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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Gardeners: Unique Gardening Gifts for Mom

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Gardeners: Unique Gardening Gifts for Mom

Does Mom have a green thumb? Here are 7 unique Mother’s Day gifts for gardeners that gardening moms will love.

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Mom Gardening Gifts

I don’t know what happened one summer a few years ago.

Before that day when things changed, I thought gardening was boring, and I was unable to keep cacti houseplants alive.

I would not have been writing a post on gifts for gardeners.

Then I was offered wild strawberry cuttings from a friend. I thought, what the hell, I like strawberries. So I planted them, ignored them, and the next summer out popped these tiny little red jewels of deliciousness.

I was hooked.

I look forward to gardening season every year, and now garden with my 5-year-old.

If you are a gardening mom, or if you are looking for gardening gifts for women if your life, I rounded up my favorite mom gardening gifts for you.

These ideas make thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for gardeners, as well as unique gardening gifts for birthdays, teacher gifts, and gifts for you too!

Let’s dig in! (Expect more gardening puns.)

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Mother’s Day Gifts for Gardeners

Mothers who love to garden will appreciate gardening gifts for Mother’s Day.

Gardening gifts can be as unique as each individual mother. There are fun gifts for a gardening mom for indoor and outdoor gardening, as well as homemade gardening gift ideas.

These Mother’s Day gifts for gardeners would also be perfect gardening gifts for women for birthdays, teacher gifts, thank you gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, and as a little pick-me-up for yourself too!

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1. Gardening Set for Mom

Instead of garden tools that are bought singly and all kinds of different styles and colors and materials, how about getting a pretty gardening set for mom for Mother’s Day?

There is something nice about everything matching and this might not be something mom would buy herself.

Here are some pretty gardening sets for mom I found:

Floral Garden Tool Set

These gardening tools are heavy duty and rust resistant, and come in a giftable box. They will make the perfect for Mother’s Day gifts for gardeners. Moms will appreciate a couple of unique additions to this gardening set: the cute spray bottle and the butterfly stakes with wings that open and close.

Rubber and Iron Floral Gardening Set

This high-quality gardening tool kit contains a trowel, transplanter, hand rake, hand hoe & fork, pruning shears, sprayer, garden line, garden gloves, and pretty handbag.

Pink Heavy Duty Gardening Tools

This gardening set is on my wish list. I seem to be replacing a lot of things in my house with a pink version. (I recently bought this pink and white office chair and I am in love.)

10 Piece Garden Hand Tools Set

This gardening set for moms is a favorite because it includes a collapsible gardening seat with a back rest. This gardening set also includes a detachable storage tote bag to keep all her tools in one place.

2. Mother’s Day Gifts for Gardeners: Herb Garden

Have you botany plants lately?  🙂

How about an herb garden for her windowsill as a gift for gardening mom?

These windowsill herb gardens can be made from a nice planter and some of mom’s favorite seeds, or they can be purchased at a local gardening center or online at a gardening site.

A similar gift would be an herb garden for a deck or porch. Again, a planter and some of mother’s favorite herb seeds would be a great start for this gift. Don’t forget to add in the potting soil as well.

Here are popular herb garden gift sets any gardening mom would love:

Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit with LED Grow Light

Take a look at this beauty! This hydroponic growing kit would make a fun, unique Mother’s Day gift for gardeners.

Indoor Herb Garden

This hydroponic herb garden kit is a fun gift for gardeners. It let’s you grow up to 12 plants, and monitor your indoor garden through an app on your phone!

Click and Grow Smart Garden

This Mother’s Day gifts for gardeners is great for moms who like gardening, but might not have the greenest thumb. The gardening mom would drop in the included plant pods, fill the water reservoir, and plug the self watering planter in. The herb garden starter kit is good to go.

Choose from over 50 pre-seeded plant pods for this herb garden like cilantro, basil, lavender, wild strawberries, thyme, and even chili peppers.

3. Potted Flowers for a Mother’s Day Gift for Gardeners

Flowers are a popular Mother’s Day gift. Every Mother’s Day growing up, my dad would get my mom potted flowers. He never went for cut flowers because he wanted something that would last. (Side note: Those two crazy kids have been married a heck of a long time so he might know what he’s talking about.)

A gift that keeps on giving would be a special potted flowering plant that will continue to grow and give mother the gift of more flowers, year after year.

A good example of this sort of gift would be roses, hydrangeas, or other perennials that do well in the region that mother lives in.

Gone are the days of garish pots for your potted plants. These pots will highlight, and not compete with, the flowers they hold:

Grey Rivet Geometric Ceramic Planter Pot

2-Pack Nordic Ceramic Pots

White and Grey Ceramic Round Planter Set

Mid-Century Modern Plant Pot with Legs

Set of 3 White Ceramic Planters

Painted Pots for Mother’s Day from the Kids

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4. Mom Gardening Gifts: Fruit Trees or Bushes

Do you need more encourage-mint for some awesome mom gardening gifts? I gotchu!

Fruit trees are another great gift for mothers who love to garden.

Fruit trees and berry bushes are generally easy to maintain and will be the gardening gift that keeps on giving with yummy fruit. Every time mom bites into that delicious piece of fruit she’ll remember you and your sweet gift.

5. Stepping Stones

Everyone romaine calm, I have more Mother’s Day gifts for gardeners!

Get the kids together and make stepping stones from plaster of paris, concrete or other kits that are available.

Have each child make an impression of his or her feet and gardening Mom can arrange the stepping stones in her favorite area of the garden, so as to remember her children each times she walks the garden path.

The stones could also have the names of flowers, her children or even hand prints on them. What a fun mom gardening gift for children to make for Mom. Mom will treasure these always.

Here are some ideas:

River Rock Stepping Stones for Mother’s Day

Scatter Kindness Stepping Stone for Moms

Turtle Stepping Stones Set of 6

Mother’s Day Gifts for Gardeners from Kids: Mosaic Stepping Stone

Paint Your Own Stepping Stones: Mom Gardening Gift from Kids

6. Edible Gifts from the Garden

For a thoughtful gift for gardeners on Mother’s Day, how about gifting them something from your garden?

For all the beets, I mean deets, check out this post: 5 Inexpensive DIY Food Gift Ideas From Your Herb Garden.

7. Unique Garden Decor for the Gardening Mom

Don’t kale my vibe, I am almost done with these gardening puns. What can I say, I’m a succa for puns (I’ll see myself out).

There are so many fun options for unique garden decor that would make unique Mother’s Day gifts for gardeners.

From decorative wagons and wheel barrows, to wire bike planter holders, Mothers will appreciate the thought and sentiment that goes into her gift.

Here are some unique garden decor ideas for mom gardening gifts:

Two Tier Wooden Wagon Flower Box

Tricycle Plant Stand for Gardening Moms

Rustic Wood and Metal Wagon Plant Stand

Watering Can Solar Lights

Wooden Garden Bridge

Antique-Styled Bicycle Plant Holder

Mini Vintage Style Red Metal Wagon

Garden Peacock Statues

Red Wagon Planter

I hope these Mother’s Day gifts for gardeners ex-seeded your expectations!

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Mother's Day gifts for gardeners (watering can, gardening gloves, and gardening trowel)

What are your favorite Mother’s Day gifts for gardeners?

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