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How to Organize Your Life: Strategies You Need to Get Organized

How to Organize Your Life: Strategies You Need to Get Organized

Organizing is NOT just about having a tidy house. Sure it feels good to live in a low-clutter house (I think clutter-free is a bit too lofty of a goal if you’re livin’ la vida #momlife) but organizing is about much more than your physical space. This post will show you how to organize your life – in simple, actionable steps that will feel good to take!

There are free printables to organize your day, you will learn how to organize your money, find out 3 secrets on how to reduce toy clutter, easily organize meal times, and more. Let’s get organized!

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How to Organize Your Life: Take Baby Steps

When you want to make big changes and organize your whole life, it can sound both exciting and kind of daunting. To take the daunt out of your goal of getting organized this year, take baby steps.

Pick one area of your life that you really want to get organized first. That could be your kids’ rooms. Or your budget or your meals.

It doesn’t matter what area you start with when you want to organize your life, just that you start.

I’d encourage you after reading this article, to pick one action step and do it right away. It will give you that boost that yes, you just got something organized! You will feel great and want to keep going.

You can also save this post here so you can refer to it when you need it for organizing ideas.

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The Best Way to Organize Your Life: It All Starts with One Day

The key to how to organize your life is taking it one day at a time.

2020 has shown us just how unpredictable planning for the medium or longer term future can be. But we can still plan for today!

To help you out, I made this free pretty printable to-do list to write down all the important things you want to get done today. Grab it here:

It is so much more inspiring to stay organized with this pretty to do list printable! This to-do list printable helps with time management, and best part…it’s free! You can download this simple to do list printable immediately and start planning your day! | girly to do list printable | organizing ideas | free printables | free to-do list

Two important strategies to help you organize your day:

  1. Work on your most mentally taxing tasks at the time when you’re the most alert. For me that’s first thing in the morning, but for you it could be late morning, or evening after the kids go to bed. Whatever time it is for you, plan your most difficult tasks for that time.
  2. Be mindful of how many tasks you put on your to-do list each day. If you write down too many tasks for the day, you won’t be able to get them all done. That’s a recipe for stress and discouragement! But if you include a manageable amount, you’ll get to cross off those puppies during the day. Then you’ll get to feel satisfied at the end of your day with what you were able to accomplish.

An organized life starts with an organized day. And then another one.

Take It One Week at a Time: Organizing Meals

Would you like to end the stress of what to make for meals for your family? Do you buy food without a plan of what to make with it and then it goes bad before you eat it? I hated when that happened here before meal planning!

The Ultimate Meal Planner for Busy Families is your answer for how to organize meals:

This bomb ebook comes with everything you need to organize breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, for the day the week, and the month!

If you’re new to meal planning, no worries. You will get tips to start your very own meal plan that works for you, and secret tips to save money on food. Plus pages of printable meal planning worksheets to help you get super organized. You will love it!

So if you want to end mealtime stress, save money, and reduce food waste, grab The Ultimate Meal Planner here:

Ultimate Meal Planning Guide + Planner book on table with coffee and tablet

How to Organize Your Money Life

Okay I might be a tad unusual in that I get excited about organizing money.

(Anyone else?)

Maybe it all started with my parents and their cute mason jar cash system, who knows??

I started this personal finance blog for moms as an outlet for my passion, and to help moms get their finances organized too. We are debt-free on a small income, and paid off our mortgage last year.

Being debt-free and paying off a mortgage early didn’t just land in our laps. It took effort and planning to get there and that’s where money organization comes in!

Even if you’re in a bad money situation, you will be surprised at how much improvement can be made with a plan. You really can improve your money situation and turn things around – and you deserve this!

Here are some killer tools to help you organize your money:

✨ The best budgeting apps to manage your money

✨ 5 budgeting tools you need if you’re bad with money

Minimalist budget binder to get your money organized without the overwhelm:

How to Organize Kids’ Toys

Our kids’ toys can be the BIGGEST source of clutter in our homes (she says as she trips over a piece of Lego).

It can be a bit easier to manage clutter in our own bedrooms or bathrooms, but when it comes to children’s rooms or play rooms? That can end up in an ankle-twisting eyesore.

Here are three really effective strategies for reducing and decluttering kids’ toys, plus three genius storage solutions for the toys that remain!

Bring on the calm!

How to Organize Your Road Trips

If you are not going anywhere near airplane travel for a while, you might be dreaming about or planning your next family road trip.

You can wing it if you’re just traveling as a couple, but winging it when it comes to road trips with kids?

Maybe not the best idea.

Pre-pandemic, we took plenty of road trips with our baby/toddler/preschooler, including long ones (24 hours+ round trip). The key to a fun road trip with kids is organizing your trip before you go. Here are our best tips for long road trips with kids – they work!

How to Get Your Life Organized and Back on Track

If your self-care has taken a backseat lately, it’s time to prioritize you. Self-care is not selfish, it is essential. When you fill yourself up, you’re relieving other people around you of that responsibility. It’s actually highly selfless to take care of your own physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.

Getting organized with working out

If you’re looking for a highly effective workout from home, an indoor exercise bike is a popular choice. Bikes have actually been flying off the shelves and it’s been hard for some stores to keep them in stock. Especially the super popular (but expensive) Peloton bike.

Since I’m all about saving money, I found the best Peloton alternatives to save you money while taking care of your physical self.

Having your own exercise bike at home eliminates a lot of the excuses to not exercise – weather, time, etc. You can Netflix and spin and there is even an exercise bike option that has a desk attached so you can work and work-out at the same time.

Organizing sleep

Sleep is also an essential part of adulting and organizing your life. It’s so easy to put off better quality sleep for when you’re less busy, when your kids are out of the house, when you’ve made more money, when…

But it’s time to stop putting sleep so low down on the priority list.

If you want better sleep and you’re not getting it, then you need a plan.

With little kids in the house, sleep might not be perfect, but you can make it better than it is! Read this for actionable tips that will help you get better sleep, even if you have a lot on your mind. It will give you all the tips you need to organize your bedroom for better sleep.

Weight loss: making a plan

If one of your goals for this year is losing weight, an app can be a great way to get organized with weight loss. This will help you track your starting line and your goal weight. You can also be part of a supportive online community which can help SO much with motivation to keep going.

Something else that helps with motivation for weight loss? Getting paid to lose weight (for real!) Here are 8 ways to get paid to lose weight and here is my review of the HealthyWage app for weight loss organization, support, and earning money.

Losing weight is NOT easy. You owe it to yourself to make losing weight as easy as possible. The motivation of making money from it could be just what you need.

How to Organize Your Life and Maybe Other People’s Lives Too

And if you are reaallly into organizing your life, you might want to help other people organize too. Check out this post on how to get paid as a professional organizer for all the deets!

Looking for some inspo for your personal growth this year? Check out these 100 simple ideas to better yourself this year if you want to become an even more magnificent beast than you already are.

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How to organize your whole life, even if you've never been organized before (woman relaxed on a chair sipping coffee, notepad and pen)

I hope you found this post helpful on how to organize your life!

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Thursday 7th of January 2021

I have spent the last couple of weeks organizing my home and it feels good. Each success helps you get motivated for the next thing.


Thursday 7th of January 2021

It's so true! It can feel overwhelming at first but tackling one organizing area at a time gets you motivated for the next. It's one of those things for me where I get the motivation to organize BY organizing!! :)

Priya Dass

Wednesday 6th of January 2021

Loved the tips. I'm a frugal shopper myself.


Wednesday 6th of January 2021

Hi Priya! Thanks! Glad you found these ideas on how to organize your life helpful :)

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