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New Normal – 6 Financial & Life Habits We Should All Keep

New Normal – 6 Financial & Life Habits We Should All Keep

We are living in this strange limbo state since the pandemic hit, where our lives have all changed dramatically. What will the new normal after COVID-19 look like?

We are all hoping for a return to normalcy, but here are 6 things we should keep doing after the pandemic is over.

A return to normal versus a new normal

It has been the most surreal time since early 2020. Quarantines, lockdowns, coronavirus, social distancing, all have become commonly spoken words.

As people got sick and businesses closed, there is understandably the desire for things to go back to normal.

But there probably won’t be a return to normal. Instead we’ll have to forge a new normal after COVID-19.

Our lives all hang in a precarious balance every day, including before the pandemic started. But unless you have a serious illness or chronic health condition, most of us go about our day to day lives not thinking about that. And good thing, because it would be hard to get anything done if all we could think about was survival.

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New normal – 6 things to keep doing after the pandemic is over

1. Keep protected with life insurance

In a crisis like a pandemic, many people were rushing to get life insurance.

I will admit it, getting life insurance sucks. It’s an expense plus you don’t want to think about not being here anymore and leaving your family behind. But protecting your family is exactly why you need to get life insurance if you don’t already have it.

It feels way less stressful to have life insurance in place before a crisis hits. You don’t want to be caught scrambling, or worse, not be covered if a disaster was to affect your family.

If you don’t have good life insurance from your employer, you can find affordable life insurance here, and it’s all 100 percent online. No medical exams, and completely online which makes it much simpler and less stressful!

Read this for more info on inexpensive term life insurance including the pros and cons and who it’s good for (and who it’s not).

2. New normal: flexible working

When the pandemic hit, entire workforces became remote practically overnight, and businesses scrambled to figure out how to keep the virtual lights on.

This pandemic has been absolutely devastating to so many large and small businesses.


After being forced to close doors and have employees work from home, many businesses realized how much could actually be done from home.

The pandemic has had a positive effect on workers’ productivity. At home there is no commute, fewer meetings, and less distractions from coworkers (though our 4-year-old “coworker” is highly distracting).

The new normal after covid-19 could see many more people working remotely than ever before.

Some employers that might have originally been reluctant to let their employees work from home could discover that they get more done at home, not less.

A global increase in flexible working could change childcare needs, fuel consumption, spending on take-out meals and fast food, and could have positive effects on city traffic, and the environment.

If you are looking for remote work, here are the best freelance websites to find you work now.

3. Start an emergency fund

The new normal after covid-19 could see more people setting up an emergency fund.

According to this survey, 28% of Americans have no emergency savings.

I will be interested to see how this percentage changes in a year or two.

We made an Emergency Fund Worksheet to make it easy for you to start saving money. Even small amounts are a great start. The progress tracker will help keep you motivated as you work towards your saving goal.

emergency fund tracker - the curious frugal

Our Emergency Fund Tracker will help you take those steps to set up your own emergency fund and have more financial peace of mind. Grab the emergency fund worksheet here (it’s only $1!)

4. Get your finances in order

Money stress is one of the big life stressors and right now is a HARD time for so many people (understatement).

When the pandemic hit, it was a huge wake-up call for so many people who didn’t have their finances in order.

If you’re struggling with debt, please read this post on 10 practical and mindset tips to help you get out of debt. It will help.

It is super important to know what your financial situation is. This is the #1 important step you need to take before you can improve your finances.

We created an easy-to-use Budget Binder to help you get your finances organized, so that you can feel more peace about your money situation. This budget binder will help you set financial goals, pay off debt, and plan for the future.

Right now is a perfect time to start using a Budget Binder.

This 10+ page printable budget planner will help you:

  • Track your spending
  • Prepare for emergencies
  • Start a budget that actually works
  • Pay off debt
  • Save money for things that are important to you
  • Reach financial goals
  • Lower your stress about money
  • and LOTS more!

Check out the Minimalist Budget Planner here:

Budget binder printable worksheets - The Curious Frugal

if you are an electronic budgeter, not a paper budgeter, no worries. Our Budget Binder will change your financial situation, but only if you use it. Ultimately, it is SO important that you start tracking your money.

If you want an electronic way to budget instead, sign up for Personal Capital here (it’s free and also awesome).

5. Take care of your own health

We all know what this means, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy to do.

Try to get more sleep.

Drink more water.

Try to eat healthier.

None of these ideas are earth shattering but it’s so easy in our busy lives to let these things slip.

For myself, I love working on the Curious Frugal so much that it doesn’t feel like work…

…and suddenly it’s 11pm.

As someone who needs time to unwind before I can fall asleep, this isn’t the best habit.

I end up turning to meditation to help me sleep when I’m having trouble quieting my mind. If you struggle with this too, check out 10 free guided meditations for insomnia, as well as 10 free guided meditations for health.

6. Practice good personal hygiene.

Let’s talk about gross things for a minute.

Yes, let’s!

When I use a public washroom in a mall or store, I get grossed out if I see a woman walk from a stall riiiight out the door. Right past those sinks and soap dispensers that you have to pass by on your way out.

How can you not notice them?!?!

Luckily I don’t see this super often. But my husband says a big proportion of men using public restrooms never wash their hands. Ew, guys!

I have a feeling that more people will keep up their increased hand washing we’re all doing during this pandemic.

Hopefully including after using public washrooms.

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We’re all living in this strange limbo state since the pandemic hit. What will the new normal after covid look like? Here are 6 things we should keep doing after the pandemic is over. | best money tips | self care during quarantine | personal development | social distancing tips | healthy lifestyle tips | how to prepare for an emergency | personal finance tips

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Sunday 14th of June 2020

Suchot, It will be interesting to see what the "normal" will be. For me, it is the same as always. It's nice to present topics for everyone to see and to let them think about . Congratulations, you are being featured on Over The Moon Linky party. I hope you stop by. Have a great week. Hugs, Bev


Sunday 14th of June 2020

Thank you for featuring my post on the new normal! It will be interesting to see what changes happen that stick, and which ones go back to the old normal. I think this is especially hard on extreme extroverts and socializers! (I have been the second one but am neither at this stage in my life!)

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