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The Best Budgeting Apps for 2023 to Manage your Money

The Best Budgeting Apps for 2023 to Manage your Money

Want to finally get your money organized this year? These are the best budgeting apps to help you manage your money for 2022 and beyond. There are free budgeting tools, and apps that will make sticking to your budget MUCH easier.

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Best Budgeting Apps to Manage your Finances

Managing your budget properly can quickly become a nightmare. Did you know that using the right budgeting app can help you optimize your budget? A good budgeting app well allow you to see where your money is coming and going – super important to get your finances in order!

Good financial management CAN be hard, but it doesn’t have to be! Along with these best budgeting tools, and 15 best budgeting books you need to read, here are the best budgeting apps and tools that caught our attention.

(And if you have kids, teach them to be smart with money; check out this post on budgeting for kids for tips!)

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1. Money Lover

Money Lover is a free mobile app designed to help people manage their budgets. It has a simple, pleasant, and good-lookin’ interface through which you can control your expenses and income.

You can also get an idea of your financial habits thanks to the different graphing tools and budget analysis. To do this, you simply categorize your financial transactions on the Money Love budgeting app, and then it does the heavy lifting for you. It will show you where you are doing great with your money management (wahoo!) and areas where there could be some improvement.

Here are the advantages of the Money Lover budgeting app:

  • Budget management: manual recording of financial transactions 
  • Budget planning 
  • Calendar of future expenses to be made 
  • Synchronization possible on smartphone, tablet and PC
  • Analysis of transactions using graphs giving you an easier view of your budget

It also has some disadvantages:

  • Offers some useful features (such as exporting data to Excel) only in the premium version
  • Ads and notifications in the free version

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2. Spendee

Spendee is a free budgeting app allowing you to manage your budget using tools and a simple and efficient interface. It is suitable for people who want to manage their budgets simply. With Spendee, you have to manually enter your financial transactions. 

Spendee budgeting app advantages:

  • Customizable detailed analyses and reports using graphs
  • Interesting updates: budget, travel wallet, connection with bank account, improved artificial intelligence
  • Ability to export data in CSV and Excel
  • Possibility to put a password to secure the app
  • Customizable budget reminders and alerts

Spendee disadvantages:

  • Fairly limited free version
  • The paid version has more features, such as the creation of multiple portfolios and the management of the budget by several people.

3. HandWallet – Expense Manager

HandWallet is a free budgeting app that assists budget management and includes more advanced tools. It is suitable for individuals and professionals wishing to manage their personal finances using a fluid and straightforward interface and various advanced tools. Financial transactions have to be manually entered for this budget app.

HandWallet personal finance app has these advantages:

  • Instant analysis of expenses, income, balances with easy-to-read graphs
  • Ability to record voice memos
  • Management of multiple accounts 
  • Data security: the user can decide to put a pin code to protect his data and unlock the application
  • Video tips and articles on budget management are available on the app
  • Synchronization possible with the cloud
  • Business users can manage and scan their invoices, delivery slips as well as VAT

But also some disadvantages:

  • Lack of tools such as exporting data to Excel

4. Personal Capital

A super easy way to keep track of your money is using Personal Capital. It tracks income, expenses, debt, investments, and gives helpful reports at the end of the year so you can see how you did. It’s a free budget app and is my favorite of these best budgeting apps. It automatically links to your bank accounts, credit accounts, and investment accounts, saving you time.

Advantages of Personal Capital:

  • Has top-notch security and encryption to protect your financial data
  • Sends automated alerts about upcoming bills
  • Saves time by automatically compiling your financial info – you don’t have to manually enter each transaction you make
  • It shows you spending by account and expense category
  • Makes income and spending reports for you
  • Has a free Cash Flow analyzer
  • Includes a Net Worth Calculator
  • With a paid upgrade you can get professional investment advice and money management (less expensive than in-person money management)
  • No distracting ads
  • Great customer service

Disadvantages of Personal Capital:

  • You can’t set specific spending targets

Budgeting on Paper

If you are more the paper-and-pen type for budget managing, I’ve got you covered. I created a simple Minimalist Budget Binder. It has everything you need to set up a budget that will work for you, and no fluff. It’s easy to use and will help you get your money organized.

Check out the Minimalist Budget Planner here

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Best budgeting apps to manage your money in 2021 - hand with calculator, note pad with pen, and $50 bills

Have you tried any of these best budgeting apps?

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