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Hi, I’m Suchot!

I’m so excited you are here!

I help moms live a fabulous life on a budget, and find flexible work-from-home jobs

So…what does this look like exactly?

I can help you learn:

  • how to get out of debt in manageable steps
  • how to make saving money easier
  • creative ways to make money from home
  • frugal hacks for family travel
  • how to save money on food
  • budgeting for beginners
  • flexible side hustle ideas that fit in with being a mom
  • simple meal planning tips to save money and reduce food waste
  • how to start your own blog to make money online
  • parenting tips and hacks to help you love momming more
  • easy and budget-friendly recipes your family will love

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What you’ll find here:

If you want to spend more time at home with your kids but you’re not sure how to swing it financially…I have money saving tips and money making tips that fit in with mom life

If you’d like to bring in extra money without leaving your home…I’ve got you covered with so many interesting and flexible side hustle ideas

If your debt stresses you out so much…I can help with that with baby steps to combat debt overwhelm and pay off your debt  

If you want to learn how to make passive income so you don’t have to trade time for money (way to go!)…I will teach you how to start a money-making blog

If you know you spend too much on groceries, but don’t know how to fix it…I will show you many ways to save money on food

Suchot Sunday headshot - The Curious Frugal

I’ve always been a bit of a money nerd.

I liked making money and saving money from an early age.

I had babysitting gigs from age 14 and coffeeshop jobs from age 16 on.

But my earliest side hustle (I guess it’s not really a side hustle when you’re a kid because you don’t have much else going on! Lol) was starting my own business at age 6. I painted large garden rocks with different designs, loaded them up in my little red wagon, and went door-to-door to sell to the neighbors. Yes I was a door-to-door salesperson at age 6!

I have worked as a freelance writer and a paid poet (yes there is such a thing, and no I didn’t make lots of money at that– ha!)

The Curious Frugal - Suchot Sunday

I started and ran a local bakery/catering business, and also a business reselling used books on Amazon.

Now I am making an income blogging (among other things!)

I absolutely love trying different things and bring all my experience to help you live well on a budget, and find a flexible job that fits your life ❤️

I live frugally, and we paid off our mortgage to become completely debt-free. No student loan debt, no credit card debt, and not on a large income.

If you like reading more about the blogger behind the blog, here are a few facts about me:

  • My first name (Suchot) is French but I have no French background
  • I was named after a vineyard in France, so I share my name with a nice bottle of red wine
  • I’m afraid of heights but I go rock climbing (no the fear hasn’t disappeared completely)
  • After two miscarriages, I gave birth to our rainbow baby daughter, who is now a preschooler
  • I have an obsession for mug cakes, smoothies, and scones
  • I LOVE road trips, hiking, and camping (luckily so does my daughter!)
  • I’m a frugal living blogger who loves Starbucks lattes! (frugal living doesn’t mean deprivation, it means being mindful of your money and spending intentionally within your means)

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And thanks for being here!

Curiously and frugally yours,



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