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Brilliant Bullet Journal Ideas for Organizing Your Money

Brilliant Bullet Journal Ideas for Organizing Your Money

There’s no reason why keeping track of your money can’t be more fun.  Check out these pretty bullet journal ideas to track your money in an un-boring way.

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How to organize your finances and not fall asleep while doing it

Let’s just say it:

Budgeting can be boring.

I mean even the word sounds boring.

Keeping track of money and watching where it goes isn’t always top of people’s minds for a fun thing to do on a Friday night.

I’ve always been careful with money so I never really kept track of where it was going.  I just didn’t buy very much.

But all this changed when I started my bakery and catering business.

I started having to keep income and expenses organized.  This did not come naturally to me but it made things way easier to do a little at a time.  I used Excel spreadsheets and accounting software (like this) but I’m a pen and paper kinda gal at heart.

Bullet journals were not trending yet waaay back in 2012 but I did my own version.

And it made keeping track of money much more fun.

This article will go into bullet journal ideas to help you organize your money in a non-boring way.

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What is a bullet journal?

If you’re not on the bullet journal train yet, here’s a quick intro.  (BuJo intermediates/experts can feel free to skip ahead to the bullet journal tracker ideas!)

A bullet journal usually has these sections:  a key, an index, monthly and daily sections, and a future log.  I was confused about all this at first when I heard about bullet journals, but it’s simple!  The key is the symbols you use in your bullet journal.

Typical symbols that people use in a bullet journal are these ones:

• a dot means a task – something “to do”

> a forward arrow means a task that has been moved over from a previous month

< A less-than sign means a task that has been scheduled for a specific time

O a circle means an event

– a dash is a note to self

x an x indicates something that has been cancelled

BUT, you can use any symbols you want.  This is your bullet journal so you can be as creative (or not!) as you want to be!

A future log again sounds confusing but all it is in its essence is a calendar with your symbols.

An index is at the front of your bullet journal and it’s just like an index in any other book – it tells you what page a section starts on.

Okay that was a basic explanation of what is a bullet journal…now onto bullet journal materials!  The fun stuff!  🙂

Bullet journal ideas for beginners

One of the most popular bullet journals is this one.  It comes in so many pretty colors and has high quality paper.  This is key because you don’t want all your fun colored pens to leak through onto other pages.

A second highly popular bullet journal is this.  Check out all these 5-star reviews from BuJo fans.

These colored pens are beautiful.  I like the thickness for writing in bullet journals.  You absolutely want to get high quality pens so they don’t feather, streak or bleed through.

Those are the basic two things you need.  Then you can delve into the fun extras like stickers, stamps, rulers, and colorful washi tape that help you personalize your bullet journal even more!

Fun extras for your bullet journal:

Bullet journal tracker ideas

I want to share some of the best bullet journal tracker ideas I have found for keeping track of your money.  There are budget trackers, saving trackers, and more.

Below you will find fun trackers that you can print out and keep in your bullet journal.

Let’s jump in and see that organizing your money can be fun!

1. How to use a bullet journal to save money – by Saving Dollars and Sense

Kristie shows you some of her favorite layouts for her bullet journal to give you ideas or you can use hers exactly as it is!  Here is a layout page showing quotes about money and a page that helps keep track of paying off debt.

2. Inspirational money quotes – by The Curious Frugal

I wrote a post with 100 inspirational quotes about money that just might change the way you think about money.  This post is rich with inspiration (couldn’t help myself!)  Pick your favorites and add them to your bullet journal to keep you inspired and on track with your money and life goals.

Quotes about money - saving money quotes, making money quotes and even some funny quotes about money (the last one is the best!) #quotes #inspirationalquotes #motivationalquotes #money #makemoney #savemoney #moneyquotes

3. Free budget planner printables – by Mom Envy

Laura offers some super cute printables for your bullet journal.  There is a spending log, savings printables, and a calendar for keeping track of monthly bills.  My fave is the classic piggy bank   🙂

4. 52 week money challenge printables – by Military Fam of 8

Lily put together three different versions of this money challenge printable.  Pick the one you like the best, print it out, and put it into your bullet journal.  Each week you put aside a small amount of money into savings, instead of spending it.  At the end of the year you will have saved $1,378 just by putting aside amounts as small as a dollar a week!

5. 30 day money saving challenge – by Meraadi

If a full year of saving feels out of reach for now, you can start saving money with Latoya’s 30 day money saving challenge.  By the end of the month if you follow this challenge you will have saved $465!  Print off the challenge and paste it into your bullet journal.


Favorite bullet journal

Favorite pens


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There’s no reason why keeping track of your money can’t be more fun.  Check out these pretty bullet journal ideas to track your money in an un-boring way. #bulletjournal #organizing #budgeting #savemoney #printables #bujo

Share your bullet journal ideas for organizing your money in the comments below!

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Monday 18th of March 2019

I don't actually bullet journal (I would get stressed cause I wouldn't be able to make it look nice) I love writing down in notebooks and making budgets etc.. these resources are really useful, thank you!


Monday 18th of March 2019

That makes total sense! Some people's bullet journals are super elaborate and though I like looking at them, I would never be able to design mine like that. Glad these bullet journal ideas are helpful for you to use in your notebooks.

Jean | Delightful Repast

Thursday 14th of March 2019

This is the first I've heard of a bullet journal. Interesting! #BloggersPitStop

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Monday 11th of March 2019

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Chas Greener

Wednesday 6th of March 2019

Our daughter is going off to college next year and I'm thinking this might be good for her. Thanks for sharing.


Wednesday 6th of March 2019

Oh, such a big exciting step for your daughter (and you!). It's totally a good time to start. I actually saved/invested a bit of money when I was in college - I don't think that's very typical!

Lee MacArthur

Tuesday 5th of March 2019

This is a nicer way of tracking spending than I've seen in the past. Thank you for sharing.


Tuesday 5th of March 2019

Some people might be more motivated by these different ways to track spending - if it makes it a bit less of a chore and a bit more fun it could help :) Have a great day Lee!

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