It's been 2 months of trying the 21 day Complaint Free Challenge...and something unexpected happened.  Read all about it in this update... #happiness #personaldevelopment #selfcare #selflove #personalgrowth #wellness #mentalhealth #wellbeing

Complaint-Free Challenge – Month 2 Update

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I finished month 2 of the Complaint Free Challenge…how’s it going?  Read all about it in this update…

It's been 2 months of trying the 21 day Complaint Free Challenge...and something unexpected happened.  Read all about it in this update... #happiness #personaldevelopment #selfcare #selflove #personalgrowth #wellness #mentalhealth #wellbeing

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It's been 2 months of trying the 21 day Complaint Free Challenge...and something unexpected happened.  Read all about it in this update... #happiness #personaldevelopment #selfcare #selflove #personalgrowth #wellness #mentalhealth #wellbeing

So what is this?  It’s a big old wrench.  And why is this in my post for my second month update for the complaint-free challenge?

Because I got hit with a big health challenge in month two.  A monkey wrench in my attempts to not complain.

I’m still seeing doctors and they are still trying to figure things out but I have been having stomach issues and have been having difficulty eating.  I’m not sure how much I want to get into it, but I have been in a lot of pain and discomfort.  Not to mention, this girl gets hangry if I don’t eat regularly, so that’s there!  I have started medication but don’t see a lot of improvement yet and I’m told it could take a while (plus they don’t know exactly what’s going on).

Let’s recap a bit…


I started the Complaint Free Challenge by Will Bowen two months ago

The goal is to go 21 days in a row without complaining.  As a little physical reminder, you wear a bracelet on one wrist and you switch it each time you catch yourself complaining.  Once you switch the bracelet, your 21 days resets.  That means you are on day 1 again.  Will Bowen says that most people take close to a year to get through the 21 consecutive days.

If you missed the first post on this where I explain more about it, you can read that here.

My week 1 update of the Complaint Free Challenge is here (with diary entries!)

The month 1 update is here.

And the month 3 update is here.


A big personal reason why I decided to try this complaint-free challenge

I see myself as a bubbly, upbeat person. I love talking to people and experiencing new things. I’m adventurous and love connecting with people and encouraging them to go after their dreams.  But I also struggle with anxiety and have ever since I was little.

My brain likes to think of worst case scenarios and tell me that they are true. Bad turbulence while flying probably means the plane will either break apart in the air or just fall out of the sky. Small health issues get blown up and make me think I’m probably dying.

I don’t at all choose these thoughts. As anyone who struggles with anxiety knows, it would be great if our minds didn’t go there. I work very hard to combat these thoughts but I want to let you know what I’m up against.


And that’s where I am right now

This health issue has blown up my anxiety big time.  I have tons of physical symptoms and I’m trying really hard not to complain about them.  At the same time they are my reality right now.  I don’t want to bottle up my feelings during this tough time by forcing myself to not talk about negative things.  I also don’t think that’s the point of this challenge at all.  So yes I have been talking about my struggles and the pain and discomfort.  I have also been trying to rein it in and not have it be the only thing I talk about right now (even if it’s on my mind all the time).

Before this health situation started increasing I made it 11 days in a row without complaining in month 2!  That’s halfway through the challenge!!!  Can you tell I was excited about this?  It really did start to become a habit of not complaining.  There are usually other things to talk about and I noticed that I focused more on more on those things.

Right now I have no idea how this challenge is going to go next month.  The health issues have really thrown an unexpected and unwelcome twist.  I’m working hard on the anxiety piece and hoping to have some relief soon.  I really hope you guys are doing well and I will update again!

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It's been 2 months of trying the 21 day Complaint Free Challenge...and something unexpected happened.  Read all about it in this update... #happiness #personaldevelopment #selfcare #selflove #personalgrowth #wellness #mentalhealth #wellbeing

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    1. Thanks 🙂 Well I might have to keep it up for a while, because I keep catching myself complaining – haha!

  1. Mother of 3 says:

    So sorry to hear you are having health issues. I love this challenge idea though! Hopefully your health issues will be straightened out soon and you can go back to focusing solely on your challenge.

    1. Thanks! 🙂 It’s definitely added another element to this challenge, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing they coincided. It’s helping me look at the way I talk about things that are very stressful to me. Not about repressing how I’m feeling about them, but also not going on and on either.

  2. Great challenge! I found it interesting that you are facing medical issues but are in a challenge to avoid complaint. It highlights where being clear about issues is important and where it isn’t.

    1. I’m totally not a person who usually does challenges but this one stood out as being really unique and something I wanted to try. These new health issues have really highlighted where I do want to talk about “negative” things (the bigger stuff like this) versus letting myself unconsciously complain about tiny grievances.

  3. Good on you for getting so far! The world would be happier if more people took up the challenge.
    As for the health problems, I feel for you. I have found out lately that getting older isn’t all peaches and cream 🙂
    I think there is a BIG difference between discussing/working out what’s going on and complaining, Talking about a problem can be quite beneficial so don’t beat yourself up too easily confusing the two.

    1. I think it would be great if many people took up this challenge! That’s also why I want to write about it, so more people can hear about it and think about trying it. Even if they don’t want to try in the formal sense, it’s such a great exercise in mindfulness to be aware of what comes out of our mouths!! And you are SO right. I don’t want to be too harsh on myself for needing to talk about the health stuff. It’s currently a big (unwelcome!) part of my life and I have to talk about it. I won’t be switching the bracelet for needing to work it out. xx

  4. OMG – I have the perfect candidate for this challenge. She never takes personal responsibility for anything and complains about absolutely everything

    1. Haha! I could probably think of a couple people I would like to sign up for this challenge. So are you going to ever-so-subtley send her this post? lol

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