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Back To School Books for Kids (to calm their nerves and yours)

Back To School Books for Kids (to calm their nerves and yours)

Going back to school (or starting school for the first time) can be exciting but some kids just get plain nervous.  These back to school books for kids will help quell any first day jitters, and reassure kids about school.

Books For Back To School

It’s back to school time!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…  ???

Although that’s supposed to be a Christmas song it has somehow been morphed into a back-to-school song too.

Some parents are so excited when it comes time for kids to head back to school.  This doesn’t mean you’re not super attached to your kids, but parenting is hard and the summer can be long.

(Psss…If you’re looking for a quick and easy (and protein-packed) back-to-school breakfast your kids will love, try out this recipe for healthy 2 minute banana bread)

If you have a business or are working from home, summer can be a tough time to get work done.  You’re used to having the school hours to work on your business and it’s not easy to juggle parenting and work.

You could also feel a little sad at this time of year.  You’re going to miss the kids as they head off to school.  Maybe you have a kid who isn’t a big fan of school, or maybe it’s the first day of school ever for your little one. (I can’t even go there – that will be Miss O in a couple of years and seriously can time slow down a little?!)

Reassuring Back-To-School Books


Whatever you feel or a combination of all the feels, here is a great list of back to school books for kids.

Books can be reassuring to kids in challenging times, in times of transition, and can soothe first day jitters.  It helps kids to know they’re not alone with feeling nervous about school starting.

These back-to-school books are also a fantastic way to reconnect with your child at the end of the day.

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1. First Day Jitters

First Day Jitters is the perfect book to start the school year whether you are a parent or a teacher of little ones.  It will help kids feel comfortable to know that it’s normal to feel nervous on the first day of school, and there is a surprise ending that kids will love.

2. David Goes To School

In David Goes To School, the very high-energy David shows readers what NOT to do at school.  This book teaches school manners and behavior but in a silly, non-preachy way that will get kids laughing.

3. Kindergarten Rocks

Dexter isn’t nervous about starting kindergarten – his older sister has told him all about it.  But his stuffed dog Rufus is scared.  Dexter transfers his concerns to his stuffed animal to make them easier to talk about.

Dexter’s big sis talks him through it, rides the bus with him, and helps him in school.  Kindergarten Rocks is a great back-to-school book especially relatable for kids with older siblings.

4. Wemberly Worried

Wemberly is a little anxiety-prone mouse who worries about absolutely everything.  In Wemberly Worried, the cute mouse meets a fellow worrier at school, and finds out that school is much too fun to spend time worrying.

5. School’s First Day of School

It’s not only kids that can feel a bit nervous about starting school.  Teachers can feel nervous too, and in this cute book the school itself wonders how its first day will be.  Will the kids like the school?  Will they be nice to him?  School’s First Day of School will get kids thinking outside their own fears, will get them to laugh, and feel less alone.

6. Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes

Anything Pete the Cat is hugely popular with my daughter, so this book will definitely make the cut for back-to-school book purchases for Miss O.  Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes shows some of the fun places in a school: the lunch room, the playground, the library, and more.  Pete the Cat’s laid-back attitude teaches kids that things happen, but it’s all good (I need to channel Pete’s energy sometimes!!)

7. The Name Jar

This is one of my favorite back-to-school books.  If you think you can get through childhood without being teased for having your first name be “Suchot”, you would be mistaken.  Although I grew up to love having a different name, I could relate to being a kid wanting to change my name to something that would fit in better.

Unhei just moved from Korea and is the new kid at school.  She is teased about her name on the bus so she tells her new class that at the end of the week she will pick a name from the name jar.  She tries out names like Suzy, Laura, or Amanda.  The ending is great and I definitely won’t give it away here, you will have to read The Name Jar for yourself!

8. Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun: Having the Courage To Be Who You Are

Lucy has to deal with Ralph who makes fun of her for being different.  Kids will unfortunately encounter other kids who say mean things.  Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun empowers kids to be who they are and treat others well, despite what others say.

9. All Are Welcome

This New York Times bestseller celebrates diversity and gives encouragement and support to all kids. In this lovely book, kids are introduced to a school where kids in patkas, hijabs, and yarmulkes play side-by-side with friends in baseball caps.

All Are Welcome lets kids know that no matter what, they are welcome in their school (and so is everyone else!)

10. If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, Don’t!

Little Magnolia is determined to have the best show-and-tell ever.  When her teacher tells the class to bring something from nature to school, Magnolia decides she will bring an alligator.  In If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, Don’t! kids will fall in love with quirky Magnolia.  It’s up to them to decide, is she a little rebel or creative thinker and leader?  🙂

11. Thank You, Mr. Falker

Thank you, Mr. Falker is the story of a dyslexic girl who was having trouble in school, and the teacher who stuck by her to help her overcome her reading disability.  That little girl grew up to be the author of this book  🙂

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Heading back to school (or going to school for the first time) can be a fun and emotional time. These back to school books for kids will help quell any first day jitters, and get kids excited about school.

Are there any back to school books you like to read with your kids?

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Sarah @ The DIY Mommy

Saturday 10th of August 2019

Great resource for those anxious kiddos! Love all the suggestions, It can be such a stressful time adjusting for the whole family.


Saturday 10th of August 2019

Thanks! I didn't read any books like these when school was starting back up and I would have found them super helpful.

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