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Best Personal Finance Apps to Manage Your Money In These Crazy Times

Best Personal Finance Apps to Manage Your Money In These Crazy Times

If you’re ready to upgrade from your Excel money tracker (or your paper napkin system), these are the best budgeting and personal finance apps out there. Stop hoping and praying about your money situation and take control with these best personal finance apps.

From the best free personal finance apps, to the most powerful money apps, you’re a short read away from managing your money better. That’s something to celebrate! Let’s go…

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1. Best Personal Finance App Overall: Personal Capital

A super easy way to keep track of your money is using Personal Capital.

It tracks income, expenses, debt, investments, and gives helpful reports at the end of the year so you can see how you did.

Personal Capital is the best free personal finance app. It automatically links to your bank accounts, credit accounts, and investment accounts, saving you tons of time.

Advantages of Personal Capital:

  • Has high-level security and encryption to protect your financial data
  • Sends automated alerts about upcoming bills
  • Saves time by automatically compiling your financial info – you don’t have to manually enter each transaction you make
  • It shows you spending by account and expense category
  • Makes income and spending reports for you
  • Has a free Cash Flow analyzer
  • Includes a Net Worth Calculator
  • With a paid upgrade you can get professional investment advice and money management (less expensive than in-person money management)
  • No distracting ads
  • Great customer service

Disadvantages of Personal Capital:

  • You can’t set specific spending targets

The advantages of the Personal Capital finance app greatly outweigh the disadvantages. It is a comprehensive personal finance app that has top-notch tracking and reporting. It really makes it clear what your current money situation is, and more importantly, how to improve it.

Try Personal Capital for free here.

2. Acorns Personal Finance App

Acorns is a personal budgeting tool that helps you invest your spare change automatically.

One of the ways to make saving money easier is to automate it.

If you have to consciously think about putting aside money to save or invest it, you won’t do it as often, which means less moolah for you over time.

Acorns is a simple app that rounds up your spare change from purchases, and invests it for you. It makes saving money super easy and painless because it takes away the remembering factor.

Try out Acorns here.

3. Trim Personal Finance App

Trim is a personal finance app that looks at your expenses, finds ways to reduce them, and saves you money.

To put it another way, Trim is like a virtual assistant for your finances. Trim analyzes your spending, and saves its users $620 on average. Could you use an extra $620?

This budgeting app negotiates cable, internet, phone, and medical bills, cancels old subscriptions, and more.

Try Trim for yourself here.

4. Best Personal Finance App for Low-Cost Investing: Wealthsimple

Wealthsimple is a robo-advisor investing service that operates in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

As an online brokerage, Wealthsimple works by automating investments into low-cost index funds.

They manage over $5 billion in assets for 175,000 clients.

There is no minimum investment so you can get started with whatever you have. And in terms in investing, the sooner you start (or keep contributing), the better. Compound interest, my friends.

Try Wealthsimple here.

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5. Best Personal Finance App for Bad Credit:

CreditFirm is an important app you’ll want to look into if you have bad credit. CreditFirm helps you improve your credit report and increase your credit score. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

CreditFirm has already helped over 80,000 people improve their credit. This could make the difference between not having good enough credit to secure a mortgage, to getting approved for a mortgage for your first home.

CreditFirm uses every legal tool and procedure allowable by law to remove as much derogatory information as possible from your credit reports and increase your credit scores.

Check out CreditFirm and apply online here.

6. SaveBetter Personal Finance App

You know how terrible the interest rates on most savings accounts from banks are? You would have to deposit a LOT of money to make any noticeable interest.

A better option is the SaveBetter personal finance app. They make it easier to get higher interest rates by letting you compare the rates offered by different banks.

 You can then save money at a bank that’s different from your main bank, without the usual hassle of setting up a new bank/account, etc.

Check out SaveBetter and see the higher savings rates offered.

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