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Best Amazon Prime Deals to Know About First in 2022

Best Amazon Prime Deals to Know About First in 2022

It’s here! Amazon Prime sale 2022! Here is your guide for the best Amazon Prime deals to know about first in 2022. Get ready and grab these incredible sales because they won’t last long. Extra savvy shoppers can look ahead and stock up on deals for upcoming birthdays, and even Christmas gifts. Let’s go!

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Best Amazon Prime Deals 2022

In the online shopping world, the Amazon Prime sale 2022 is kind of a big deal.

This year, Amazon Prime Day is Tuesday, July 12 – Wednesday, July 13, so it’s actually Amazon Prime Days.

If you’re looking for crazy Amazon deals, this is the day to stock up.

I will be looking for gifts for my daughter, little nephews (there will be so many awesome deals on toys!), some fall shopping for myself, as well as Christmas gifts for my family.

As a frugal shopper, I love buying gifts ahead of time. This strategy saves me hundreds of dollars a year. If I don’t, I am doing the last-minute scrambling thing, and ultimately end of spending too much money on something that’s not on sale.

Since I’m not a fan of spending more money than I have to (and I don’t want that for you either), let’s take a look at the best Amazon Prime deals.

Best Amazon Prime Deals – Do This First

Lots of you already have an Amazon Prime membership, but if you don’t, you want to make sure you get that before Amazon Prime Day starts.

The best Amazon Prime deals will only be available to Prime members.

Here is a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime to set you up for all the sales.

Also, make sure you save this post or bookmark it because it will be updated with the best Amazon Prime deals over the two days.

Now on to the products that will likely be part of the Amazon Prime sale 2022 so you can plan your buys.

Best Amazon Prime Deals – Toys and Games

Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer

If you are lucky enough to have room inside or outside for this kids’ bouncer, you will forever be the hero of your kids (and their friends!).

Check out the Amazon Prime sale 2022 deep discount here.

LEGO Star Wars Set

Most years there are incredible Amazon Prime Day deals on LEGO sets.

Grab this highly rated LEGO set for a LEGO fan! Perfect for a birthday gift, graduation gift, or Christmas gift.

Magna Tiles

Kids love ’em. We know they’re not cheap.

Stock up on Magna Tiles for your own kids or for gifts with the Amazon Prime Day sales.

Barbie Dreamhouse

At almost 4 feet tall, this is the playhouse your child dreams about.

But they aren’t cheap.

Grab this Amazon Prime deal on the Barbie Dreamhouse before it disappears.

Outdoor Games

There are some crazy Amazon deals on fun outdoor toys and games.

Check out the Amazon Prime Day sale on this backyard game for the family.

Best Amazon Prime Deals – Home and Kitchen

Instant Pot

Want to cook your food faster?

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is the day you want to pick up an Instant Pot like this one. You will save lots of money, and then save time in the kitchen when you use it.

Robot Vacuum

This robot vacuum is on an insane deal right now. Check out how slim it is too, it will fit under more low-lying furniture than other brands. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to not have to vacuum again? Treat yourself at this Amazon Prime sale 2022.

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware Set

I have spoken before of my love of Lodge cast iron cookware and bakeware.

Lodge creates sturdy, lasts-practically-forever, made in the U.S.A. pieces you’ll love to use. Not to mention, they don’t have any of that icky non-stick coating on them that is not good for us.

Grab a great deal on this Lodge set while it’s on an amazing Amazon Prime sale for 2022.

Home Office Chair

If you work from home at all, you need a good, supportive office chair.

This beautiful and ergonomic high-back office chair is one of the best Amazon Prime deals, and comes in lots of colors to choose from.

Air Purifier for the Home

Over the last two years, we have all become more conscious of air quality and germs.

I consider a good air purifier a necessity, whether you have pets, kids, old people that visit, allergies, carpets, etc.

We all carry germs and this high quality HEPA air purifier removes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in the air. This is money well spent, and even better as it’s on one of the best Amazon Prime deals this year.

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Best Amazon Prime Deals – Electronics

Apple AirPods

These Apple AirPods are the best earbuds out there. And they happen to be on a crazy Amazon deal right now for Prime Day 2022, so snap them up at this price while you can!


A good webcam is another must if you work from home. Don’t make your colleagues or your viewers watch a grainy video or live of you.

Grab this pro webcam as it’s on the Amazon Prime sale 2022.

Apple iMac

Apple isn’t a company that has regular sales all the time on its electronics. They don’t need to, people will buy them anyways.

So when Apple iMacs are part of the crazy Amazon deals on Prime Day 2022, it would be a good idea to take advantage of it.

Fire HD Tablet

Grab this popular tablet as one of the best Amazon Prime deals. (And check out all the glowing reviews!)


Get your e-reading on with this Kindle, on a great price for the Amazon Prime sale 2022.

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Best Amazon Prime Deals 2022 – Baby

Pack and Play

I love this pack and play – it’s sleek and lightweight so you can use it at home or take it for travel.

Baby Stroller

This all-terrain stroller has sturdy wheels if you like to adventure off sidewalks, plus it can be converted into a wagon when the kids get older!

Car Seat

This is the brand of car seat we bought for our daughter and I absolutely love it. She is 6 and is still using the same seat. It’s amazing: sturdy, comfy, convertible, and has a higher weight limit than most brands so you don’t have to keep purchasing new seats. I highly recommend.

Since you don’t want to skimp on a car seat (this is the most important piece of safety equipment you’ll buy for your child), why not get it for less money at the Amazon prime sale 2022.

Video Baby Monitor

I had no idea how much I would use and love our video baby monitor. The baby monitors that just give you sound are not very useful in my opinion. You don’t know what is going on in there, and do you want to risk waking your baby up from that hard-won nap by tiptoeing into the room to check? I don’t think so.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a video baby monitor at the Amazon Prime sale 2022 – you will love it.

Baby Carrier

This is the baby carrier we used and loved and it happens to be one of the best Amazon Prime deals! You can baby wear in all kinds of positions (not upside down), and my sometimes fussy baby/toddler found it very comfy and soothing. Well worth it and saved my back!

Best Amazon Prime Deals – Women’s Fashion

UGG Boots

UGGs are not often on sale, and are not exactly cheap. UGG boots are one of the best Amazon Prime deals right now and are offered in SO many cute colors.

Winter Coat

This warm winter coat is also seriously cute (you won’t look like a box), and is on a great Amazon Prime Day deal.

Buy ahead of winter so you’ll be all ready when the cold hits!

Fall Jacket

For me, this would be a fall jacket, but if you live in a warmer clime, this might be a winter jacket for you. Either way, it’s adorable, and on the 2022 Amazon Prime sale – yay!

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