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How to Sell Your Produce: Make Money from Your Garden This Summer

How to Sell Your Produce: Make Money from Your Garden This Summer

Hey fruit and vegetable gardeners! Have you ever wondered how to sell your produce? We’ll spill the beans on how to sell garden produce, selling produce from home, how to sell vegetables to supermarkets, selling vegetables roadside, and more. Read on while we produce all the information you need to know (and maybe a few corn-y jokes you didn’t ask for).

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Selling Produce from Home

Learning how to sell your produce from your garden can be a way to take your love of gardening and turn it into a summer side hustle.

The size of your garden, the frequency of when you have products available to sell and the quantity of products you have available to sell, are important considerations when you’re thinking of selling produce from home.

If you want to sell herbs and produce from home throughout the season, here are some places you could advertise your garden produce for sale:

  • local community centers
  • libraries
  • advertising in the local newspaper
  • starting a gardening blog to build a regular customer base

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Selling Vegetables Roadside

Depending on where you live, you could set up a stall in your garden and sell vegetables roadside.

This works if you happen to live on a main road or country road that gets a decent amount of car traffic. You could then place a sign out front that fresh produce is available for sale.

The disadvantage of this method for how to sell your produce, is that the variability of how much you can sell on a day. It depends on traffic, weather, and other things, unlike when you sell your vegetables to supermarkets, or have a farmers market stall. You could have unsold produce either going to waste or having to be frozen simply for your own use.

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How to Sell Your Produce: Farmers Markets

If you happen to live in an area where regular farmers markets are held, you could contact the organizer and query the possibility of you being able to run a stall.

There is often a table or stall fee, usually depending on size and location within the farmer’s market, as well as how big the farmer’s market is itself.

You can also sell your produce at one-off events or pop-up markets that may only last a day or a weekend over the summer.

Tables and stalls book up fast, so look into securing your booking in spring if you want to sell your produce at a summer event.

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How to Sell Your Produce to Grocery Stores

You are likely not going to sell your produce to large grocery stores as a small produce producer. 🙂

What can work is asking the green grocers in your area whether they would be interested in buying your produce.

They might want to come and inspect your produce and garden beforehand. Make sure you approach the small grocery stores in time for this to happen before harvesting.

When I owned my organic bakery, I visited small local grocery stores to see if they would like to carry my cookies, muffins, and brownies. Some said yes! Definitely try smaller local grocery stores to sell your produce.

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There you have it! Four different ways for how to sell your produce – which one interests you the most?

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What is your favorite tip on how to sell your produce?

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