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Become a Confidentrepreneur

Become a Confidentrepreneur:

12 Weeks to Clarity, Confidence, and Sales

I’m Suchot Sunday. I Help Driven Entrepreneurs Build Their Dreams.

I can help you figure out your focus, get clarity, and grow your business authentically.

Does Selling Make You Feel Cringey?

You know you need to sell to have a business; otherwise it’s just a hobby.
And you want to branch out to selling to more than just family and friends.
But selling makes you SO uncomfortable.
You don’t want to be pushy.
You want to still feel like yourself.
You don’t want to follow any outdated scripts that feel inauthentic.
But you want to make more money and have a bigger impact.

There is a better way:

Become a Confidentrepreneur 12-Week Coaching Program

The Confidentrepreneur System will show you exactly how to get VISIBLE, so your business gets noticed and not overlooked.

You will learn to reach the people who are already looking for what you have to offer (they are out there!) and get paid by being your authentic self.

This is not a cookie-cutter approach and there are no slimy sales tactics here.

It’s all about smart business strategy AND tapping into your own unique superpowers. We all have them!

Imagine how it would feel to increase your income by selling with joy and connection?

You won’t feel pushy or aggressive or icky.

You’ll feel amazing, AND your customers and clients will feel amazing. The Confidentrepreneur System is all about the win-win.


Get The Strategy To Sell From The Heart And Feel Good About Selling

Think about how it would feel to move from crickets & confusion to confidence & clarity to grow the online business of your dreams?

If you KNOW your business could be bigger than it is, and you WANT it to grow…the Confidentrepreneur System will get you there in just 12 weeks.

You will not be learning how to convince people to buy your products or services – that’s not something I feel good about and I don’t teach that.

You will learn how to connect and engage with your perfect clients and customers so they see you as the unique solution to their problems. You will be exactly what they are looking for!

Here is what you’ll get:

  • Weekly private 1:1 coaching calls to deep dive into your business without the distraction of group coaching – it’s all about you boo!
  • Practice sales calls to get you super comfortable with sales conversations (so you can get that sale!)
  • Email/dm/voicemail access in between sessions so you can get your burning questions answered without having to wait the week
  • Mindset and journaling tools to breakthrough feelings of deservedness (to finally make the income you have always dreamt about!)

In just 12 weeks you will:

  • Have an authentic sales process (one you are confident with!) driven by connection and story, rather than pushy, icky sales tactics.
  • Know how to get more of your perfect customers and clients in less time and with less work.
  • Be rock solid on the mindset foundation that will help you approach every single conversation from a place of neutrality and service, rather than desperation or discomfort.
  • Know what to say to tap into your customers’ and clients’ buying mindset.
  • Be clear on the sales activities that will get you more customers and clients in less time.
Are you ready to level up and become a Confident Entrepreneur who gets the sales?

Become a Confidentrepreneur is for you if:

– You are driven, determined, and ready to get consistent sales in your online business
– You are flexible and willing to try new things instead of the same-old that’s not working
– You’re ready to tackle false beliefs that are holding you back from the income you want to be making
– You are so done with taking the slow road: trying to figure out everything on your own or cobbling together a “strategy” from freebies you find all over the internet
– You understand the value of fast-tracking your success by learning from someone who has been there
– You can’t wait to positively impact your own life, and the lives of your customers and clients

Increase Your Sales By Enrolling in Become a Confidentrepreneur today!

$2222 for 12 weeks

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