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Summer Gifts: Easy DIY Gifts for Graduations, Get-Togethers, Father’s Day, and Weddings

Summer Gifts: Easy DIY Gifts for Graduations, Get-Togethers, Father’s Day, and Weddings

Summertime is full of reasons to give gifts. There are June weddings, graduations and Father’s Day. Not to mention all the get-togethers at friends’ homes where you might want to bring a hostess gift (Hostess cupcakes don’t count). When your budget is tight you might wonder how you are going to afford all the summer gifts that you would need for the events of the summer months. The answer is to make your own DIY summer gifts.

The following tips will get your creative juices flowing so fast that you may even get a head start on DIY Christmas gifts!

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Summer Gifts for Casual Get-Togethers

For a housewarming gift or a gift for the host at a friendly get-together you can make your own gift basket.

Make your special treats at home, anything from cookies (I highly recommend these meyer lemon shortbread cookies), to caramel popcorn, and glazed nuts. Put everything together in attractive containers and you have an impressive gift that the host can use right away.

For container ideas, I love these canvas gift baskets from Amazon. They’re cute, simple, inexpensive, and would be perfect to hold summer gifts for barbeques, pool parties, or other summer get-togethers.

If you know you have a few occasions coming up where you want to give summer gifts, this set of gift baskets is ideal. It comes with 5 gift baskets, 5 bags, and 5 bows.

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Summer Gifts for Weddings and Anniversaries

Summer is a big wedding season. Perfect weather, summer holiday time, and kids are out of school so the entire family can be a part of the celebration.

This can mean there are a lot of gifts to buy in summer months, from weddings to anniversaries of those that are close to you as well.

One gift idea that is budget-friendly and easy to make is a cookbook.

You can document your family’s recipes in a pretty binder (like this one!) or note book and pass this along to the newlyweds in your inner circle. You can even give everyone a copy of the same recipes.

Another option is this wooden recipe box that comes with cards. It would make such a nice wedding gift for someone close to you (because, hey, summer gifts that are DIY take extra effort!).

For those celebrating an anniversary, why not make a scrapbook of pictures from years gone by and gift it to them.

Another summer gift idea is offer to make a special anniversary dinner for the couple.

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Summer Graduation Gifts

It is important to celebrate special milestones in a child’s life and graduation marks a big transition.

One special homemade graduation gift is to compile a scrapbook of memories from previous milestones and offer it as a keepsake on graduation day.

Alternatively, if they are college bound, you can put together a few items that will come in handy for their upcoming college days.

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Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day gives us the opportunity to express how much we care for the special men in our lives. We can also give grandfathers and husbands a special nod.

It is easy to put together a special homemade treat for dad if you know what he enjoys.

Another fun option is to assemble a bunch of goodies to make a special movie night if he is a big movie buff. If you’re assembling all his personal favorites, this ceramic popcorn bowl is a perfect vessel for the movie-themed gift basket.

And this movie night gift basket makes a simple summer gift if you don’t want to put everything together yourself.

You can cook him his favorite meal or have a personalized T-shirt printed with a special saying. You can even make it yourself using waterproof paints if you are particularly crafty.

And be sure to check out these DIY Father’s Day gift ideas. There are 15 super cute (beginner-friendly!) crafty gifts for dads.

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Homemade gifts are extra special because of the time and energy invested in them. These summer gifts are easy on the budget, fun to put together, and thoughtful for the recipient. Triple win!

Have fun putting together these summer gift ideas!

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The best DIY summer gifts for him, her, and them

Share your ideas for best summer gifts!

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