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Why I love Camping (+ what huge animal was outside our tent!)

Why I love Camping (+ what huge animal was outside our tent!)

Sleeping in a tent on the ground?  Yes please!  Here are reasons why I love camping, plus a video that will either make you want to go camping now or turn you off camping completely.

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When I discovered that I love camping

My first experience camping was with my family (minus my mom – she is not a fan of camping) when I was a kid.  It rained the whole weekend (we swam in the lake anyways), my dad made pancakes and dropped them all in the sand (we ate them anyways) and I had the best time.  I was hooked.

And since you know I love saving money (we all do I think?), I wrote this post Camping on a budget: 5 tips to know to save money this season.

It would be over a decade before I would go camping again.  Apparently nobody in my family liked it as much as I did.  After university I got a job at Yellowstone National Park.  We did some work in the back country and brought tents for camping.  I tried to pretend I knew how to confidently set up a tent while I sneaked glances at other people setting up theirs (I’m sure I was fooling exactly zero people).

—–> Check out a Yellowstone Park pic from when I worked there in this post: Can I be frugal if I like new things?

My husband and I have taken camping road trips together and even camped for part of our honeymoon.  One of my favorite trips I have ever been on was a road trip to Colorado.  We brought a tent and camped for a few days and then splurged on Airbnbs here and there.  We drove through the Dakotas to Colorado and then looped up through Wyoming and Montana and then through the Canadian Rockies.

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Why I love camping – a not comprehensive and ongoing list

  • fresh air – air smells seriously better when you are surrounded by trees
  • camping food – yes really – food tastes better when you cook it and eat it outside
  • a dark sky – it’s amazing being away from light pollution in cities and just how many stars you can see – we use an app to find different constellations
  • going to bed with the sun and waking to the sun – this just feels natural and so good for your body
  • no news – no radio, T.V., internet – an information fast is great for your mental health
  • animal sounds – from the haunting sound of loons to the little chirrupy squirrels, they’re all way better than car alarms or sirens
  • the wildness – feeling like we are a part of the whole circle of things instead of these big dominant humans

I love camping even with a baby and now toddler

Camping looks different since having Squish.  So far we have van camped and not tent camped with her.  We have the Westy and love using it.  It works well for diaper changes and for rain days – instead of being cooped up in a tent we’re in what is basically like a play house for her.

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As promised, here is the video.  It’s grainy and won’t win any accolades for quality but is still very much worth a watch.  This is what we woke up to outside our tent, and yes was another reason I love camping:

Let me tell you, we had more adrenaline than being woken up by a dog or cat.

If you are not equipped to camp yet but are interested, get some proper gear.  It will help you enjoy the experience so much more.

And get your camping meals planned with these Easy Camping Recipes That Will Make You Want to Get Your Campfire Lit.

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why i love camping

Do you love camping?  I’d love to hear your crazy camping stories!

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Charmaine MacDonald

Monday 22nd of November 2021

Seeing an enormous bison would really make it fun! WOW!


Monday 22nd of November 2021

It did! lol It was super shocking to be barely awake and see that wandering slowly by...! A pretty special experience.

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Saturday 22nd of September 2018

How cool! We woke up to a baby bear running through our campsite once. Fortunately didn't see mama bear!


Saturday 22nd of September 2018

Wow!!! That must've gotten your heart pumping too!

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