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Landscaping on a Budget: 5 Easy Tips you Need to Know

Landscaping on a Budget: 5 Easy Tips you Need to Know

Looking for landscaping ideas that will save you money? Heck yes!! Here are 5 easy tips you need to know for landscaping on a budget.

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Budget Landscaping

For many homeowners, lawn care can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. Between mowing the lawn, planting season-appropriate flowers, and incorporating natural elements into the landscape, lawn care can set you back quite a bit of money.

But if you want to keep your lawn looking good without breaking the bank, keep the following tips in mind.

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5 Simple Tips for Landscaping on a Budget

If you are looking for what is the cheapest way to landscape, it’s important to work with what you have. When you are landscaping on a budget, keep your landscaping simple.

Choosing plants that grow easily in your grow zone and your type of soil are cheap low maintenance landscaping ideas.

We have crappy clay soil in our backyard. We could either spend more money and improve the clay soil, or choose plants that grow easily in clay soil. There is no right way here, just that the second option will save you money on landscaping.

And so will the following 5 hacks! (I don’t think a lot of people know about tip #1…)

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1. Know Where To Find Cheap Or Free Mulch

Mulch can be an attractive addition to virtually any yard and can also retain moisture. But where can you get enough mulch to cover most of your lawn without spending a small fortune?

You can typically pick up mulch for a small fee, or even for free, from your municipality. To find mulch in your city, get in touch with the public works department; if that department doesn’t directly produce mulch, they will likely know the appropriate department for you to contact.

If your municipality does not offer mulch, then seek the services of neighboring towns and cities.

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2. Organize A Plant Exchange

If the hostas are threatening to take over your yard and you have more cilantro than you could ever hope to eat, resist the impulse to get rid of your plants.

Instead, organize a plant exchange with your neighbors or close family and friends.

Encourage your exchange participants to include information on each plant, if it’s possible.

If you were in my city, I would share some of my lavender with you so you could make these lavender scones – they are SO good!!

3. Head To Thrift Stores For Deals

While you can clip coupons and wait for your favorite hardware store to offer a great deal on stones or bricks for a path in your garden, there’s a better way to find deals if you want to work on your lawn immediately.

Head to your favorite local thrift store to see if you can scoop up a deal on what you need. You can also check out the inventory at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore locations, which sell building materials, appliances, and furniture.

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4. Look Online For Discounts And Freebies

When it comes to finding discounts on a new mulcher or trees to plant in your front yard, consider heading online.

Consider checking out your local Craigslist page’s Farm & Garden section to find plants, equipment, and lawn care furniture at steep discounts, or even for free.

Your local Freecycle group can also include giveaways for garden-related supplies.

Finally, consider joining online communities focused on gardening and exchange information on free or cheap giveaways with other gardeners in your area.

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5. Play The Waiting Game

The best time to look for perennials, seeds, and lawn care equipment isn’t in the early weeks of spring. It’s actually in the fall and early winter when nurseries and hardware stores are eager to unload their seasonal inventory.

When your goal is landscaping on a budget, keep an eye out for any retail store offering steep discounts on plants and equipment you can use in your lawn next year. Just remember you need to store your new lawnmower or seed packets over the winter.

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Final Thoughts on Landscaping on a Budget

Finding materials and supplies to keep your garden in beautiful condition doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little luck and these landscaping tips, you can keep your landscaping budget intact.

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What are your tips for landscaping on a budget?

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