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5 Best Money Manifestation Affirmations that Will Change Your Mindset

5 Best Money Manifestation Affirmations that Will Change Your Mindset

There are lots of examples of people who have completely turned their financial situation around starting by changing their money mindset. Why not you? Here are 5 of the best money manifestation affirmations that will change your mindset.

Changing your beliefs about money is the first step to increasing your income, your wealth, getting out of debt, saving for that dream vacation, and more. Let’s get started with these money positive affirmations! There is a graphic for each money affirmation, so you can keep, save, or print them so they can work their magic!

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Manifestation Money Affirmations to Help Improve Your Financial Situation

The law of attraction is tried and true. Many self-made millionaires and billionaires may have had failures but they did not believe themselves to be failures. Instead, with confidence and a persistent belief in themselves, they went on to achieve what they always knew they could.

But we all know that when you are struggling financially with only debt and bills for company, it is downright hard to keep believing. A moment’s worry can turn into a day-long nightmare of feeling hopeless and bitter. Carry this through the night and your spirit is near-broken.

The secret is to catch that worry at the beginning.

The moment you think about how that huge bill needs paying, you have to step in before your spirits start to sink. You have to nip the worry in the bud and not wait till it takes control of you. The simplest, most effective way is to emphatically state an affirmation of your belief that wealth belongs to you.

Here are five money manifestation affirmations that you can use to dispel negativity and firmly welcome wealth your way.

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5 Powerful Money Manifestation Affirmations to Attract Wealth


‘Am’. Nothing in the future tense. It’s all in the present. This may seem ridiculously simple, but it is a powerful money manifestation affirmation that helps shifts your focus away from what you don’t have.

Say this money affirmation when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. Say it when you think of that credit card bill. Say it often and feel it.

People with money don’t walk around with stooped shoulders and heads hanging. Put some pep in your step and say it, believing that you are indeed wealthy.

You might also find these money quotes helpful to bring hope and optimism to your money situation.


Kris Kristofferson said that “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”.

But that’s not always the case and you know it. Freedom is also another word for being able to fulfill all your dreams.

You may have dreamed of sipping wine in with the Eiffel Tower in full view. Maybe you wanted to own a country home, somewhere you could quiet your thoughts and do some writing – the list goes on. 

Keep affirming that you are ready for financial freedom to come your way. Understand that your dreams will be fulfilled and prepare yourself to receive it.

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As bills pile up so does your tension. Release it all by reminding yourself that “Every bill is paid.” Again, be sure not to use “will be paid”. The idea is to affirm to yourself that your bills are already taken care of.

Feel the satisfaction and the elation of settling all the monthly expenses and having plenty of money left over. Nurture that joy and feeling of safety with this money positive affirmation.

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This is one of the money manifestation affirmations that you can use every day. It is particularly useful when you catch yourself wondering how you’ll get all that you are asking for.

We have been trained to think that there must be a plan in place to achieve great wealth. Planning is good but it doesn’t always work. Just talk to the victims of Ponzi schemes or the subprime mortgage crisis.

Allow wealth to come to you effortlessly. Don’t try to work out how it will happen. Just believe that it will and be ready anytime to accept it.

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This is an important money manifestation affirmation because it counters the habitual thoughts that many of us have about wealth.

Sometimes, the brain involuntarily sneers at the idea of an ordinary person simply attracting great wealth.

This is most likely rooted in the belief that if we didn’t suffer and sacrifice for it, we don’t deserve it. Therefore, the thought of having all the money you ever wanted makes you feel little guilty.

Strike that feeling this instant.

Everyone deserves as much wealth as they want and there is plenty to go around. There is no need to feel guilty. Instead, focus on feeling at ease with wealth.

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Final Thoughts on Money Manifestation Affirmations

To conclude, we all know the story of Steve Jobs dropping out of college because of financial constraints. But did he ever feel that he would always be poor? It doesn’t seem so. After he left school, he continued attending classes on the quiet.

One of these was a calligraphy class. Six months later, he founded Apple, which produced the first computer to have beautiful, artistic fonts. Creativity set Apple apart from the beginning. The rest is history.

Stick with your belief that you can attract wealth. Use the money manifestation affirmations to help you. And watch your own life adventure unfold.

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