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Wooden Toys Gift Guide – Safe and Non-Toxic Toys for Kids

Wooden Toys Gift Guide – Safe and Non-Toxic Toys for Kids

Wooden toys for kids are classic, durable gifts that are good for the environment.  They are also great for the babies and kiddos who can’t resist putting everything into their mouths (nom) as they are safe and non-toxic.  Check out these fun eco toys for babies, toddlers, and boys and girls!

Non Plastic Toys

There is something about wooden toys that I just love.

They bring back feelings of nostalgia and memories of playing with the old toys in my grandparents’ basement.

We lived only 15 minutes from my grandparents so we visited them every week or two when I was growing up.

When we would go for a visit, I loved playing with the few old toys they kept that used to belong to my mom and aunt.

Some of the treasures included super old Barbie dolls with all their hair cut off and the tips of the fingers chewed off (I’m not sure if my mom or aunt was the culprit).  The Barbies had custom clothing made by my grandmother.

I was in luv with a floppy doll named Cuddles that was supposed to (kinda sorta) look like a real baby.  Except she had a teeny little mohawk because someone ran out of Barbie hair to cut.  It just added to her charm.

And the wooden toys…

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Classic wooden toys

There was one wooden toy made out of some kind of rich natural wood sculpted into a large bowl.  It came with a metal ball and a wooden top to spin.  The spinning top would run into the ball and knock it into one of the indents in the wood each which had a different score.

Another toy was again made out of wood and metal and had a metal ball.  But substitute a board instead of a bowl and no wooden spinny top and BAM!  Whole other game.

We had the newest and latest toys at home but for some reason were enthralled with these super simple wooden toys.

Now that I sound like I’m about two thousand years old, let’s see some modern wooden toys.


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Wooden toys for kids

I love that these wooden toys are durable, very safe for babies/kids to chew on, and eco-friendly.  They just look and feel good too!

And you never know…maybe one day way into the future you might have a whole herd of grandbabies and grandkids over to play with these wooden toys and store up their own memories (to write about in a blog post).

1. Wooden Musical Instruments

2. Wooden Balance Board

3. Wooden Play Food Set

4. Colorful Wooden Xylophone

5. Wooden Vehicles

6. Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

7. Wooden Rainbow Stacking Game

8. Wooden School Bus

9. Solid Wood Building Blocks

10. Ride On Wood Bike

11. Wooden Tea Set

12. Building Blocks Tree Set

13. Wooden Barn Set

14. Wood Activity Cube

15. Preschool Shape Puzzle

16. Wooden Tool Set

17. Alligator Push Toy

18. Wooden Train Set

19. Lincoln Logs (be still my nostalgic heart!!!)

20. Wooden Play Kitchen

21. Wood Kitchen Accessories Set

22. Wooden Castle Building Blocks

23. Shape Color Sorter

24. Fold & Go Dollhouse

25. Wooden Tool Box

26. Balancing Cactus Toy

27. Wooden Bead Maze

28. Dust! Sweep! Mop! Pretend Play Set

29. Wooden Toy Ukulele

30. Jungle Wooden Activity Table

31. Natural Wooden Teething Toy

32. Natural Rattle and Teether Toy

33. Wooden Blocks City Building Set

34. Wooden Dough Tools Set

35. Wood Alphabet Blocks

36. Wooden Ride On Fire Truck

37. Wooden Toy Box and Bench

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Do you have any nostalgic memories of any old wooden toys?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.