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7 Exciting Hobbies That Make Money

7 Exciting Hobbies That Make Money

Lots of people have fun hobbies to do in their spare time when they’re not working. But there are actually a lot of hobbies that make money too. Here are some surprising ideas of money-making hobbies so you can make extra money in your spare time, or even quit your job. There are crafts that make extra money, creative hobbies that make money, and diy hobbies that make money too!

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Exciting Hobbies That Make Money

This is an eclectic list of hobbies that make money!

There are hobbies that make money online, hobbies that make money for stay-at-home moms, and crafts you can sell, among others.

I hope you find a new-to-you hobby that makes money that interests you or find out that a hobby you already love can make you extra money!

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1. Photography

Photography is a fun hobby for many people, and it is definitely a hobby that can make money.

There are so many types of jobs available for freelance photographers. Particularly popular are wedding photographers, maternity photos, baby photos, family photos, Christmas photos, landscape photography, food photography, and lots more.

Becoming a freelance photographer takes skill of course but it also has a fairly low barrier to entry. If you have a decent camera and better-than-average photography skills you can become a freelance photographer. You can be self-taught and don’t need photography courses, though as you improve your photography skills, you’ll be able to charge more money.

Online photography course to improve your skills: Complete Photography: Beginner to Expert

Online food photography course: Tasty Food Photography

How much money can a photographer make: The average photographer salary in the United States is $65,695, but the range typically falls between $52,263 and $74,321. Keep in mind that this is for a full-time photographer. If you do freelance photography as a hobby that makes money you probably won’t be full-time.

2. Art hobbies that make money: drawing or painting

Just like photography, there are all different kinds of drawing and painting styles you can do as a hobby.

For some people, drawing and painting can be hobbies that make money. You can sell your art locally through word-of-mouth. Starting a website to showcase your art will make your reach broader so you can make more money. You can even start a blog for your hobby art to start growing more eyes on your work. It will make it easier to make money if you ever decide you want to sell your art in the future.

There are more and more artists that sell their art through Instagram too.

Online drawing course: The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced

Online painting course: The Ultimate Acrylic Painting Course

How much money can you make as a painter/illustrator: This will be hugely variable. I would give the range from very poor to wildly rich. If you want a more specific answer than that, this website will show you the average salary of fine artists based on your state.

3. Writing

From poetry, to fiction, to blogging, to freelance writing, there are lots of types of writing that can make money. One of the easiest ways to make money writing is self-publishing romance novels.

Writing can be a lucrative hobby, if you want to try to make money from your hobby. Here are 15 best freelance websites to take a look at some of the freelance writing jobs that are out there.

Online writing course: How to Start Your Own Freelance Copywriting Business

How much money can you make writing: The average base salary for a freelance writer in the United States is $20.26/hour and it can go much higher than this depending on your experience level and what city you live in.

4. Sewing

There is a new booming business right now for sewers – face masks. Masks are mandatory now in many schools, and some cities have mandated that they be worn inside any stores or place of business.

Face masks are one of the hottest things selling on Amazon right now. These face masks are made by Levi’s (the jean company) and these face masks for kids could be used for school.

There are so many different patterns and styles of face masks, they are fast to make, and they are very easy to ship.

If you are a hobby sewer, now is a great time to put those sewing skills to good use, while also making money from your hobby.

If sewing face masks isn’t your thing, there are lots of other ways to make money sewing. You can sew clothing, make stuffed animals, and lots of other things. You could also do clothing repairs.

Online sewing course: Advance Your Sewing Skills

How much money can you make sewing: The average hourly rate for a seamstress is $14, and for an alteration tailor is $16 (source). If you sew as a hobby that makes money, your hourly rate will depend on a lot of factors, including your sewing speed.

5. Playing a musical instrument

Can you wail on your ukulele?

Are you a badass on the bongos?

This might not be the time to look for an in-person gig at your local dive bar, but it is a great time to make money teaching music online.

People are looking for things to do when they’re bored at home. More parents are homeschooling their kids and lots include learning a musical instrument as a component.

There are so many online platforms now that make remote teaching easier. You can use Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime to teach music online.

Music teaching course: How to Get Music Students and Teach Lessons Effectively

How much money can you make teaching music: The average hourly rate for a music teacher in the U.S. is $28.91.

6. Food hobbies that make money: cooking or baking

If your hobbies include cooking or baking, I am happy to tell you that these can absolutely be hobbies that make money.

You can teach online cooking classes or you can start a food blog or both. These are both flexible ways to turn your cooking hobby into extra money, without starting a full-fledged food business.

Guide to food blogging: How to Start a Money-Making Food Blog

How much money can you make food blogging: All the way from zero dollars to 6- and 7-figures. A huge range.

7. Surfing the internet

You surf the web anyways, why not get paid to do it?

There are several legitimate ways to make money searching the web.

You can play videos and games through Swagbucks and there are also companies that hire usability testers for websites. For testing websites, you are paid to go browse a website while talking about your experience and giving feedback on the website.

Resource:  7 Legit Ways to Get Paid to Search the Web

How much money can you make surfing the web? Depending on the job, you can make anywhere between $12-$30/hour.

There are hobbies that make money and then there are just hobbies

I have been writing poetry ever since I was 7 years old and have had poems published and given poetry readings. But I notice that I hesitate with turning this hobby/passion into something more (i.e. a full-fledged book).

I might write a poetry book in the future, but right now my heart wants to keep this hobby as a hobby, without (much) money involved. Not that I’d be getting rich off of selling books of poetry – haha!

We’re not meant to try to monetize everything we do. If there is something that you love doing that you want to make extra money from, great! And if there are hobbies you want to keep just that, great too!

I started my blog to write about the things that interested me (saving money, side hustles) and hopefully help people. I never intended to make money blogging at the beginning. But that adapted and I completely love making money blogging!

This hobby turned into a hobby that makes money and I’m grateful and excited about it. If you have a hobby blog and want to make money from it, find out how to increase blog traffic fast (more readers = more money).

I hope you find something in this list of hobbies that make money that feels like a great fit for you too!

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7 Exciting Hobbies That Make Money (paint and paintbrushes)

Do you have any hobbies that make money?

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charmaine macdonald

Monday 31st of August 2020

Great tips! It seems we are pretty much in the same niche and it is interesting to see your content. The site that I make money with is Webtalk which is a new sociam media site, still in beta launch but in about 2 months time they will be launching their app and fully launch. They have a swagstore which also launch along with many other revenue streams, its a great place to meet other like minded people, and its set to explode soon!


Monday 31st of August 2020

Thanks Charmaine! Glad you liked these ideas on hobbies that make money.

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