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Tailwind Create Review: How to Make Beautiful Pins in Seconds

Tailwind Create Review: How to Make Beautiful Pins in Seconds

Constantly making new pins for Pinterest can take so much time! But most of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest, so pin creation is super important. Tailwind Create is a new tool that helps you make beautiful pins in seconds and it is awesome! I can’t believe how much time it saved me so I can work on other parts of blogging. Here is my honest Tailwind Create review (pros and cons) plus I have a special code for Tailwind Create so you can try it out for your blog too!

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks to Tailwind for sponsoring this post! See my disclaimer here.

Why Your Website Needs Tailwind for Pinterest + Tailwind Create

I absolutely love Pinterest. It’s so fun to look at and save pins I want to try, from healthy mug cakes (my favorite!!) to budget-friendly keto recipes, and ideas for activities to do with my daughter.

What I do NOT love about Pinterest, is the amount of time I can spend making pins for my blog posts and pinning them to Pinterest.

It can take SO much time, and that gives me less time to actually write blog posts. But for most bloggers, Pinterest is a goldmine for free traffic, so Pinterest is important.

Once I got Tailwind for Pinterest, I was able to schedule my pins to be saved to my most relevant boards. I held out for a little while before signing up (I am not usually an early adopter – ha!!) but traffic to my blog increased big-time after I did (obvs, results aren’t guaranteed).

And now Tailwind has a new feature – Tailwind Create!

Tailwind Create helps you create beautiful pins faster than ever before – it’s really fun to use!

So Tailwind pins at the best times to maximize the number of viewers on your pins, meaning clicks to my website went up. And the scheduling saved me tons of time. And Tailwind Create makes gorgeous pins FAST.

If you have a blog, you really need Tailwind plus Tailwind Create. Other than hosting, Tailwind is the next most necessary tool for your blog. You can start Tailwind for Pinterest for free through my link here (schedule 100 pins for FREE!!)

Why Use Tailwind Create: The Ugly Truth About Pinterest

Here is a harsh truth, but it’s important:

If your pins are ugly, you will not be getting clicks from Pinterest to your website.

Impressions or viewers on Pinterest matter MUCH less than getting the click to your website. And some pins just aren’t clickable.

Most of us are not professional graphic designers, and lots of us can take a lot of time to create click-worthy pins. If we ever make them.

You know when you see a gorgeous pin that just makes you click it? Not everybody can make those. If you saw the first pins I made for my site, well, they were pretty darn ugly. I was new to designing pins, and those old pins did not get many clicks.

Tailwind Create actually makes pins for you. So if you’re one of the many people who struggle with pretty pin creation that gets clicks to your blog, this tool will be excellent for you.

You have to have a Tailwind account first before you can try Tailwind Create. You can use this link for a free trial of Tailwind.

Once you have Tailwind for your blog (trust me you will love it):

Use my super exclusive code so you can move up the line and be one of the first people to actually try Tailwind Create before everyone else. Enter CREATEPARTNER2020 in the signup here when prompted.

Tailwind Create Review: Video Walk-Through

***Use this link for a free trial of Tailwind / Then enter CREATEPARTNER2020 in the Tailwind Create signup here ***

Tailwind Create Review

For every product, every side hustle, no matter how great it is, it won’t be perfect or for everyone. Here I will go through the main pros and cons to Tailwind Create so you can decide for yourself if it’s for you!

Tailwind Create Pros

Speed of pin creation – guys this is huge. You can go from pin idea to pin creation in 30 seconds and that isn’t an exaggeration.

Everything is optimized for Pinterest

Save money on design costs – you don’t need to pay someone to create beautiful click-worthy pins for you. Tailwind Create makes it so easy to do it yourself.

Easily use your brand colors in different pin designs

Pin directly from Tailwind Create to Pinterest

Tailwind Create Cons

Rabbit hole of pin creation –  Tailwind Create makes so many pretty pins so quickly that for some people it might actually be overwhelming! If you want to go at a slower pace, and create pins one at a time, Tailwind Create might not be for you.

Tailwind Create Review Action Steps So YOU Can Get Started

  1. First sign up for your free trial of Tailwind here. Since Tailwind Create is super new, they are only letting people try it by invite for now. After you have your Tailwind account set up, move on to step 2.
  2. Then request early access of Tailwind Create here. Enter the code CREATEPARTNER2020 on the last step of the questions. Using this code will move you up the waitlist.
  3. When you get the email saying you’re in with Tailwind Create, you’re good to go!
  4. Start making beautiful pins quickly and easily!

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Tailwind Create - A Review - Go from idea to pin in 30 seconds (laptop and cell phone with Pinterest logo)

I hope you found this Tailwind Create review helpful!

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Kathleen Aherne

Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

CONGRATULATIONS again, our Julie has chosen your post to be featured in the next Blogger's Pit Stop. Kathleen


Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

Oh thank you two! Happy that my Tailwind Create review resonated. :)


Monday 2nd of November 2020

I was wondering about Tailwind Create. Sounds like it's a helpful tool! Thanks for this review. I'm visiting from the Over the Moon link up today. Have a great week Suchot!


Monday 2nd of November 2020

Thanks Marielle! I really like it, I find Tailwind Create really fun to use :) Have a great week too! :)

Britt K

Friday 30th of October 2020

I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to have access to Create and LOVED the ease of creating pins on it. The fact that you can knock out your pin creation in a fraction of the time is a HUGE win for busy bloggers, businesses, content creators, etc. After all, your time is valuable! That's time that could be better spent in so many other ways...


Friday 30th of October 2020

That's great that you got to try out Tailwind Create early! I made more pins using it today and I'm liking it even more than I did at the beginning :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.