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Coronavirus Impulse Buys That Were Totally Worth It

Coronavirus Impulse Buys That Were Totally Worth It

Are you impulse buying during the pandemic? Me too and I’m a frugal living blogger. Here’s why I have no regrets about going from saving money to spending money, and I come clean about the impulse buys on Amazon I bought recently.

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Coronavirus impulse buys from a frugal living blogger

Well this is not a post I thought I would write.

I like to wax practical about saving money, frugal living, and minimalism. I tend to be more content with less stuff, and generally find more joy in giving things away than in buying things.

That was before we were in a pandemic.

My husband has always been a huge online shopper and his name is usually on any parcels that come to the door. Not lately. I’ve been out pacing him on the online shopping front.

I want to share a glimpse into just some of this frugal living blogger’s recent Amazon impulse buys mid-COVID-19. These past two months I have ordered more online than I have probably in the last decade.

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6 Recent impulse buys on Amazon

Well here we go, frugal friends!

1. Pulse oximeter.

With this late night Amazon impulse buy you can get a hint of my anxiety level with the pandemic.

I didn’t really even know what one of these was, or never gave it much thought. Then I read about someone who had one and tested her oxygen levels when she tested positive for COVID-19, and blah blah, rabbit hole, I bought one.

In case you too want to indulge your health anxiety, I got a Contec pulse oximeter (it looks like they’re out of stock of a lot of models).

2. A big jungle gym for our small backyard.

Miss O and I can climb like monkeys and hang upside down and try to convince Dada to join us (it will not happen).

3. A roller coaster for our backyard.

It’s more practical than it sounds. Okay it’s not really practical but it is the small version.

I feel bad for all the kids who don’t get to go to playgrounds right now. Playgrounds are such a basic part of most people’s childhood, and accessible for so many people as they are free.

So I’m setting up our backyard to be a mini playground for her.

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4. All the books.

Oh how I miss libraries.

I miss taking out 20 books a week for my daughter.

I miss the dog-eared, stained, shared by hundreds of grubby little hands, books. We do buy some books, but not tons because I am a huge library lover.

But until libraries are safely open again, I just cannot read Goodnight Moon 200 more times. And don’t get me wrong, I love that book, but mama needs variety. So I’m buying new kids’ books.

Partly for her, partly for me.

5. Cheezies by the box.

They’re cheaper that way.

And hey, they’re the organic ones.

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6. Stomp Rockets.

I have bought this toy no less than four times in the last two months.

The first time was for Miss O for her birthday. Her birthday party was just before the COVID ish hit the fan so her friends got to play with it at our house.

Stomp Rockets proved to be so popular with the preschooler set (and even their older siblings) that it’s become my go-to birthday gift for her little friends.

Which we drop off on their front step and ring the doorbell. It will be so nice to have playdates again in the future.

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What’s happening in COVID-19 consumer spending overall

We have all changed our spending in one way or another due to COVID-19.

Grocery spending has gone way up as most households are now cooking from home. Spending on online grocers, meal kits, food delivery services, and alcohol are up.

Travel, transportation, restaurants, movie theatres, events and attractions, music, sporting goods, fast food, clothing, and fitness spending are all way down.

Consumer spending on e-books, music streaming, video streaming, and gaming are all up.

For more details on these consumer trends in spending from the Coronavirus, see this article in the New York Times.

Impulse buys and privilege

I’m aware of the fact that I am privileged to be able to impulse buy at all.

That so far (that could be changing) my husband and I both have our jobs. That we don’t have consumer debt and I am able to spend more on online impulse purchases and have it not run us into debt.

Some people are in much more dire circumstances. I realize we are fortunate. If you have extra money to impulse buy, you are fortunate.

How COVID-19 has changed my spending

Normally I would be writing an article about how to curb your overspending on impulse buys, and NOT sharing all MY recent impulse buys.

Like I said, all this buying is NOT like me. I am a saver, not a spender. I get a little rush from saving money, the kind I can imagine some folks get from buying something.

But with stock markets dramatically falling down and jumping up many times a day, I don’t get that same comforting feeling from investing.

I am still investing, in my beloved index funds. They will turn around. I’m still contributing to our retirement fund and our daughter’s education fund.

But I’m also spending more during this time. Including impulse buys. And that’s okay.

Be sure to head over and read 5 smart money tips for a pandemic.

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Are you impulse buying during the pandemic? Me too and I’m a frugal living blogger. Here’s why I have no regrets about going from saving money to spending money, and I come clean about the impulse buys on Amazon I bought recently. | things to buy on Amazon | impulse buying products | best impulse buys | things to impulse buy

Do you have any coronavirus impulse buys?

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Jean | Delightful Repast

Thursday 23rd of July 2020

Suchot, much of my (greatly increased) online shopping has been for things I would have purchased in stores before; so I don't think the spending has increased, just the method has changed. My food spending hasn't really gone up--I cook all the time and always have. Your pandemic impulse buys all sound perfectly sensible to me!


Friday 24th of July 2020

I'm glad Jean! lol I actually never shopped for groceries online before the pandemic. It was such a learning curve at the beginning - figuring out the best places to buy from, and how long the waits would be. I'm loving summer but I'll admit that I'm looking forward to the fall (is it too early to be saying that?) because I bake so much more in the fall!

Roseann Hampton

Wednesday 20th of May 2020

Thanks for sharing your great buys with us at The Blogger's Pit Stop!


Wednesday 20th of May 2020

Thanks Roseann! :) My impulse buys all turned out to be really useful - not always the case with impulse buys! lol Hope you have a nice long weekend.


Friday 15th of May 2020

We also purchased a pulse oximeter. Peace of mind and all that!



Monday 11th of May 2020

I have been buying more books too; for all of us. We typically visit our library 3 times a week and leave with bags of books and I am really missing that.


Monday 11th of May 2020

Libraries are one of my favorite places!! <3 Thanks for sharing your impulse buys :)

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