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Bath Toys for Toddlers (to Help Your Toddler Love Baths!)

Bath Toys for Toddlers (to Help Your Toddler Love Baths!)

If your toddler has a love-hate relationship with bath time, keep them in the bath long enough to get washed with one of these fun bath toys for toddlers.

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It can’t just be us over here that have trouble with bath time.  Since our daughter was born, she’s been hot and cold with bathing (a little bath time humor, folks).  As a tiny newborn, she never got used to being bathed.  It didn’t matter if she was in a sink or baby tub, being held, reclining in her baby seat, mama doing the bath, dada doing the bath.  None of that mattered.  Bath time = torture.  I don’t think we had a single bath without tears for several months.

We even used a bath temperature gauge (this cute rubber duck here) to make sure we had a good temperature for Squish.  We did, and she didn’t care.  I started showering with her as a little baby instead and she tolerated that much more.  Every once in a while we would try a bath again, because at some point this had to change, right?  Right?

Finally at a few months old on one of our bath experiment evenings, she decided baths were the best thing ever, why had we been keeping these from her all her life?

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Before bath toys for toddlers came baby bath toys

So began a blissful few months of bath time fun.

Baby bath toys and splashing and water everywhere and now not wanting to come out of the tub.

With all things parenting, I’ve learned that whatever has become easy will probably get hard again at some point.  And it did.  She would starfish her little toddler body over the tub (freakishly strong at 25 lbs) somehow avoiding all contact with water.  We went back to showers for a while.

I decided to pick up a couple new bath toys for toddlers to help encourage her love of bath time again.  The hope is that these would keep her in the tub long enough to get clean.  Or just maybe to even get her to sit down in the tub (but that might be asking too much).

Inexpensive bath toys for toddlers to help your toddler love baths

Cogs Water Gears

Our daughter has had these for almost a year now and they’re still a huge hit.  She loves lining them up, spinning them, pouring water over them.  The suction cups on them are strong so they stay where she puts them (sometimes she needs help moving them at this point).  She has not gotten bored by these so I consider them a bath time win.

Green Toys My First Tug Boat

I love love love this brand of kids toys.  We have an airplane, boat, and truck from this brand.  They are made in the USA and made of 100% recycled materials, such as recycled plastic milk jugs!  They’re very sturdy and for those of you who have a dishwasher, they are even dishwasher-safe.

Octopus Bath Toy

This bath toy has colorful stacking cups and moving waterwheels.  It will develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, color and shape recognition, but in our case it’s more likely that my daughter will want to cuddle it.

Water Pipes Bath Toy

From the same people who make the gears toys, these water pipes are super fun for water play.  The set comes with 5 different pipes and they can be used individually or linked together to create a chain to pour water through.  I love basic cause and effect toys!

Skip Hop Zoo Bath Pull and Go Submarine, Monkey

This is another fun cause and effect toy.  Your toddler can pull the string to wind up the propeller and get that sub moving.  It encourages toddler motor skills while teaching about floating and sinking.

Bath Letters and Numbers

These bath letters and numbers are a cute and colorful set of letters and numbers made out of soft foam.  They stick to the sides of the tub when wet and float too.  My daughter sings the alphabet song the whole day so now she can continue in the bath too!

Floating Bath Toys

Hey what do ya know, these ones float too!  This is a popular feature in a bath toy.  This set comes with 20 assorted sea animals and they squirt water (which you know your toddler will end up squirting you with).

Fishin’ Bath Toy

This is our most recent purchase.  I thought our daughter would, you know, go fishin’ with this set but she’s so affectionate with her toys lately that she just wants to cuddle the little magnetic water creatures and doesn’t want to catch them with the fishing rod.  That’s cool too.  At least it gets her excited about bath time again.

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What are your favorite bath toys for toddlers?   Any tips to get your kiddos to actually sit down in the tub?

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Thursday 27th of June 2019

We have been on the lookout for new water & bath toys., these are really amazing toys, these toys looks as an Ideal for entertaining baby at bath time.


Thursday 27th of June 2019

Thanks! Glad you liked these bath toy ideas :) We love Sophie over here too! ;)

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Monday 18th of February 2019

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