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38 Powerful Money Affirmations to Attract Wealth and Abundance

38 Powerful Money Affirmations to Attract Wealth and Abundance

Most of us have limiting beliefs about money. I’m never going to get out of debt. It’s hard to make more money. I can’t budget. I will always be poor. Retrain your brain with these mindfulness money affirmations to create the mindset to attract wealth, pay off debt, save money, and feel rich.  

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Why we need money positive affirmations

Sometimes our brains get caught in a negative loop. I’ll never lose those 15 pounds. I’m stuck in this dead-end job. I will always have debt.

It’s not easy to shift our brains – humans have a negativity bias which means we’re wired for negativity.

It’s far from all doom and gloom though. We have a lot of power to change our thoughts, and choose more positive thoughts about money.

We have the power to literally rewire our brain.

It takes consistent effort, but the payoffs are huge. Increased positivity, increased self-confidence, more motivation and drive to go after what we want. And perhaps the biggest payoff:  an increase in the belief that we can achieve our goals, whether they are financial or otherwise.

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Choose the money affirmations that resonate with you

I included different forms of affirmations in this list of money affirmations. Some are future affirmations and some are present tense affirmations. Some people prefer to say affirmations in the present tense: I am happy, I am healthy, I am wealthy.

For other people this might feel false and your mind will reject the affirmation. If this is you, the future tense affirmations might be a better fit. I see myself wealthy. I am growing wealthier every day.

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When you read through these powerful money affirmations, some affirmations will immediately feel like a fit. Others might not. You don’t have to “master” all these money affirmations for them to work. Getting your mindset into a positive space about money is the goal. This will help you attract wealth, and feel abundance in your life.

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38 Money affirmations to grow wealth

1. Money flows easily to me

2. I deserve wealth

3. I deserve all the good that comes to me

4. I let go of limiting beliefs about money

5. I am not my past money situation

6. I can become debt-free

7. I am already rich

8. There is so much in my life I am grateful for

9. I see myself without debt

10. I don’t need to buy things to make me feel happy

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11. I have everything I need

12. Life is abundant

13. Abundance is available to everyone

14. I feel good saving money

15. I am financially secure

16. There is enough money to go around

17. I open myself to money

18. I open myself to sharing money

19. I only buy what I can afford

20. My wealth is increasing

21. I will have enough money in retirement

22. I have enough money now

23. Budgeting comes easily to me

24. I let go of clinging to money

25. I feel lightness about my financial situation

26. I feel peace about money

27. I trust that I will have enough money

28. It is easy to make more money

29. I can make money sharing my gifts and talents

30. My debt will be all paid off

31. I feel relaxed about my financial situation

32. I can make more money

33. I enjoy sharing my money

34. I feel gratitude for all that I have

35. I trust the flow of money out of and into my life

36. I let go of my past money stories

37. I am not my parents’ money choices

38. My money situation changes today

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38 Powerful Money Affirmations to Attract Wealth & Abundance (heart with dollar signs)

Do you use money affirmations?

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