on Amazon FBA.

You have picked an ungated category – great.

You chose a category that historically has had good profit margins.

The category you picked is something you have a certain amount of interest in.

From all this, say you have decided on either selling appliances or selling books on Amazon FBA. You could make more money selling appliances than books, but you will also need more storage space, and possibly different packaging/shipping considerations depending on the size of the appliance.

All these considerations are not meant to scare you off from selling on Amazon FBA.

They are meant to give you the best information for you to make an informed decision of what to sell on Amazon FBA. Just like starting any business, planning and thinking through the different angles can really make a difference in your success.

Also to give you the absolute best start for your Amazon FBA business, this is the number one Amazon FBA course I recommend.

Best Items to Sell on Amazon FBA for Beginners

If you are a beginner to selling on Amazon FBA, I’d recommend sticking to the easiest categories to sell on Amazon.

There is a good-sized learning curve to selling on Amazon. Once you get the hang of what you’re doing, you can factor in other things, like your interests and potential profit margins of the products.

(Aside: Use this tool to help you figure out profitability so you are not guessing – don’t do that.)

Start by selling low risk items. You don’t want to be sitting on a whole lot of expensive inventory when you are new to selling on Amazon. Buy less expensive products to resell.

Make sure you take a look at this post so you know what Amazon fees you will have to pay on your products: Amazon FBA Seller Fees – What You Pay To Sell On Amazon.

Ideas of best items to sell on Amazon FBA for beginners:

  • Books
  • Video games
  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Games
  • Sporting goods
  • Home products
  • Personal care products
  • Beauty products
  • Baby gear

Even in ungated categories there can be restricted products or gated products. In those cases, pick something else from the category you’re interested to sell on Amazon FBA if you are a beginner.

An example of this is there are a lot of toys that you can sell without getting permission from Amazon. I sold some toys when I had my Amazon FBA business. One day I found an awesome source of Lego sets. They were deeply discounted and I did some quick calculations to see I would be able to make a good profit on them.

BUT they were products that need approval and I didn’t want to wait the 2-4 weeks plus before starting, not to mention all the additional paperwork. I decided to stick with the books, toys, and video games I was already selling. Possibly if I had known about this course, I might have gone for it.

Keep it simple to maximize your chance of success with your Amazon FBA business.

As you learn more, you can add more.

Don’t try selling products from gated categories on Amazon. Again, you can learn this over time (this training will teach you), but when you’re a beginner Amazon seller, you want to keep it simple. Well, simpler anyways.

It can take between 2-4 weeks to get approval to sell gated products.

Categories & products that require approval for selling on Amazon FBA

  • Postage stamps
  • Collectible Coins
  • Fine Art
  • Holiday Selling Requirements in Toys & Games
  • Jewelry
  • Join Amazon Subscription Boxes
  • Made in Italy
  • Music & DVD
  • Services
  • Sports Collectibles
  • Streaming Media Players
  • Video, DVD, & Blu-ray
  • Watches
  • Sony PlayStation Requirements in Video Games

You can add these products or categories in over time if you wish. But when you are a beginner seller on Amazon, you don’t need the extra steps of getting approval to sell products.

If you want to learn how to ungate Amazon categories and products, check out this Amazon Category Ungating Training.

What are NOT the Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA?

What items should you completely avoid selling on Amazon FBA?

The following products have restrictions for selling on Amazon:

  • Alcohol
  • Animals & Animal-Related Products
  • Art – Fine Art
  • Art – Home Décor
  • Automotive and powersports
  • Composite Wood Products
  • Cosmetics & Skin/Hair Care
  • CPAP Cleaning and Disinfecting Devices
  • Currency, Coins, Cash Equivalents, and Gift Cards
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Drugs & drug paraphernalia
  • Electronics
  • Explosives, weapons, and related items
  • Export Controls
  • Food & Beverage
  • Gambling & Lottery
  • Hazardous and prohibited items
  • Human Parts & Burial Artifacts
  • Jewelry & Precious Gems
  • Laser products
  • Lighting
  • Lock Picking & Theft Devices
  • Medical devices and accessories
  • Offensive and Controversial Materials
  • Pesticides and pesticide devices
  • Plant and Seed Products
  • Postage meters and stamps
  • Recalled products
  • Recycling electronics
  • Refrigerants: Ozone-Depleting Substances and Substitutes
  • Strike anywhere matches
  • Subscriptions and Periodicals
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Tobacco & Tobacco-Related Products
  • Warranties, Service Plans, Contracts, and Guarantees
  • Upholstered Furniture, Bedding, & Other Quilted Products

This means these products would be much harder to sell on Amazon FBA. These are obviously NOT the best items to sell on Amazon FBA for beginners.

(Some of them I want to click on to find more information just out of curiosity…human parts…??)

For the different categories, Amazon will give you more information about what types of products under restricted products would be either prohibited or permitted. Tread carefully if you want to sell a restricted product on Amazon FBA.

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Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA 2022: Final Word

When you’re deciding what to sell on Amazon FBA, there are several considerations to make.

To recap, here is how to decide on the best products to sell on Amazon FBA for you:

  • Gated vs ungated categories
  • Storage space the items require
  • Your personal interests
  • Your areas of knowledge or expertise
  • Profitability of the product
  • Competition level

Wishing you the best for your Amazon FBA business. There is a learning curve for selling on Amazon, so don’t hesitate to reach out and get help. The most successful business owners are always learning and growing.

Here’s to your big success!

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