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10 Awesome Virtual Birthday Party Ideas Kids Will Love

10 Awesome Virtual Birthday Party Ideas Kids Will Love

During this time of social distancing kids’ birthday parties are being canceled. These 10 virtual birthday party ideas can help still create a magical day for your child. Bonus: virtual birthday parties are way cheap.

Virtual birthday parties

My daughter was lucky – she turned 4 in February, right before the coronavirus outbreak spread and changed absolutely everything. I really feel for the kids who have birthdays now, while we are all practicing social distancing.

Birthday parties for kids can mean so much, and it’s especially hard for the little ones to understand why their friends can’t come over and play.

These virtual birthday party ideas will make the birthday kid feel special and help create a magical day. A bonus for the parents: virtual birthday parties are MUCH cheaper than in-person birthday parties!

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Also this is our current go-to gift for little kids. We bought it for our 4-year-old and it was so popular with her little friends (when we could see them!) that I keep ordering it for gifts!

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10 fun virtual birthday party ideas for kids

1. Virtual birthday dance party.

Kids love dancing! Even when they are a bit too young to really socialize on FaceTime or Whatsapp, they can still dance together!

Have the music come from the birthday kid’s house (otherwise the noise of too many independent dance parties might not be so fun for the adults). Get a group chat going, and have a virtual birthday dance party!

2. Happy Birthday from a car.

We are doing this on Friday to celebrate my daughter’s bff’s birthday. We’re bringing her gift and card and leaving it outside their home at a designated time. My friend Crystal will bring Grace out for her birthday visit from a distance.

We are all staying in the car because my daughter and Grace always run toward each other and hug, and they’re too little to understand social distancing. We’re going to roll down the windows and sing Happy Birthday to Grace from the car. A little cheesy? Maybe. But I want her little friend to feel special on her birthday and think she will love this.

3. Virtual princess visit/character visit.

You gotta give a hand to the in-person businesses that can adapt quickly to this pandemic.

Princess parties and character parties are usually a hit for kids’ birthday parties (I wasn’t a fan – still kinda wary of mascots and clowns – a story for another day – haha). Instead of having their usually in-person business tank because of covid-19, some creative entrepreneurs moved to hosting virtual birthday party greetings from favorite children’s’ characters.

This business offers virtual birthday party greetings from Cinderella, Rapunzel, Super Heros, Alice in Wonderland, a unicorn princess, Anna and Elsa, and many others.

4. Birthday dance.

This virtual birthday party idea for kids is for the more outgoing among us.

A friend of mine and her husband and kids did this for their little friend’s 9th birthday. The boy and his brother and mom live in a condo. My friend and her family had rehearsed a little dance to do outside their open window. Super sweet (and brave).

I should ask her how many other people were watching them from their windows!

5. Virtual birthday cake party.

Invite the birthday kid’s best friends to a group birthday cake party on Zoom or FaceTime or Whatsapp.

The birthday boy or girl can have candles and the little friends can still sing happy birthday. The friends would have cake at their homes and the kids could all eat cake together.

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6. Decorate the front yard.

To make a magical birthday surprise for the birthday kid, decorate the front yard with balloons, streamers, posters, chalk drawings.

Parents can do this for their own children, or family/friends could do this birthday party idea for their loved ones.

Friends of the birthday kid could come by (when no-one else is around) and add their own messages and pictures outside in chalk.

7. Have a virtual birthday movie night.

You can host an online movie party for the birthday kid and their friends using Kast. Your child could pick out the movie, and you send the invite to their friends.

All the attendees have to download Kast, and then the kids can all watch the same movie together at the same time! They can even have a live chat during the movie.

For movie ideas, check out 50 of the Best Family Movies to watch with your kids.

8. Have a birthday parade.

I have seen newly married couples do this and it’s also a great idea for a virtual birthday party for kids.

All the guests can park on a street (keeping distance) and you would drive the birthday girl/boy slowly down the street so they could see their friends. The guests could bring noisemakers, party hats, posters, etc.

9. Take a birthday drive.

Similar to a birthday parade except the guests all stay in their own neighborhoods.

Each guest could decorate their own door and you would drive the birthday kid around to their friends’ houses to see the decorations. The friends could be outside to cheer or sing or yell happy birthday as you drive by.

10. Host a virtual games birthday party.

Synaptop lets you host a movie night, game night, and you can even listen to music or read books together. (Though a virtual book reading party might not be what 8-year-olds want to do for their birthday).

Kids will have so much fun playing games online with their friends, and it’s easy to set up!

For other ideas on fun things to do with kids at home, check out this post. And for older kids and grown-ups, here are 15 things to do when you’re bored at home.

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During this time of social distancing kids birthday parties are being canceled. This list of 10 virtual birthday party ideas can help still create a magical day for your child. Long-distance parties provide a fun way for kids to enjoy their birthday with their friends. If you’re celebrating a birthday at home, check out these 10 virtual birthday party ideas for kids. Great ways to make birthdays special when you can't leave the house!

What other ideas could you add for virtual birthday parties for kids?

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Wednesday 15th of April 2020

Suchot, What great ideas for the kids. I know my grand daughter is a social butterfly and this staying at home is killing her. Congratulations, you are being featured at Thursday Favorite Things. I hope you will stop by. Hugs, Bev


Thursday 16th of April 2020

Thank you so much Bev! I think that having a virtual birthday party for kids helps them to celebrate even in this strange time we are in. It's so hard when their really social like your granddaughter! My daughter has only really started asking in the last week about why we can't go places. Up until then she was just enjoying the time with us at home. It's a hard question to answer when they're only 4!

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