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Preschool Gifts: 6 Unique Gifts That Are Educational and Totally Fun

Preschool Gifts: 6 Unique Gifts That Are Educational and Totally Fun

Preschoolers are so much fun to buy gifts for – way more fun than buying gifts for dads or husbands, amiright? Here is a list of the best unique preschool gifts for the 3- and 4-year-olds in your life.

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Best Preschool Gifts That Won’t Cost You Your Whole Paycheck

Finding the best gifts for preschoolers in your life can be so much fun! At that age, they are learning so much, exploring new things, and are just plain excited to keep growing. 

This holiday season, Amazon has gone above and beyond the call of duty and has some truly incredible gifts for preschoolers. I took some time and found the best ones to help any little ones on your list squeal with glee when they see what you give them. 

Curious to see what made the list for best preschool gifts? Keep reading…

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Preschool Gifts That Develop Skills While They Play

1. See and Spell Learning Game for Preschoolers

If you look in almost any preschool around the world, you will see this see and spell learning game. Why? Because it is effective in making learning to read fun! This gift is perfect for anyone looking to help their young reader learn their sight words before kindergarten in a fun, imaginative way.

Trust me, anyone looking to entertain their preschooler inside all winter long will be delighted that you got them this- it never gets old!

This is the see and spell game I got for my daughter when she was three:

2. Preschool Gifts for Pretend Play: Melissa and Doug Dust, Sweep, and Mop

Not only does this toy promote hours of independent play, it also encourages the child to help out with chores around the house! 

Since replication is very age appropriate at the preschool level, this toy is a guaranteed winner. Recommended for ages 3-6, this Dust, Sweep, and Mop from Melissa and Doug has thousands of positive reviews and would be the perfect gift for any preschooler. 

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3. Montessori Screw Driver Board for Preschoolers

This toy is absolutely adorable and perfect for 3 and 4 year olds this holiday season. Teachers love it because it helps strengthen kids’ hands for writing and parents love it for the hours of entertainment that it brings. 

Encourage basic skills with this Screw Driver Board for Preschoolers by purchasing on Amazon HERE.

4. Preschool Gifts for Fine Motor Skills: Wooden Lacing Beads

This adorable toy set is perfect for preschoolers! It comes with several dozen wooden beads that are the perfect size for toddler hands. Kids will sit and play with these beads for hours through threading, stacking, and sorting into different piles. 

These Wooden Lacing Beads are the perfect gift and you can grab them HERE.

5. Preschool Gifts for Little Scientists: Science Experiment Kit

Whenever it’s a cold, rainy day and we are stuck inside all day, you can bet that this preschool science experiment comes out.

With over a dozen different experiments, a fun lab coat and a great book to explain what’s going on, this science kit for kids is great! 

6. Kidtastic Dinosaur Toys

I have had my eye on this toy for my daughter that will use tools on just about anything for Christmas this year and I am SO excited. What kid doesn’t want to build their own dinosaurs using their own kid-friendly tools? 

With great reviews, this dinosaur toy will help kids develop strong fine motor skills along with excellent hand-eye coordination. 

Quick Tip When Shopping for Preschool Gifts

There are so many toys for preschoolers, but it’s important that you look for toys that aren’t just fun, but will help them develop skills for their future.

This list is full of unique preschool gifts that are fun and education to help any preschooler on your holiday list continue to develop while playing. 

You can also check out these easy board games for little kids – they’re really fun and simple enough for the littlest ones.

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Preschooler Gifts that are educational and totally fun (preschool kids playing with toys)

What are your go-to preschool gifts?

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