when you want to make money without working hard

There are lots of reasons why you might be looking for an easy job


2. Mystery shopping can you shop? great, then you can get paid to shop. in-person & online jobs available.

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3. Sell used goods on Flippa or Decluttr (bonus points if you find free things to flip)

4. Make money watching videos you can actually get paid in cash and gift cards to watch videos. choose the categories you want to watch.

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5. Test websites for usability. Help companies make their websites more user-friendly.

6. Pet sit or dog walk this is a lazy job that will make you exercise (unless you pet sit, then you can stay home)

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7. Get paid to read books. If you like to read, you can read and submit book reviews for money. 

8. Sell feet pics. this is one of the easiest side hustles out there. take pictures of your feet. upload them. get paid.

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9. Instacart Shopper Get paid to grocery shop. You don't need any experience or special qualifications for this easy job for when you feel lazy.

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10. Airbnb Host You don't need a separate place to run an Airbnb. Many hosts simply offer a room in their own home.

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