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20 Strange and Useful Things to Buy on Amazon Under $25

20 Strange and Useful Things to Buy on Amazon Under $25

There sure are some weird products on Amazon. Here are 20 hidden gems on Amazon Prime that are strange-but-useful things to buy on Amazon (all $25 and under!)

Hidden gems on Amazon Prime

From years of reading blogs, I find posts on useful things to buy on Amazon very helpful. Sometimes there are silly little gadgets or toys or whatever that I would normally bypass, but after reading a review from a blog I like, I have found some of these silly little things to be actually very useful.


One such small item I found on another blog that turned out to be really useful is this little scraper gadget. It worked on stickers and decals, but also on food stuck to pots (so helpful).

I wanted to put together my own list of quirky but useful things to buy on Amazon that cost $25 and under.  These would make great teacher gifts, stocking stuffers, gift exchange gifts, and possibly things for your own home. I hope you find something useful (and interesting!) in this list  🙂

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Mini disclaimer: At the time of writing this post, all these products were $25 and under. Since prices can fluctuate so much on Amazon I can’t guarantee that they’ll be the same price when you’re looking at it, but they will all still be close to $25.

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Strangely useful things to buy on Amazon

1. Dinosaur tea strainers

Not only are these guys adorable, they are heads above (haha!) most other tea strainers. I am a huge tea drinker and have a couple of strainers that aren’t fine enough so I end up with little tea bits floating around my tea – pet peeve.  These tea strainers don’t do that, and they are dishwasher safe.

2. Knit Bluetooth Beanie

As a person who lives in a place with about 16 months of winter, I love this bluetooth hat! Not only going hands free, but making it more comfortable without having earbuds in, and keeping your head warm? Yes please!

3. Smart WiFi Plug

Make the plugs in your house smart with this handy wifi plug device that works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana. It lets you turn electronics on or off from anywhere with your smartphone.

4. Pastasaurus Pasta Server

If you have little kids, they will love this Pastasaurus pasta server.  Sometimes it’s those little kid-friendly things that entice a picky eater to eat. It also gets great reviews on being sturdy and not showing wear over time with lots of use.

5. Roku Express

Stream free right to your television.  With the Roku Express you don’t have to pay monthly fees for streaming from Hulu, Netflix, Disney Now, HBO Now, and lots more.

6. Food Grade Silicone Cup Lids

These colorful cup lids keep dust or pet fur out of your drink, if you’re not the type to finish your drink in one sitting (ie moms of young kids everywhere). They work with hot or cold drinks and seal tightly, and keep your coffee hot for longer. Yay for less times re-microwaving!

7. Macaron Bath Bombs

Cookie-scented bath bombs!  Great for a little treat for yourself to relax and unwind, or for a holiday gift or birthday gift for a friend or yo mama.

8. Echo Flex

This is a plug-in mini smart speaker with Alexa.  It’s a compact version of a smart home device and does lots of things that the other bigger models do, but doesn’t take up any counter space. It’s one of the most inexpensive ones too!

9. Stuffed Burger Press

If you are/know a huge burger fan, this would be a creative kitchen addition. This burger press lets you stuff and cook bacon, onions, tomatoes, cheese, whatever your favorite ingredients are, right inside the burger.  It works great for stuffing vegetarian and vegan burgers too!

10. Moon Lamp

Touch the moon light to change the color and brightness. This would make a sweet nightlight for a kid’s room or used as ambient light in the evening.

11. Fruit Water Bottle Infuser

If you struggle to get in enough water during the day or find the taste of plain water boring, this fruit water bottle infuser will be SO helpful.  Put chopped fruits (or veggies) into the infuser and it will let the yummy flavor out into your water, while straining the seeds and pulp.  My favorite combo is cucumber watermelon, it’s so refreshing (and does work to make me drink more water).

12. Portable Desktop Fan

I can’t believe I’m including a fan in this post considering there is currently snow outside here, but I know lots of you readers live in MUCH warmer places than I do. This is a cute small fan that plugs into your computer to keep you cool while you’re working.

13. Wine Bottle Puzzle

This weird Amazon find could either be a really fun idea or super frustrating.  Maybe try to open this wine bottle puzzle before you’ve also consumed other bottles of wine  😉

14. Drink Coasters

While we are on the topic of gifts for adults…this set of 6 unique coasters won’t be for everyone, but the right people will love it.

15. YETI Rambler Mug

I’m a fan of YETI products, they are really well made. I’ve been eyeing these stainless steel mugs that come in a whole bunch of colors and keep drinks warm for hours.

16. Mason Jar Salt and Pepper Shakers

Is there anything that doesn’t look cuter in a mason jar?  These mason jar salt and pepper shakers are made of glass, and can be used for other spices too.

17. Rechargeable Hand Warmers

If you live in a place that gets cold winters, do you remember those hand warmers that your mom would send with you to school for recess?  You would put them in your gloves or mitts and your hands would feel all toasty warm. These rechargeable hand warmers are WAY better than those disposable ones. They are smooth and comfortable, and have all kinds of built-in safety measures to prevent overheating, plus are more eco-friendly.

18. Back and Neck Massager

This well-designed trigger point massager gets glowing reviews for pain relief for feet, leg, fibromyalgia, neck and shoulder, back, and more. A physician wrote in to say how much he loved this simple massager, as well as many people with chronic pain reviewed how much this massager helped them.

19. Wireless Portable Speakers

These mini speakers are small and light and can fit into your jacket pocket.  Even though it’s little, it has high quality sound and can play for up to 4 hours.

20. Triceratops Taco Holder

What better way to end this post on strange but useful things to buy on Amazon, than with a triceratops taco holder?  Bring a little Jurassic to your Taco Tuesdays with this #1 bestseller taco holder.

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There sure are some weird products on Amazon. Here are 20 hidden gems on Amazon Prime that are strange-but-useful things to buy on Amazon (all $25 and under!)

What other useful things to buy on amazon would you add?

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Dee | Grammy's Grid

Saturday 7th of December 2019

Those coasters get right to the point!! They say exactly what you're thinking when you have to tell people to use your coasters!!


Saturday 7th of December 2019

They do, ha! Not exactly subtle! lol

Michele Morin

Friday 6th of December 2019

I'm not much of a shopper, so I'd have never seen these without your help!


Saturday 7th of December 2019

Some of them are definitely of the "hidden gem" variety, lol :)

Denise Baillet

Thursday 5th of December 2019

We are thinking about getting the moon lamp for a nightlight in our son's room! It's beautiful and I happened to purchase a plot on the moon for my hubby one Christmas, sooo really it's just displaying our home away from home lol! Love the reusable hand warmers - perfect for when we walk the dog.


Thursday 5th of December 2019

I LOVE that story about the moon lamp/the actual moon! lol The moon lamp and the reusable hand warmers are two of my favorites on this list.

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